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  1. Why are we suddenly insulting Britney's intelligence if we're suspicious about Sam? No one is saying Britney is stupid for choosing him. Intelligent women all around the world marry scumbags and con artists. This has NOTHING to do with Britney and her capacity of choosing a good man. I dont trust Sam for a loooooot of reasons. The first one being that he benefits from this relationship. He went from being a nobody to an actor on many shows. That's what you call SOCIAL CLIMBING. Dont forget how he was silent for years and now that the movement is stronger than ever, he suddenly found his voice and put a ring on it? I'm sorry but you guys are very naive. You were mean to all of her exes (who quite honestly seemed like honest guys) and yall are thirsting over Sam because he's young and looks cute-ish.
  2. Team Con definitely knew about it if they were still monitoring her cellphone. How did she manage to get it touch with him without her dad trying to stop it ? Or to even google him. Britney hiring Rosengart is the reason everything is falling apart for them. Tristar, BlackBox, StoneBridge, IDF military, the State of California and the Us Government cant' be that clueless?
  3. Wrong. It was David Lucado who was under surveillance. I don’t know why some of you think they are talking about Sam. They precisely say it was Britney EX boyfriend and then proceed to mention lucado’s name.
  4. Isn't Edan an ex IDF soldier? He served in the Israeli army for many years so he probably killed many innocent Palestinians. When you take a look at his website, you can see that ALL of the people working for BlackBox are ex IDF soldiers. It's creepy. https://www.bbxtraining.com/training/
  5. Call him a controlling ******* after he signed a NDA and agreed to be watched 24/7? He suddenly found out how Jamie was controling 4 years later?
  6. What if the real reason behind Britney's.... let's say original sense of style, is because they didnt allow her to buy clothes that weren't $5. Babygirl is a millionaire but she only shops at Target and wears old couture from 2004.
  7. Why can't Fe write to Sam to get in touch with Britney? She could basically DM him on Instagram. What if she did ?
  8. It's even more suspicious because they basically did a background check, probably interviewed him and he 100% signed a NDA. HE KNEW what a relationship with Britney would be like. Him being all of a sudden offended about Jamie being controlling is a joke, i'm sorry but I dont trust him.
  9. Bumping my own comment because it's way too suspicious how Sam got approved just after Lucado who tried to open Britney's eyes. I'm 100% sure Jamie wouldnt allow another man like David around her.
  10. Dont drag me but all of these infos are making me wonder HOW THE HELL was Sam approved and how is it even possible that he got so close to Britney. why is he so against all of these docs ???
  11. I hope they expose Jamie being the violent piece of **** that he is. ''i'm gonna stay with the kids'' YEAH AND ABUSE THEM TOO!!!!
  12. I have a feeling we wont get much new information honestly. These documentaries are for the GP, not us. We already have all the receipts.
  13. Well why can't he help and try to be the intermediate between the producers and Britney? I know for a fact people tried to contact her thru him and they seem to have FAILED
  14. Vivian is trolling with these statements at this point. homegurl got her $ 2million and now she has the same statement prerecorded for everyone reaching out for comment
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