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  1. This thread is targeted towards people that aren't that well informed about the situation (*cough reddit) and I was originally gonna post it in r/popheads but they don't allow it since it's seen as speculation, unfortunately. I thought it would benefit y'all too though, as a reminder and as a nice compilation that goes a bit further than "That's not how she used to write!" and "Because it doesn't benefit her!" Let's first start with what ignited the movement. Late 2018, Britney is working on a new residency / tour: The Domination tour. : The announcement in vegas and the announcement on Ellen These announcements were received negatively at the time from fans by obvious reasons. However, all we had to blame was Britney herself. After all, it all seemed like her choice to do these things. Looking back on them now, it seems very forced. I would consider these the first signs of her protesting (it's come out to the public that Britney refuses to work as long as her father is the conservator ) November 2018: Britney Spears' father Jamie is hospitalized due to a rupture. January, 4, 2019: "Britney" publicly announces the postponement of the Domination tour, as her father is now recovering and actually doing better. This leaves fans puzzled. Instagram post in question: https://www.instagram.com/p/BsOGMGIAXLe/ January, 12, 2019: "Britney" shares a post for BOMT's anniversary . Britney has not been spotted in public since january 6th January 2019 - April 2019: Britney is missing from the public eye, and Jamie Spears was seen out-and-about at Jamie Lynne's daughter's birthday party. However, the pictures on which Jamie Spears was seen have now been deleted and scrubbed from the internet. April, 3, 2019: "Britney" shares a post about mind, body, and soul. Around this time media outlets started reporting Britney was in a mental health faciltiy. Britney had been MIA for a while now, and fans had been starting to get worried. This was clearly done to shut her fans up. April, 21, 2019: Britney is for the first time spotted again in public. Britney looks distraught and, quite honestly, completely out of it . It's very obvious that she's medicated in these pictures. While fans were concerned while she was missing, it was these candids that set the free Britney movement in action. April, 24, 2019: Britney shares a recorded instagram post . This marks the first post of the incredibly long caption-saga that she's currently in. What's interesting is that the caption goes in further details than the video does. What is the point of having a video where she explains the situation, when the caption does it more extensively? The caption first mentions death threats to her team. Why would her team be showing her death threats to them if she was just released from a mental health facility? The caption talks about fake emails crafted by Sam Lufti yet mentions none of that in the actual video. There's a clear disconnected between what she was told to record and what they're using her recording for. If Britney wanted to spend time with her dad, why did she spend months in a mental health facility? And why would Britney cancel her entire tour when her dad is fine, at a birthday party? It simply didn't add up, and it made a lot of her fans look back analytically at the past decade and they realized it never added up. (I can make posts about what else doesn't add up if people are really interested. For example, there's a reasons as to why she aged like a truck in 2010 . She went from Circusney to Femme Fataleney in just one year) Anyway, the above revelation meant that Britney's instagram and the news that was being reported about her was showing clear signs of media manipulation from her team. The reason she stopped the domination tour wasn't because of her father, it's because she was refusing to work period. Knowing that this entire situation is happening because Britney is refusing to work, it suddenly makes sense that her instagram re-uses the same pictures on different dates. August . November . Her captions have worked against her favor, and it's what makes it so hard to believe they're made by her. Her instagram captions have said that she finds things hard to remember, probably to support her " dementia ". (That's right, to be put into a conservatorship, they falsified her medical records) Her instagram captions have made her seem erratic to the public. Prior to this being worldwide news, her comment section was full of people calling her crazy. And prior to Britney refusing to work, her captions were never this long, full of emojis or so all over the place. I think all of the posts reasoning against the movement and in favor of her team have been manipulated in some way. There's simply too much at stake here for Jamie Spears and co to not be doing this, and they've shown to go to that length. TMZ is known to be fed stories by them, as they'll provide false information clearly in favor of team Jamie. They've also threatened law suits against fans for speculating public knowledge, the public knowledge being that people involved in the conservatorship are showing signs of money laundering, allegedly. Britney's net-worth is absurdly low for a star of her caliber, allegedly, and threatened law suits only make it more and more clear why that is. Anyway, knowing team Jamie will use blatant media manipulation and will threaten to sue for sharing public facts, there's no doubt in my mind that they would change the instagram captions of someone they own all the human rights of. Britney is never actually captured on video saying any of the things that are written in her instagram captions about the entire situation. What's funniest about the latest instagram post is the following: She's in Hawaii , having a good time. Since she's currently in hawaii, why doesn't she post a picture of her in Hawaii? Why would she even be bothered by a documentary to the point of writing that long caption? Do you seriously think anyone is in Hawaii, on the beach, writing out a caption like that? Actual court documents prove that Britney Spears wants her case to be public. Actual court documents prove that her father, Jamie Spears, wants her case to be private. If you aren't properly familiar with Britney's conservatorship and how she got into it, this twitter thread perfectly sums it up within 20 tweets and provides a source for all of the statements.
