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Found 5 results

  1. She gave us hair. She gave us choreography. She gave us live vocals. She is the legend, Jessica Simpson What are your thoughts about this iconic moment in music? Ps I know I said I wasn’t going to make anymore threads for the day but I meant in the Britney section Nobody: Jessica Simpson: “MEANT TO SAY NOOOOOO”
  2. An amazing Britney's preferences on NBC 2000 is good quality and without unnecessary labels
  3. Including perfect performances of "Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know" & "Oops I Did It Again" with 100% Live Vocals & a Live Band. There is also an interview with her mother promoting their book "Heart To Heart" ... weird seeing them talking how amazing their mother-daughter relationship is with today's perspective on things. Anyway, check the YouTube channel, it is gold there's many old HD remaster performances.
  4. In a new tiktok video, A source claims that Britney was originally going to sing live with the hand mic at the 2016 VMA's with G Eazy. Personally I think it was meant to be off because why would Britney specifically record studio vocals of Bebe Rexa's Me, Myself and I if liveney was planned? Tiktok Video -https://twitter.com/i/status/1456685352790417410 I think we've been aware that over the course of 10 years since team con Britney's live interaction with us has been interesting but it's been more scripted than authentic and it begs the question that's existing, Who's responsible of the live mic cutting out seconds before the dance and ballad numbers? I would say Britney's last intimate moment with her fans on stage from what I can remember was Onyx 2004 where she slows the show down with her ballad Everytime and she talks how life goes on even when there's bull**** always being written you. Everytime from 09 and Perfume in Vegas it's been ("I'm going to slow it down right now with a song called...i hope you like it) and would lip-syc her way though it. In her earlier tours she would often reach out to the audience then perform her ballads live. Tour Music director Simon Ellis of Circus and Femme Fatale recently revealed on a podcast that the cover of You Oughta Know was Britney's decision to do that number completely live. We love a **** ton of Rebellioney but how did that one go down? How can we not talk about Something To Talk About in 2017 "It feels illegal to have this mic in my hand right now, It feels so weird". That hits different now, right? She went rogue that night and had the live band actually playing. How did that one get past Larry? Comment below your thoughts on this topic. Do you believe it's always been Britney's choice to have no live mic during the performances since DWAD 2001 from Piece of Me 2018 Including playback? Or did management and conservatorship hold her back because they didn't believe in her as a live vocalist.
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