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People are upset with Britney because of her comment about Sam's dad

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Britney and her fans are racist? WTF. What would make anyone say that? 

That pisses me off. 

Just because some fans don’t like or fully trust Sam doesn’t mean we’re Islamophobic. Plenty of fans criticized her other boyfriends — Jason, David, etc, and we all slam her ex-husband — and they were all white.

Britney’s been in a bizarre horrible situation for years with everyone around her using her so it’s understandable that fans at this point would be wary of trusting anyone!

And what is he talking about, saying we harass Sam’s family??

This is ridiculous.


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54 minutes ago, easy said:

people need a reason to be outraged, it was only a matter of time before her own fans turn on her. gotta love people being offended for others who have shown no offense themselves. people will find ANY reason to pick her apart. over a sentence they have interpreted one way. that cherry chick is always going on tangents about things getting so far away from whatever point she was originally trying to make. 


i hate how cold they are also trying to portray someone as "crazy" when they completely disregard her situation 

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Lol the reachhhhh over her very simple comment.  Never know the full story, but people love to jump to conclusions - could very well also be that his father is uninterested in meeting his daughter in law because of who she is and the drama surrounding her life.  And that’s something SHE would be aware of.

would be nice if some people reciprocated the same allegiance they have to her husband, kids, family - to her - someone who was deprived of all basic human liberties for 14 years and left with unimaginable trauma and scars…and people continue to rip her to shreds for having trauma and acting out.  Make it make sense.

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Another example of Britney not being careful with her words. Come on brit, put more effort and thought into your posts. 

She could have said "I would have loved nothing more than for Sam's father to have been able to attend our wedding. He is in Iran and has not been allowed into the US for many years. I hope one day I can finally meet him in person!"

I don't know if the above is true, but it gives more context and is more clear. 

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