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Sam Asghari reveals Britney is his No. 1 supporter and "loves the fact that I'm working´

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6 minutes ago, leviathan said:

wow this is so good. i love that he knows who he married. like he knows he's getting noticed because of her. now its up to him to make it.

yes, she's given him the platform but that is no guarantee of success and i love that it seems clear to him that he now has to work for it and bring it. and is inspired by all she achieved.

he's gotten a great opportunity that most don't get. if he is indeed talented he will triumph. we'll just have to wait and see.

also, imaging britney believing in you... my god i would probably create the new amazon if she were to be supportive of my dreams and push me to be better. that's SO good of her.

Yeah it was really refreshing to hear he's not deluded and knows he gets a lot of these opportunities because of Britney. He seems extremely down to earth, good for him wanting to make his own money and provide for himself and his family.

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59 minutes ago, Freakshow__ said:

Sweet. Her first ever husband who actually WORKS and is not a parasyte. :sendinglove_kissing_heart_love_blowing:

Right? And actually has the motivation to work.

From creeping on his sisters' instagram pages it seems they are all the same when it comes to work ethic.

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3 hours ago, leviathan said:

hold your horses, we still don't know if he eats her azz or not. then we can discuss perfection.

Based on that hot pool video from a couple of months ago, I’d say he does. 🙈😂 And let’s not forget that legendary white pants photo that showcased his great(ist) tool.

Britney is clearly someone with a huge libido and based on everything I’ve seen, I’d say Sam does a good job taking care of it. 😜❤️

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