  2. I don’t want Loucifer to figure out who I’m so I’m posting screenshots from a 3rd party app.
  3. My take is a bit of an conspiracy, but wasn't the #FreeBritney movement one at the beginning ...? Britney does not have control nor access to her Instagram. However, some posts may be partly voiced by Britney herself but are extremely edited to fit their new narrative. (Although I doubt it, but everything is not black or white. There are gray areas.) I think her management team (Lou Taylor, Crowdsurf, Larry Rudolph, etc...) saw the last hours of her conservatorship (the Spears family) are coming. They want to save their ***** and strated doing damage control. They will throw the Spears family under the bus. They will say it is all their fault. They did not know and are innocent. So now they will do anything to blame the Spears family to avoid any attention (especially from the media) to them. Especially and oddly after the New Yorker article : It's the same case as the "Me Time :-)" post on IG where Britney acknowledged the emails from Lou Taylor and defended her... I mean please. Also when she lied about the Domination cancellation and Jamie being sick with his colon... LIES. Don't you know her team, but at all ? Everything is a lie and an illusion untill she is free. Don't be naive. Don't take anything for granted. What do you think ? Also I would like to add : it's 100% OK if you believe Britney post on her Instagram. The point of my thread was not the blame who don't think like me. It's actually great that we have some disagreement sometimes. It can only benefit the movement in some way. We should stay united matter what. And at some point, we'll have answers. #FreeBritney P.S. : In court she said she was drugged, abused, put against her will into a 1 star mental facility and other horrible stuff and you really think her team will let her have access to internet to expose them ? LMFAO ! You really think she has nothing more to say that Juno Lou singing her song and her dancing skills? Y'all do delusional and naive.
  4. because i'm flopping hard help me giving me a like plz
  5. In the comments of her recent post. Does she deserve it? (Idk if a thread been already made)
  6. I’m Not convinced at all she is Not posting these things. She’s got a little obssesed about her shape , because of the papz and bad comments. And also , she is kinda mad with the world which makes a lot of sense with her situation. I think that posting “thats Not you , Thats Not her “ is Not helpIng at all , and actually All the posts are aproved by her self and she is just expressing her anger. Just let her be!!! Let her express. Does anyone thinks this too?
