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  1. The more I see of Domination stuff the more I question if this show was ever seriously supposed to move forward and happen. Everything is EXTREMELY lackluster. And the setlist seems way too similar to Piece Of Me to have made it feel remotely fresh at that time.
  2. It's so epic that it took nearly 6 months to need a follow-up to MEGA SMASH ...Baby One More Time. She was already a household name by this time. The implant rumors also began at this time. I have memories of her on MTV Spring Break teaching some of the dance moves. There were a few different edits of the music video. The moment when the dancers form a heart around Britney was lowkey iconic at the time and often talked about. Looking back now it's just insane how much of a star she was by her 2nd single. Literally nobody was as into the song as "...Baby" but I think her label literally released sometimes to not clash with its success and allow a bit of a cool down. And then by her 3rd single, the premiere was a pop culture event, with even a FILM BEING RENAMED to capitalize on the Britney effect. Her launch to superstardom has to be the fastest one in pop history.
  3. I felt that having a corner to discuss the impact of Britney's career and conservatorship and #FreeBritney on us, the fans and our own mental health was an important topic. Personally, Britney's trajectory has steered me clear of ever wanting to be famous. While I once grew up idolizing Britney the performer/star....seeing how things ended up for her made me think twice about persuing the entertainment industry further. Now as for this past 2 years of #FreeBritney era. The confusion and uncertainty have been hell for someone with anxiety and depression like me. It has been day after day after day of disturbing revelations about a woman I've never met but grew up idolizing, loving, and respecting. Every time a new topic is posted with some tidbit of information regarding the mistreatment of Miss Spears coming from ALL SIDES, I feel more anxious, frustrated, helpless, and jaded. Britney was once the highlight of a day: a 4 minute performance being a ray of sunshine amidst the dreary teenage years. But now every mention of Britney triggers depression/anxiety/confusion/anger. At this point I would prefer to flip a switch and no longer care. But that isn't a possibility. The worst part is with every piece of evidence we have gathered, there's still a slight fear that Britney is perfectly content, hates her fans, and would prefer we stream her Greatest Hits and stay out of her private life. It's been frazzling and tiring. I hope everyone has a good support network and the ability to care about Britney without it affecting your daily life. A lot of the conclusions we have drawn are deeply disturbing: Corrupt state courts, corrupt family members, absolutely ghoulishly evil "team members"....these are just such dark subjects for a fan base founded by such a vibrant, bright, upbeat soul. I'm interested to know how this has affected the other members here, in your daily lives, your mental health, and your vision of the world in general.
  4. Aww they took their Britney out for a walk and some fresh air! Bet she had a blast! It's so nice to get out of her cage beautiful home for this photo-opp.
  5. I did and TBH I was extremely doubtul but then I saw that one of her dancers from back then commented that it was real so I have some crow to eat.
  6. People are just rejoicing the video is from 2021. As usual, she says the absolute least. At least we know she's alive!
  7. Y'all are TRIPPING. Did you watch the clip? Nowhere in that clip is her mouth moving to the "Sin City Rap" lyrics. It's probably some weird fake made by a fan This rap was out in like 2004 I really don't think she was saving it all those years. Nice try.
  8. I remember that casting information for the extras who played the paparazzos leaked and they were searching for something like "peculiar looking and or ugly people with exaggerated features". They really wanted to portray the inner ugliness of the paraparazzi culture on the outside.
  9. I find it forgettable and Britney's vocals sound like they were ripped from a voicemail or something really LQ.
  10. Incredibly sad. I was first introduced to Nikki on a trip abroad when I was lucky enough to tune into "Princess Nikki" and catch a bit of Nikki fever. I didn't understand Big Brother at that time but eventually found myself working on the USA version, bringing Big Brother into my life, and eventually seeing her on UK and Canadian incarnations of the show. I LOVED her on Big Brother Canada and posted several of her highlights on youtube as moments I really related to. She was a lot more than a dramatic tantrum-thrower: she was a relatable, layered person who was open about her battle with her eating disorder and mental illness and dealt with both with clever wit and humor. I'm extremely sad to learn this news but she left an indellible mark on pop culture and a generation. Thank you NIkki <3
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