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Found 19 results

  1. According to Twitter user @Theawishkas and and the highly controversial Sam Lutfi. Which seems very unlikely because they wanted to help Britney... Didn't they ? I hope Britney's new attorney Mathew Rosengart will know about it. If you know what I mean.
  2. So now as we know what we know about Jamie and the whole Spears's family really Joe Jackson starts to seem as a good supportive father. In the end he made amendments to his kids and rebuilt contact with them and he was a lovely grandfather (Prince Jackson shows his love towards Joe for example). Joe Jackson was abusive in the childhood of his kids,abused them physically and mentally. But his abuse stopped and he changed. When MJ died he was at peace with his father that had his back in the biggest crisis of his life. Joe was many times at court with MJ in 2005. Holding his hand,being there for Michael. When MJ removed him from being his manager he accepted it as he saw his son and his kids were becoming too big for him to handle. ADVERTISING Skip Ads by × ADVERTISING Skip Ads by × ADVERTISING Skip Ads by × ADVERTISING Skip Ads by × And MJ'S siblings never showed such a lack of respect for MJ as Bryan and JL show. Janet is much more bigger than JL and Bryan toghetr. But she accepts that MJ is even bigger than her. And never she or any MJ'S siblings showed lack of respect to his achievements. Of course they were somehow jealous of his success but it never became as unhealthy as in Britney's case. And MJ'S family never even attempted to take MJ's life over or to put him under CONservatorship. They were fighting to help him and were against his inner circle. But they never dared to take his life over. Neither they were never plotting to take MJ'S kids from him. They understood how much he loved his kids and never tried to take them from him. Even during 2005 trial. MJ had full custody of kids till his death. And even after his death they kept fighting against his inner circle. They sued MJ Estate (Jamie's lawyers)but they chose wrong attorney (same like Britney in 2008-they both got Adam Streisand and he filed to dismiss MJ'S family lawsuit as their attorney). Even though Katherine Jackson is a weak person and never divorced Joe Jackson and never protected his kids from him but she always loved and supported MJ. She was for him. Even if it seemed just to hug him. Really Jamie won from Joe Jackson title of th worst father of the popstar. And Spears's family got broken and trusted wrong people like no other famous family .
  3. This is all so sad and it makes me so angry…He never loved her, all he has ever seen in his daughter are dollar signs.
  4. Until now Britney’s conservator of person (Jodi), conservator of estate (Jamie Spears) and former lawyer (Ingham) have been an united front working together to keep Britney in the conservatorship and voicing publicly her true feelings. Now that she has a lawyer who is actually advocating for her, what kind of power does he have? What kind of rights Jodi controls as the conservator of person? According to the court she can’t deny Britney from getting married or having babies. According to Adam Streisand (who tried to rep Britney 13 years ago) Jodi doesn’t have a right to prevent Britney from walking out of the door (driving) or posting online what she wants. Jamie can control Britney financially by refusing to pay gas for her car or phone bill. Since he controls the company that apparently owns Britney’s Instagram account, he may be able to decide what get posted and what not – although I’m not 100 % sure how copyright issues etc work in this case. Britney has a right for unrestricted and unmonitored access to her lawyer. This was said in the court documents. Rosengart can petition to remove Jamie and petition to end the conservatorship. He has to accept on Britney’s behalf Jodi’s extra security. He can give public statements on behalf of Britney. What else can he do?
  5. So once again houseinhabit posted inside information that Britney doesn't speak to her mother and she has no contact with B's kids. Jamie won't resign hoping to slow down the process and Britney make a mistake. And if forensic accounting took place they all would be in hot.legal water. Plus Jamie Lynn is not on payroll but lives in the house Britney paid for. Allegedly.
  6. It wasn’t until I checked out the latest news on Britney at news.google.com when it dawned on me how her angry post about Conservatorship killing her dreams and her not performing again as long as her dad is the conservator helps her case. Look at these headlines: The real message she – and the headlines – is sending is to her dad is: do as my lawyer Rosengart says and resign or you'll be forever blamed for ending my career. So those of you who think this is hurting her case. No it's not. When she speaks in court she is lucid and compelling. Her post was angry but everything she said was true because she is speaking about her feelings. It is a fact that her father has had for years court's permission to control her in ways she described in her post. She isn't saying that they are transmitting radio signals to her head or listening her via microphones implanted in her tooth. (They did it via her phone). She's not saying a voice in her head told her to stop performing. Jamie and Vivian set up a trap for themselves when Vivian went around telling the media how daddy loves her and wants the best for her and how she just needs to tell them that she wants to get out. Even if Britney was mislead to think Jamie is the root of all evil (she wasn't and he is), they can't argue against Britney saying that she won't perform as long as he is charge, because that's not an opinion, that's her decision. And if "daddy loves her so much", he should resign and let her do what she loves the most in the world: dance and signs the songs she wants to sing. Trashing Jamie Lynn and the rest of her family in her Instagram is also a great strategy – when she sues them, media will quote these posts and not the posts where she pretended everything was fine. I wouldn't be surprised if it was her lawyer Rosengart who first got her uncensored access to her Instagram and then told her to tell the world what she feels about Jamie, Jamie Lynn, the rest of her family and the conservatorship.