  7. OK, this is my first major topic to open a thread with, it's major LONG and I just know I'm going to get crucified by some of ya'll so just play nice please I've been avidly checking dates, comparing quotes, captions, pics, outfits, dissecting the evidence and reading the Queen's eyelashes now for months to try and decipher if it's really Britney behind the posts and I personally believe that Britney regained at least autonomy over her pics/videos/captions even if she doesn't post them 'live' herself. Buckle in BH, here's the my take: I believe Britney gained a level of autonomy on her social media around late 2018/early 2019. Sometime in the Domination rehersals and around the time of this post something changed: This is around the time she was actively rebelling against Jamie - going out driving, disappearing with Sam, stopping her meds, etc. etc. I believe she potentially managed to eventually get almost full control (besides advertising posts) following her stay in the wellness centre, possibly as a deal between her and Jamie that if she went along with the 'all is well' post to take the heat off that she could have majority say on her content, provided she produced enough content regularly and her social media team controlled when the posts go out. Perhaps, this is the time Sam Ingram did a glorious u-turn and perhaps he managed to leverage control over Instagram as one of the the 'adjustments' that have been already made that to her freedom that we haven't had detail on yet. Posting the video from the clinic defending her family and saying Sam Lufti faked her emails would have given her huge leverage after all. And from this point on we get full on quirky Brit, rebellion Brit and trolling Brit, lengthy, cryptic captions AND if you take a look you will see that 'Touch Of Rose and RED actually begin to sneak in around this time too. The Multiple Repeat Posts What better way to rebel against Lou and Jamie by just filming a LOAD of selfies, walking videos, setups etc on just a few days to keep reusing to meet her content quota. Homegirl would know how much this would grate James as he tries to continue working her like a cash mule - repeat posts of a make-up less Britney looking sad and expressionless in non big label outfits (note that the peasant tops are NOT what she chooses to wear when on vocation or when outdoors with Sam). She even posted a video mentioning wishing she 'had wardrobe full of designer clothes... just IMAGINE' which is so heavily laced with direct sarcasm towards those who forced her to parade in runway show posts wearing expensive dresses for so long. She even posts a video showing us the actual wardrobe of designer clothes she has, yet suddenly she's wearing basic fashion - either they took all of her clothes away and replaced with what she has now (makes no sense to a team pushing her to be cool and relevant) or she's actively choosing not to wear them and along with her remarks about her flip flips, heels, make-up, hair, the 'immaculate threading' on the Mommy floral dress...Britney having never owned a white swim suit before so wears her 'Grandmas' old one when we've seen her in designer white swim suits multiple times. She's making a point to team CON that she's no longer going to be their doll to dress up and flaunt for money for themselves. Which leads me to... Her outfits/overall appearance/image: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CESyJMvgL5F/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Could the online auction of outfits recently have been Britney herself? Or perhaps Lynne? They would need to raise money to pay Sam Ingram since Jamie stopped- plus I'd imagine to have funds she can access to buy herself things she wouldn't normally be able/allowed to - the yellow dress from Bloomingdales, junk food and chocolate. All of those posts have undertones of being things she hasn't been able to do in a long time, probably rejecting efforts from Jamie to force a strict diet on her ever since he took over her life. She's said in many posts she used to hate sitting in hair and makeup for hours for shows and is letting herself FREE with no ****s to give what she looks like. Dancing barefoot, in gym clothes and not made-up to her choice of music and improvised is literally polar opposite of what she had to do when she was actively working for Jamie (hence the need to destroy her hair do night after night in Vegas). She's pointedly remarked about her lack of make-up lately too and that she doesn't have to bother to make him happy; real fans shouldn't care what she looks like at home - being Jamie's slave would mean immaculate hair and make-up, amazing clothes, collaborations with brands and maintaining a 'cool' persona to appeal to a young demographic. She always now posts unedited versions of her photos as a direct response to people saying she's been photoshopped. I've also lost count of the number of posts, random pics where she and/or Sam says something is cool in a very mocking tone when it clearly isn't what generally be considered as 'hip or cool' which suggests to me she doesn't care about impressing to get followers. She knows that her posts being repeated, her dancing erratically and generally her just being Britney will get attention from her followers - this is not Team CON trying to make her look crazy! Why would they do that? That would show that they have failed to protect her and would severely hinder the commercial potential of her brand as she would be considered as 'risky business' - You think James and Lou are really going to intentionally harm their 'investments' potential