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Notice how Britney said again that her family didn’t care about her. FAMILY

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16 minutes ago, FuriousoOIDA1 said:

I read she also made sure to bring up them vacationing at her Florida home when she was in the facility …. Weren’t her mother and her sister there twice a few years back? 
Her mother is ridiculous and this scramble to get her daughter “freedom” is a farce. 
I honestly think her brother and sister feel entitled but also somehow resent her, and that’s why they do nothing to help. You advising your sister she needs new council is doing jack **** when she legally was not able to get it. As a family member, even if she is bat**** crazy(I don’t believe she is) why wouldn’t you at least TRY to help her feel supported ? What would’ve been the harm in filing paperwork to at least get her a lawyer SHE picked? 



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2 minutes ago, ElectricPlatypusLove said:

True--I bet he's been told to STFU ever since he let that slip.


Regardless, her sister (since she is the one being so vocal) needs to accept that if she wanted to demonstrate support for Britney, she would...demonstrate support for Britney. She would be at the hearings in some capacity--she would be present actively offering support or helping her. 


At the very least, I think Lynne is trying to do that at this point. She probably harbors a lot of guilt. Deservedly so. She isn't actively moving anything forward but at least she has a representative (possibly not even paid for by Team Con/Britney's estate) along passively agreeing with Britney. The literal bare minimum but more than anyone else in her wretched family seems to be doing. And Lynne seems the most likely candidate to have been abused by James herself.


When you care about someone--be there for them. That's how you care.

Someone I used to know grew up in Kentwood and he knew Brian - he said Brian always bragged about Britney. It makes me sad that her family is like this now. 

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