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  1. Oh to be 13 again! The transitional age between Nickelodeon and MTV...Britney was totally that transitional act herself. It makes so much sense why she spoke to adolescents and children at that time. I remember watching this the night it aired.
  2. Worst case scenarios: They are literally on team con's side and are being used to put the public at ease/redirect the narrative. OR Paris and Madonna are talking to the same "Britney" as Billy B. Banana Alice be like lols.
  3. I'm starting my day with "I'm A Slave 4 U" in celebration of its 20 year anniversary and...OMG the song is fortuitous of her life. It is literally like, shockingly biographical and accurate to this day, 20 years later. Her music is really transcending its former "bop" status at this point. Everything from her vocal delivery to the production is 10/10 but the song resonating so strongly with her reality 20 years later is downright eerie. Now I'm listening to "Autumn Goodbye"... "I never promised you a happy ending. You never said you wouldn't make me cry". I love Britney.
  4. Speculation, but since Alex said he didn't want to destroy "evidence" I was thinking maybe the recording was of Jamie attacking her son (sorry too emotional to remember which son, just watched the new doc). Re: Brett...I always got "Sober companion" vibes from her.
  5. omg Madonna looks...different. But it's sweet I guess. I find it funny how it has become this like, VIP celebrity thing to drop "oh yeah I talked to Britney TODAY" into interviews.
  6. I'm not sure. My Grindr says I'm 29 but it has been saying that for like 6 years. Britney fan since March '99 though!
  7. I always recall back in late 98 or early 99, my sister referring to her as "Britney Spearis"....like it sounded similar to the actress Penelope Spheeris. I had such a different impression of this naughty "Britney Spearis" who wanted her boyfriend to "hit her one more time". Then of course, I saw the light, the light's name was Britney SPEARS...and I've been stanning ever since.
  8. UNREAL. Those 51 minutes reaffirm every reason I have stanned for over 20 years now! What an incredible talented, boss, kind, goofy, amazing Queen. Watching her creative process is a gift! Her vocals! OMG I am just...I can't believe we got to hear Britney so raw and pure and STRONG. Her talent is spectacular. Anyone ever questioning it should watch this.
  9. Absolutely gutting. Just...this has been a devistating summer and year. Girls Aloud are my favorite pop act of all time next to Britney. The group will NEVER be the same again without Sarah. What a brilliant spirit she brought to the group, their music, and the world. I was fortunate enough to go to England see Girls Aloud front row center in Newcastle in 2007. Sarah was absolutely the queen of audience interaction. In fact from the moment I first saw Girls Aloud, I was struck by Sarah's incredible energy and powerful vocals. I really saw her as the 'front woman' when I got the What Will The Neighbours Say? Live DVD. I'm so so sad. I hoped for a miracle. I didn't want to let her go. I don't want to see this sad shadow cast over music that brought me so much joy and soundtracked my 20s. I honestly hope some kind of musical tribute is put together because I would find it cathartic. This is a very big loss and I would like to see a celebration of her life and presence in Girls Aloud.
  10. The most disturbing thing about this article to me is that it is clearly designed to imply Britney has neglected her dog to the point it needed medical attention.
  11. Does anyone know if the kind of awesome bodysuit's she's been showing off on Instagram are off the shelf? Because if not I wonder if they were commissioned for her cancelled residency. "Slave 4 U" dressed as the snake would have been a moment.
  12. I remember when I'm A Slave 4 U came out there was a news story that she whispered "I just wanna have s** with you" when she actually sings "I just wanna dance next to you". I also remember an article that referred to "get it, get it, get it, get it..." as "kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty"...
  13. I don't want to lack nuance, or sound like a broken record but, END THE FRIGGIN CONSERVATORSHIP. THE WHOLE THING. END IT!!!!!!!!!!!! END THE CONSERVATORSHIP. Let these idiots battle it out in court AFTER Britney has the freedom of her life back. I am sick of the semantics when none of this was ever justified to begin with.
  14. Her aura in 2016 was really special. Ugh I miss being 30.
  15. What are you guys waiting for? Who will be the first to use ReFace App or whatever it's called to put Jamie/Jamie Lynn/Vivian's face on that pig!??
  16. I'm A Painfully Average Jealous Narcissist The Jamie Lynne Spears story.
  17. At least the photographer managed to capture her miserable vibe quite well.
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