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  1. The only songs that are ‘bad’ are chilling with you and maybe it should be easy even though sometimes I bop it, I actually like body ache it’s my guilty pleasure
  2. I mean it's not a bad album and it has a certain vibe to it, that I like, I think it was just a matter of bad production and her not singing it lol I still like a lot of the songs, I think it's fun to listen to, it's definitely a 'trip' into some cringe, some fun, and it's funny
  3. Well the best way to make us believe in something is mixing false statements with true statements. I don’t believe for a second that she wrote that post I’m sorry, she said in court she welcomes the informed support of the fans, the documentaries are exactly that. But the billy b thing yeah, she doesn’t speak to that weirdo. or, she’s still being gaslighted which is probably the case
  4. Well if she asked to speak to the court directly, that means something. And it’s not a wise decision to go off the rails in the court and sending everyone to hell when You’re in a Conservatorship. She needs to be really smart about what she says
  5. This is myah pitched down, but nice try
  6. There’s no stem with Britney singing that part. In the circus tour you can hear Myah’s voice in the pre chorus the best, that’s myah 100%
  7. My heart is still broken knowing that Myah sang the whole pre chorus in Circus (I feel the adrenaline moving...)
  8. Watching For The Record is downright heartbreaking. You can tell that she knew exactly what they were doing and was totally defeated, then robot Britney was born
  9. I mean.. even if there was no physical ab use involved, an adult man who likes to sleep and cuddle random children that he invites to his house, that sounds pretty pedoish to me
  10. You know guys I am an active member of the free Britney movement, but in all honesty and I hope I am wrong, she won’t be able to get out completely from the Conservatorship
  11. https://ibb.co/ft5dVqy lou Taylor posted this (I follow her lmao) Serious about prayer = a spell I wonder what what she praying about? She is probably gonna see this so, hi Lou we love ya 🖕
  12. The only song really directed at Kevin is Why Should I Be Sad, she even describes in the lyrics what happened 😂 ’I sent you to Vegas with a pocket full of paper, and with no ultimatums on you... just seems that Vegas only brought the Pimp out of you’
  13. I think she was really talking about the Conservatorship, because she really emphasized that she had to ‘pay for a long time’, but they left that in because in that time the narrative was distorted and everybody thought it was Sam Lutfi and friends
  14. As a person who is admittedly addicted to w**d and struggling with it, Demi has just been a disappointment lol
  15. I don’t think so, mental illness is not an excuse for what he’s been doing for years, we can call him a narcissist or a psycopath that I agree. can’t believe his colon has survived with all the **** he spews out
  16. Well it’s actually one of the better songs on Britney Jean, truly cheesy, but I like the beat
  17. I still remember watching the VMA's Gimme More Performance on 2007 Live on TV, I was 12 then. I watched it, I was shocked, and I effing loved it and been a hardcore fan ever since. That performance literally made me a fan of how iconic it is. Still remember thinking how badass she is for that no effort performance lol
  18. I just remember being 9 years old and having a diskman, headphones and her baby one more time CD, I used to listen to that all day long. I knew I was gay then lol
  19. Why are people so like obsessed with her ‘natural voice’, her baby voice is epic and made her who she is, the songs are fine the way they are
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