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Found 19 results

  1. Wendy who is now under guardianship is heading back to her radio days and is starting her own podcast. Sources tell TMZ that being a TV host is no longer her passion. Instead, she's focused on producing a podcast that's the full Wendy experience, talking favourite artists, fashions, food and celebs. Will is executive producing, and tells TMZ Wendy recently spoke to Snoop Dogg and Fat Joe about being guests as she's planning to focus more on her own personal favorites from the music world. Will you be tuning in? https://www.tmz.com/2022/06/28/wendy-williams-podcast-celeb-guests-kardashians-snoop-dogg/?adid=social-tw
  2. Paris had nothing but love and light to say about the newly wedded bride in her new podcast episode. Princesses supporting princesses 👸
  3. Best friends Morgan and Tuesday discuss Jamie Lynn and controversial 2022 memoir.
  4. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/listening-2-britney-baby-one-more-time/id934552872?i=1000553284412 Not sure if anyone’s familiar with Switched on Pop, but it’s essentially two musicologists that nerd out to pop music and analyze the songs. They cover a wide range of pop from a lot of different eras, and Britney has come up several times, but this is their first deep dive into Brit’s music! I know there’s not tons of music news in the world of Britney right now, so it’s a nice change to have a special on her that is ALL about the music. And while you might wonder whether people who’ve studied and specialize in music are fans of Brit’s music, they absolutely are! It’s only the first episode of a 4-part series, but they dive into Baby and Oops with a refreshing take on her particular genius. They are so deferential to her talents and acknowledge her agency in ways that I feel like most critics (especially when these albums came out) declined to do! In fact, they bring up old reviews and rip them apart for their s**ism. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys! And I hope that those who don’t think Baby or Oops are particularly good albums take a listen, because I think they make a great case! I can’t wait for the next episode!
  5. In this new podcast episode Anthony talks about his experiences with Britney in 2013, he questions if the studio they worked in at the time was tapped by blackbox after it was swept, verbal abuse by her team and reveals he worked on a unreleased BJ song that he says is “really good” and hopes it will see the light of day and his future projects https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/work-britney-spears-songwriter-and-producer-anthony/id1528417596?i=1000555615407
  6. Anthony talks about more about Britney’s controversial BJ album and says he no regrets about it but says it’s a creative lesson. He also says he wants to reach out to Britney but reveals her number changed immediately after working with her but is happy that she’s living her life. He also hopes one day he can work for her again for BJ 2.0 https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/now-that-i-found-you-britney-spears-producer-anthony/id1528417596?i=1000555754194
  7. Tess and Babs from the podcasts britney’s gram and toxic dive into Jamie Lynn’s ill-timed book on The podcast “Celebrity Book Club” and called it the worst written book ever and they have a point. Listen here
  8. Comment below the Britney related podcasts you revisit and would recommend to someone and ones you wouldn't recommend. Go!
  9. Hey! I’m new here so apologies if this is mentioned somewhere else. But I’d love thoughts on the most recents ep of Eat Pray Britney. How Lou Taylor became so close to JL. If we think Jamie wasn’t actually the mastermind but Lynne was of the conservatorship. Will she get married before the New Year?
  10. And it’s surprisingly insightful and entertaining. It covers lots of different topics and she brings guests from different fields onto the show. Topics ranges from spirituality, gender identity, mental health to psychedelic drugs and even extraterrestrial life. She also seems more likable on the show than on Instagram and Twitter. Anyways I recommend this podcast 10/10. Definitely a fun listen.
  11. The Gram Girls are back with a brand new investigational podcast! As you know they were one of the first whistle blowers of Britney’s corrupt conservatorship. Their episode rightfully titled ‘FREE BRITNEY’ was published back in April of 2019 after an anonymous paralegal called their hotline to say that Britney had been put into a mental facility against her will. We now know after Britney’s shocking testimony in court last month that these allegations turned out to be true. According to the girls, their latest project, Toxic: The Britney Spears Story, takes a deep dive into Britney’s personal and professional life, as well as her ongoing conservatorship case. They released the first two episodes on July 7th, both roughly around 30 minutes long. Has anyone had a chance to listen to the episodes in between the latest breaking Britney stories? What are your thoughts? I give the Gram Girls lots of credit for all of their work for the Free Britney Movement, but I can’t help but wonder if they’re starting to turn into what they’ve fought so much against. They’re now again exploiting Britney’s story and bringing in people from her past (like Jason Alexander) who are clearly just looking for another 15 minutes of fame. I’m hoping they’re doing this with Britney’s best interest at heart like they’ve done from the beginning. New episodes are released each week on podcast platforms. I’ve linked them below as well if you would like to listen and share your thoughts. Episode 1: Episode 2:
  12. BBC Radio 4 have released a podcast about Britney's stardom, struggles and rise from the ashes - up to the current tragic situation with the conservatorship. They cover accounts from many parties involved throughout her life, both personal and professional, during the most talked about yet most mysterious times in Britney's life (such as the night of 28th January 2008) it also includes some dramatisations which do spark the imagination and make you think from different perspectives. Many of us will be familiar already (it would be good for some newer fans as a result of #freebritney who aren't so aware of her past) but it is definitely worth a listen and the more publicity the better, it is currently #1 on Apple Podcasts. My understanding is that it is available on all major podcast providers. You can also find it here https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p09mfr9s/episodes/player
  13. How is everyone doing during this crazy Quarantine life we have been living? I have been pretty good today, but some days I have had incredibly bad anxiety. Cold sweats, being simultaneously too hot and too cold. My mind would run wild and sabotage my sleep. I’ve never wanted to consider medication out of fear of addiction, which is something I have battled in the past. It got so bad though that I was about to check myself in somewhere. The only thing I found solace in was THC/CBD Tincture. It’s not to get high off of, but without it I literally start shaking because my nerves are basically shot. And the scary thing is, absolutely nothing is “wrong”, I’m safe, I have a place to live, some money saved in the bank, bills paid, food, entertainment (Netflix, Hulu etc), but I would literally start going crazy almost daily for about a month until very recently when I started taking Tincture. People say it’s the planets moving into retrograde. People say it’s because I’m a ♋️ cancer and I’m highly emotional. Some say it’s coming into my “powers” of being an empath, especially with everything going on in the world it’s like.... overload. I just wanted to check in with you all, I hope nobody is feeling how I can get to feeling lately, but if you are I hope you find SOME kind of comfort from knowing you aren’t alone. ❤️ I have been watching Haters back Off with Miranda Sings on Netflix. Absolutely ridiculous, but ridiculously funny. It definitely helped pull me out of a funk if you need something light and funny to watch. The opening scenes should be enough to put a smile on your face. I’ve started to crochet again, something simple to quickly occupy my mind. Headphones really help a lot! They fill your head with sound, which can drown out a lot of the negativity your brain might be trying to throw at you, a couple of my favorite podcasts are What’s The T with Rupaul and Michelle Visage. Over 200 episodes, great witty banter, great guests, great advice. Another is Boulet Brothers Creatures of the Night, Drag, Filth, Horror, Glamour.... the fabulous Swanthula and Dracmorda Boulet bring true horror stories from our history, movie reviews and fun guests, it’s a new one, so there are only a few episodes so far, but its something you can keep up with from the start! What are you doing to stay sane? Any advice for me? Do you need any advice? Let’s all work on being more kind to one another, that’s something the world is lacking.
  14. Hi Exhalers! My lovely friends Stephanie and Rachel just dropped an episode on their podcast Lifewine (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/45-britney-ever-after/id1494997230?i=1000500191462) that I thought y'all might enjoy. The episode breaks down their thoughts and reactions to Britney Ever After. Some controversial opinions in there no doubt but all around an entertaining bunch to listen to. If you like podCATS or buzzballz, this is also the episode for you. Bonus: I'm a brief guest on the show -- Most of us are familiar with the renowned singer, songwriter, dancer, and all-around popstar icon that is Britney Spears. But what is her origin story? Join us as we discuss a movie that doesn’t even come close to answering that question with BRITNEY EVER AFTER (2017), starring Natasha Bassett, Nathan Keyes, and Peter Benson. Trust us when we say it’s Britney as you’ve never seen her before! We also celebrate Rachel’s birthday eve, see Stephanie’s clumsiness reach new levels by defying gravity, and have a chat with a dear friend of the show and certified Britney stan to provide her take on this apparent biopic. Listener warning: We’re not that innocent!
  15. Hey Exhale, question... I’ve been playing around with the idea about launching a #BreatheHeavy podcast. I know there’s already tons out there but I don’t care. I think it’d be fun to challenge myself and push myself out of my comfort zone. I’m just scared no one will care. I get a lot of people telling me I should start a YouTube channel, but that just seems to overwhelming. Feel like I might hate that lol. A podcast is way more my vibe (aka I can work in sweatpants and a tank top with my hair a mess). Would any of you be interested in tuning in?
  16. Hey all, I am sure many of us are fans of the podcast Britney's Gram (https://britneysinstagram.libsyn.com) and proud of all that they have done to cover her story and what is going on in the conservatorship. With that being said, I am afraid something has happened, as we haven't heard from them for some time (Jan 22nd to be exact). When it comes to Britney's actual instagram lately, there has been so many posts they could have covered that has nothing to do with the conservatorship... They were really getting deep into Britney's inner circle (looking into most recently Jodi Montgomery) and I am starting to think they may have accidentally crossed some lines or something and may have gotten a cease and desist. I am not sure, what do you all think? Has anyone heard anything from them or have they mentioned anything on their personals? I hope they didn't abandon the podcast.. Very strange, as my other favorite podcast, EatPrayBritney, continues to cover other topics very well, besides Britney's conservatorship, and they don't seem to have a problem putting new episodes out. After the "emergency episode" Britney's Gram got a large following, so pretty strange to drop off the map later, especially with all these posts that actually on Britney's actual gram.. Tess and Babs give us a sign if you're out there? I hope they come back soon! I really miss their podcast <3 Thoughts?
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