return by making her come across as too unstable to work? The fact James keeps claiming this is simply a lie to maintain power - so Britney is hamming it up to the max because the more oddly she behaves the more attention is given to her posts, comments and Free Britney movement as a whole. No to mention that EVERY single music track she chooses to put on her videos has strong freedom/breaking free/being controlled/anti-conservatorship vibes. Hey Lou , let's post a fathers day instagram but not mention her me AT ALL despite Lynne getting the full on daughter love on Mother's Day?? Nah. It just doesn't make 'hybrid business model' sense, now does it? Speaking of getting more ATTENTION... ROSE/RED PROJECTS 'Just a Touch of Rose' seems to be the series of garden or studio backdrop shots, primarily of her staring expressionless at the camera as she walks back and forth towards it with a deep gaze. As she has told us many times 'the eyes are the window to the soul' and in these photos there is a palatable sense of sadness and of someone reaching out in desperate hope for something. She stares at us... 'rooting for the world' (ie. her fans helping her), asking us to look at the little differences, details in the small things in these shots, presenting herself with a crown of roses popular amongst Goddess and Nymph mythology that she frequently references. Only when she was awarded her right to her own counsel the other day did she present 'Rose' with a beaming smile to end the project and instantly moving on to 'RED' featuring more shots of her from the Summer. 'RED' symbolises danger, blood shed, a warning sign and draws attention. Here she portrays herself more confidently and with a harder gaze - as though she is setting her sights on her prey and sending out the signal to run and hide. I think we will see more similar/same shots from a couple of months ago as we build towards the next major point in the court battle (after all it IS still Summer! ). I'm not going to get into hype around RED being a secret album, but let's just say there's a high number of coincidences between Britney and Danja's posts and timings of certain posts. There's also some interesting song titles registered if you have a look for them under the name 'DANJA DANJA'. I'm remaining open minded and optimistic on that front. I could get into Sam, the Lioness imagery, quotes and a lot more coincidental stuff but my brain is too fried from trying to piece all the puzzle at the minute. Please don't attack me for my personal views, I just happen to think Britney is super smart (as she's proven so often in the past) and knows what she'd doing. She'd told us she needs our help (hello Yellow top - her new favourite colour!), but I don't think we should take it in the literal sense of 'help I'm held prisoner and beaten if I don't dance for you, more that she needs us to SHARE her story and continue to put pressure on Team CON. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! PS. One finally thing... the wristband conspiracy. None of you remember this? Related:
  8. DISCLAIMER: i am not working for Cassie i am a simple masters graduate who got my boyfriend to apply for crowd surf and he is smart and easily apllied the americanisms to the required work and could see that obvs not for btirney but the copany was not workinf for writing on behalf of anyone it was very clear actually it wasnt the case. thats not the job unless its for subtitiles to a video. i want to take us back to: well i wanted to go further but it broke and from when it broke this was the first non photoshoot out of 27 (this is 27) what i wanted to show was poor filtered awkward meet and greets i guess now malfuntions because its so not genuine STILL NOT CASSIE yet as a media manage its her job to clear that awkwardness up.... not bad... at all. be responsible. i finally got there and they deleted what i was after we just have this but the same style now can is cassie also to blame for this as i went ignored about how much she means to her anyway NAH TO YOU ITS ON PURPOSE what about this? cassie cant commission this okay so what about recently i hear you ask? (as if that makes a difference) she clearly addresses us lets stop with the live video or whatever HAVE YOU CONSIDERED MAYBE SHE WONT BECAUSE SHE HATES ARE YOU OKAY she did once and you called her a liar still. my computer honestly died having to go so far back i couldnt get where i wanted to but youre all dumb believing a conspiracy. shes in a **** situation but better than a lot being abused by conservatorships DONT FORGET THAT shes not weak shes powerful she will explain all her social media is her RIGHT and youre horrible fans to not appreciate her personality and make it all horrible not fun she is a fun person she always has been idk what you want her to be and she has always made clear shell never be it genuinely cassie has nothing to do with the content just promotion do you have jobs? if yes do you get social media marketing? my boyfriend got in here without me telling why to apply and when he got in was confused thats not required and i have also been a brand social media manager. wake up some 12 year olds want it to be a horror movie life isnt like that fight for britney but accept her for who she is she wont be live until youre kind to her otherwise she isnt confident to prove herself to you she doesnt have to lets be honest
  9. Just noticed today that she's down to 385 posts, which seems like a big decrease. Everything pre-2015 is gone, same with her twitter. Is this a recent thing or has it been happening for a while now?