  7. I’ve seen here only the TMZ version of the public statement by Britney’s lawyer. Here’s a longer one where he starts by thanking her. Everything I’ve heard about his statements in the court gives me chills. Here’s there to really fight for her. I believe that having a fatherly figure like him to fight for her will be a healing experience for Britney, too. His request for Jamie to step down was a genius move - that would be the fastest and easiest way to get rid of him. Even though Jamie’s initial reaction was to resist Rosengart’s request, I wouldn’t be surprised if additional negotiations between Rosengart and Jamie’s lawyers would result him finally resigning as Britney’s conservator. Another thing that stood out for me was the report that when he was asked what he thought of Jodi’s request for extra security, he declined to answer before he had talked about it with Britney. Someone commented that Ingham wouldn’t have done so. It was also such amazing power move in the court to remind everyone why they were there – not to argue who did what but to decide what’s Britney’s best for her. Him pointing out that the conservatorship was probably unnecessary to begin with makes me wonder if he tries to have it somehow annulled. Someone was disappointed that he didn’t immediately petition to end the conservatorship. It’s because he wasn’t fully authorized to do that yet – there is (was) still some paperwork to do, but he made it clear that he is going to get move ahead to end the conservatorship ASAP. I also liked that he mentioned the whole team behind him working for Britney. I’m sure that together they can dig up much faster the various crimes committed in the past 13 years. There was a rumor of him or his company reaching out to experts in human trafficking (?) or some similar human rights violation, too. I can’t find it now, but it made me think that they’ll take this case to a whole new battle field where none of the other lawyers are comfortable or even competent. I am looking forward seeing how the Knight Mathew will slay all the ugly dragons suffocating our beautiful princess Britney. 😀
  8. Britney Spears was hospitalized twice in January 2008. The first time, it happened after she reportedly locked herself in a bathroom w/ her two kids. She was then strapped to a gurney, and it made front news (Star Magazine sure lacked class...). Later on that month, she was once again hospitalized after reportedly not sleeping for three days in a row. (There was that pic of her w/ that pink wig and that pack of Red Bull, apparently to stay awake.) I remember reading on X17 Online that Britney had a psychiatrist (Dr. Deborah Nadel) at the time that would prescribe her meds, that Sam Lutfi crushed (those?) pills and put them in her food in order to "heal her brain" and that Britney willingly agreed to be taken to the hospital during an intervention by Lynne Spears. And it's that second hospitalization that directly led to the conservatorship then made permanent. I suppose Lou Taylor (reportedly the mastermind behind the c-ship) had already been in talks w/ Lynne and Jamie Spears, right? I'm just unsure as to what exactly led to that 2nd hospitalization. Lutfi (years later) claimed in court that Britney was doing ****. And some speculated it was all a set-up... What about it? What if Britney was never committed that evening? Would she have avoided being placed under c-ship? And regarding use of the word "voluntary" in the latest court document... We know Britney did not voluntarily seek c-ship; she even tried to fight it a few times back then. (Heck, she was even caught, according to court documents, trying to call Sam Lutfi a few years after being placed under c-ship—she must have seriously mistrusted Jamie back then!) I think "voluntary" simply means that if it's voluntary, Britney can opt to terminate the c-ship any time she pleases.
  9. https://youtu.be/flKa-aUDnWs On the Wendy Williams Show she states was fooled by Jamie and Lynne. And then says "Death to them all!" Lmao it is so funny. I'm glad Wendy is finally siding with Britney
  10. Recently I noticed on Instagram's profile of Bryan Spears's girlfriend that there is a lot of Lynne. Like for example from yesterday's Valentine's Day: Plus few weeks ago : As Jamie Lynn blocked me I cannot see if Lynne is still hanging out and taking care of her girls as previously. Could someone tell? I find it interesting and it seems Lynne spends more time in LA and with Bryan and his girlfriend who is pro free Britney. And in the end Bryan's interview helped our movement and confimed Britney always wanted to get out of CONservatorship. I am wonder if this means Lynne and Jamie Lynn got in some kind of conflict.
  11. Hey, guys! Been a while since I posted here, but I was motivated today after I had seen several accounts on Twitter and Insta having my artwork as their avatars without crediting me. SO, since we're here, I wanted to share my contribution to the #FREEBRITNEY movement thus far.
  12. Lou Taylor said in her demand letter she had nothing to do with the planning or creation of the conservatorship and wasn't hired until a year after it was put in place. Below is video footage of Lou with Jamie Spears on February 4th, 2008, around the time the conservatorship was put in place. Someone needs to send these videos to Sam Ingham Related:
  13. Sorry if this has already been posted before. I personally haven't seen it yet, but found it of interest. https://pagesix.com/2020/11/23/restaurateur-bobby-ochs-says-britney-spears-dad-jamie-was-unhinged/ Bobby Ochs - who helped with Britney's New York restaurant- describes his unfortunate encounters with troubled father/business manager/ and Spears family patriarch - detailing Jamie's desire to control his daughter's restaurant. Ochs really said “It’s no surprise to me Britney doesn’t want him running her life. I can’t imagine him running anything.” That's all folks. I'm dead and buried. Bye.
  14. So I’ve noticed something interesting under Lady Gaga’s tweet about Britney’s dad’s barbeque in 2014. I suppose she talks about our Britney since they met at the backstage of POM that year. Any duct tape as well?? The fact that this happened 4 years before the whole #FreeBritney movement. I felt like I had to share it here. Should I delete the post in case they make him delete the tweet? Should we get screenshots? Is the tweet even useful for Britney’s case? Who’s even Jeff Raymond? A time traveller from 2018 or something? Too much for my cute little mind
  15. I cant Believe a judge thought that the conservortorship was a good idea in the first place, to have a former Alchaholic who has been known to be Abusive to look after a "sick" woman. And then Lying to courts saying she has Dementia, i mean come on. if Britney had to be under some kind of restriction. it should of been by a Doctor. Also i have read up on Lou Taylor and dear God. She is no better either. And where the HELL is Lyn in all of this??. In Short, Britney needs to get out of this now.
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