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  1. Hi all (or to the few who venture to General). If you feel comfortable sharing, let's have some fun and drag our ex partners talk relationships. I am single and have been for almost two years. I was with my ex for six years. Neither of us cheated, that I know of, and we simply drifted apart. The last year or so of the relationship we were more friends than lovers. Now we're neither. Although it's been an adjustment, I must say I am enjoying the single life and judging the gays on grindr. So, what's your story? Single? Loved up? What quality do you admire most in your partner(s)? Let's share.
  2. Hi y'all! I want us to know better So I was wondering what you think about love/s.e.x. relationships... Are you in a love relationship? how long? do you believe in free love relationships? polyamorous relationships?? if not, what you looking for? I'm single as f, and I'd love to be in a relationship, monogamic but with a healthy outcome: not jelaosy, let the other person do his/their thing always respecting me, and with trust and communication, and viceversa.
  3. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all
  4. también subió un visualizer para el remix de El Día del Amor
  5. Yes, she seems tired (she was shooting make me here) but i love how she looks and how she punch him in the chest I love you Britney
  6. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/carom
  7. At first I was like what is going on but now I think that they are just so cute and you can tell that he makes her really happy! I’m so happy for Kim What are your thoughts of this new Hollywood couple?
  8. Singer Becky Hill is the newest islander and is gonna perform her bops 👑 who’s watching?
  9. Love Island USA returns for Season 4 July 19 exclusively on Peacock. Are you watching?
  10. Objectively, One of the greatest pop songs of all time. Happy 20th birthday 🎉
  11. Hey y’all! My intro is long over due! Kinda just been flying under the radar… but I’ve been following the site for quite some time - literally came across it during 2007, when I was finally able to access the internet on a consistent basis - and Britney has been my light through some of my darkest times. Other artist include Mariah Carey (she’s an Aries like me, so that’s bound to happen), Madonna, Janet - the classics - and most recently Miley, Dua and Tove Lo. I’m a freak when it comes to the dance floor. 😅 Britney just has a way to bring that freak outta me that once her voice graces the dance floor, I’m on beast mode the rest of the evening. I’m 💯 Puerto Rican, raised in Philly. I look forward to getting on here more often and interacting with y’all a bit more. 💖 oh and my one and only time I got to see her was during the Femme Fatale Tour. I was in Philly, the one where it’s claimed she sang live for a good portion of the show, which I feel is true cause I got chills - maybe it was my first time but she had me wild - some girl busted her toe and was like “it’s a Britney show! What can you expect but to get a busted toe” or something along those lines 🤣😭 anyway, my anxiety and adhd is kicking in. Later ✌🏽
  12. La cantante mexicana Thalia ha lanzado un nuevo videoclip para celebrar este 14 de febrero. Muy ad-hoc con el día de San Valentín, se trata de Love, el segundo sencillo del álbum del mismo nombre, el cual fuera lanzado en 1992 como su tercer y último material discográfico bajo Melody/Fonovisa. Sangre, La Vie en Rose y María Mercedes serían los otros sencillos que formaran parte de la promoción del disco. El nuevo visual se asemeja en estilo al videoclip original lanzado en 1992 como parte del especial de televisión Love y Otras Fantasías, involucrando también los temas egipcios caracerísticos de Thalia al inicio de su carrera como solista: Love fue co-escrita por Thalia junto con el productor Luis Carlos Esteban.
  13. I think i like Kelly and Megan but also Bey and Jay :D
  14. I can't stop vibin' we love a self-love gratification anthem Little Mix been in the game 10 years Let's vibe
  15. What makes you happy? Does money make one happy? What is happiness? Discuss.
  16. Honestly I don't think it exists. And I'm not even sad about it. It's not about me being heartbroken in the past and now having that mindset... I'm kinda experienced. I'm a happy single and I definitely don't look for people, I focus on myself. I honestly don't get the whole idea of a relationship. Like for what? Only because I wanna keep someone hot for myself maybe and benefit from it (you know what I mean )? And the fact that being in a relationship is some type of goal is sick. So why do people ''love'' other people? Because they find them attractive? Because they are nice? Why and how the hell could I love someone unconditionally? And even if that happens and we can do nothing about it, at the end of the day it's only some chemical things going on in our brains that makes us feel we love someone, it's kinda an illusion. Nothing lasts forever. And don't get me wrong I love a lot of things because they make me feel good I guess. And I'm benefiting from it. So it's ''selfish'' as hell even if we aren't aware of that but everyone does that. So can we call it ''real love''? When we are profiting from it? Definition of love: Mother's love to her baby can be unconditional but at the same that she only loves it cause it's her baby. Hate is real tho It's just a discussion, I'm still young (unlike some other people here ) so my mindset can totally change. This is just kinda how I feel rn. This thread will flop anyway cause you guys suck but whatever
  17. My kindness era is coming ❤️❤️❤️ I know you are going to miss my sIuty, bltchy and problematic era 🖤🖤🖤 I'm coming from my dark and shady era Blackout 🖤 to my sweet and saving-image era Circus 🌸 My fans, label and manager @Jordan Miller want me so bad to do that so I'm gonna listen to them to save my career and image here My problematic era is over, sorry guys. Only kindness and love 🌸🌸🌸 Rules: So the rules of the game are pretty simple. Say something nice about the person above you, like for example something nice about their profile picture (I'm not suggesting anything), behavior, posts etc. Just find at least one good thing.