  10. Hey guys, I hope you are all well in these times! I recently joined a brand new start up skincare company in London as a Social Media Manager, and it is my job to gain interest/followers/likes on their instagram account. The skincare brand are based in London and they specialise in natural/organic/vegan product THAT WORK and the most eco-friendly packing you'll find on the market! I would REALLY appreciate it if you guys would help a fellow Exhaler out and follow the instagram page + like and comment on the most recent real! Feel free to share with your friends and post on your stories too https://www.instagram.com/sensab_skincare/
  11. Britney posted a video on Instagram showing off a bunch of different outfits. According to her, it's how we'll get to know her better. Truth be told amidst the #FreeBritney era, we don't really know who she is or what she thinks / feels. It appears this is the closest we'll get. Either way, she looks adorable. Update: She also posted some new photos from the sesh. Caption below: Related:
  12. Have you guys noticed that slowly some of her posts are being removed?
  13. Love her! She looks good and seems more confident and relaxed! Loved hearing her talk about The DWAD tour!
  14. ‘‘If my posts aren’t perfect... I’m doing this for fun !!!! If you think I should look like I’m on a magazine cover when I dance.... sorry ain’t happening 💃🏼🙊😂’’ Ohh! Well you go gurl! She be practising speaking up in 2021. And I’m here for it! Ps- how stunning does she look though
  15. I just did it, it was FUN! I made a mistake in one but this dies here There are like 8 hours left before it's taken down I guess. DO IT! >>> https://www.instagram.com/stories/enews/2478152981822586298/
  16. Beginning December 20, Instagram Will be becoming a more G rated Social media site.. No more Shirtless hunks, certain Emojis and girls wearing thongs and such. It's already being condemned saying Twitter learned fast on why they can't tell adults what to do with their Bodies and how to behave and act. Everybody also noted Tumblr hasn't been popular since they took the adult entertainment that was viewed as not educational. They even said make a kid friendly instagram, and stop policing adults who like to show their bodies and be ***ual in nature . As this video state's, if instagram goes through with the new terms of service it will have serious repercussions and consequences as it hurts people who do this line of work consensually as use instagram as a way to advertise their services in a professional and instagram friendly way ..
  17. At first I thought Billy B (@billybmakeup on IG) was shedding light on Britney’s situation, and seeking justice. But now it’s clear, he is self serving in an effort to gain more publicity of his own! Today he posted 2 songs that Britney allegedly sent to him personally, in order for him to share with us. Only problem is... those songs have been leaked for years! Then when he started receiving backlash in his comments, he posted alleged screenshots of his text conversation with Britney. Only problem is... those messages are green & white, inconsistent with the blue & white iMessage we all know Apple products use. Billy & Britney BOTH have iPhones, why would their message thread be green? Finally, in a last ditch effort to sway Britney fans, he posted an alleged selfie (which I have attached) of Britney at her vanity. He later deleted it, but the caption read “see guys it’s really her, now you can calm down!” In an effort to make us believe Britney had sent him that selfie. Only problem is... the iPhone she was holding was an OLD model iPhone, and in the recent pictures of her & Sam at the beach (also attached) she has a NEWER iPhone model laying on her towel! He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and I suggest we all unfollow this opportunist. I called him out in the comments of his IG posts, and let him know I would officially be unfollowing due to his recent increase of sketchy behavior, all he could respond with was “ok bye” just like he does to every other user who questions his legitimacy.
  18. It makes absolutely no sense that they would allow her to keep posting these instagram stories with all the comments saying how worried they are. Its gotta be a PR stunt. Update: Reply yes if you think it's a pr stunt and her team posting Reply no if you believe Britney is spreading her instagram wings and being her authentic self.
  19. I thought everyone would enjoy this little gem. Especially with all of the darkness surrounding Britney’s situation, and her instagram specifically, this video is adorable and fun. Also feel feel free to check more of Mike’s videos. He’s become one of my favorite Youtubers.
  20. Do you notice that you see it growing faster lately? Either it's the #FreeBritney movement or it's LOU's bots
  21. Need some tips on how to get more followers on Instagram ? www.instagram.com/faiza_iqtidar_media_works
  22. Of course, I think Britney's restrictions also include where to spend her holidays. she always said she loved Hawaii, but I think if she were free she would also opt for other destinations. What do you think about it?
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