  18. How is everyone doing during this crazy Quarantine life we have been living? I have been pretty good today, but some days I have had incredibly bad anxiety. Cold sweats, being simultaneously too hot and too cold. My mind would run wild and sabotage my sleep. I’ve never wanted to consider medication out of fear of addiction, which is something I have battled in the past. It got so bad though that I was about to check myself in somewhere. The only thing I found solace in was THC/CBD Tincture. It’s not to get high off of, but without it I literally start shaking because my nerves are basically shot. And the scary thing is, absolutely nothing is “wrong”, I’m safe, I have a place to live, some money saved in the bank, bills paid, food, entertainment (Netflix, Hulu etc), but I would literally start going crazy almost daily for about a month until very recently when I started taking Tincture. People say it’s the planets moving into retrograde. People say it’s because I’m a ♋️ cancer and I’m highly emotional. Some say it’s coming into my “powers” of being an empath, especially with everything going on in the world it’s like.... overload. I just wanted to check in with you all, I hope nobody is feeling how I can get to feeling lately, but if you are I hope you find SOME kind of comfort from knowing you aren’t alone. ❤️ I have been watching Haters back Off with Miranda Sings on Netflix. Absolutely ridiculous, but ridiculously funny. It definitely helped pull me out of a funk if you need something light and funny to watch. The opening scenes should be enough to put a smile on your face. I’ve started to crochet again, something simple to quickly occupy my mind. Headphones really help a lot! They fill your head with sound, which can drown out a lot of the negativity your brain might be trying to throw at you, a couple of my favorite podcasts are What’s The T with Rupaul and Michelle Visage. Over 200 episodes, great witty banter, great guests, great advice. Another is Boulet Brothers Creatures of the Night, Drag, Filth, Horror, Glamour.... the fabulous Swanthula and Dracmorda Boulet bring true horror stories from our history, movie reviews and fun guests, it’s a new one, so there are only a few episodes so far, but its something you can keep up with from the start! What are you doing to stay sane? Any advice for me? Do you need any advice? Let’s all work on being more kind to one another, that’s something the world is lacking.
  19. Via text stay tuned for my heartbreak
  20. And if so, how was it? I have. It was in 2014 back around the time I started college. I was a very optimistic and hopeful girl back then and worked hard at school. My life was almost complete but was missing a relationship. So my sister and her then bff tried to be match makers for me by introducing me to her bff's brother (also my ex) The attraction wasn't there for me when we met but he kept insisting on getting with me. And when we finally did, it was amazing! Those first few months was all lovey dovey ectasy and he even proposed to me and I was engaged. HOWEVER things started getting dark when: I found out he was doing hardcore drugs like ****** and Crystal ****, I only thought he did weed. Anyways after that he assaulted me and our relationship ended. But of course if you know, Victims tend to think its their fault when they are abused. I did and took him back and he actually never hurt me again but then of course I was wrong cause he broke my heart. I at least will say that this era in my life will be one i'll NEVER forget in both good and bad. Now how about you guys? Have you ever had a first love?
  21. Hi exhalers , this is my first topic it's a bit too much to read , and I know I'm just another boring gay boy, but I would appreciate it if you could help me with a decision I'm trying to make. I know many of us are on dating apps and sometimes deal with some personal issues and I just wanted to ask for your advice because I'm feeling a little bit lost ..... So I met that guy who I'm madly in love with, it started as a normal date without too many words and slowly we've developed a "relationship." He is very attractive and very nice and it makes it even easier to fall in love with him. The thing is he kisses me a lot, he hugs me, he puts my head on his body when we talk, he is doing all of these things that makes me wanna fall for him. He texts me sometimes but not often and I know he is very active ******** and he's not looking for a relationship. I know weren't going to be together and I am kinda okay with it, but I think it's funny that he's all of those things after *** when I'm just his bootycall. Anyways, I feel like I'm putting myself in torture by letting the situation go on and on like that. I don't think I felt so in love since I was a teenager and sometimes I'm on the verge of tearing up as we go home. Should I tell him how I feel (or at least give a hint) or should I ignore everything and just say goodbye ...?
  22. I have 2 cats named Britney and Selena And I also share 4 dogs with my family: a pitbull named Marie a pomeranian chihuahua mix named Frances a shih tzu pomeranian chihuahua mix named Austin and a corgie named Katniss. As you can see we love to name our animals after pop culture lol. What about you guys? What pets do you have and what are their names?
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