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  1. And you are probably a Team Con hired troll by the comments you make all the time. Get out
  2. Femme Fatale is still a bop and nobody can tell me otherwise Work ***** I’m not even gonna go there, not even her singing
  3. There is no space for kindness and patience when it’s about a violation of human rights. Does Team Con follow that kindness crap for the past 13 years? No.
  4. She mentioned seeing Britney in a cage with fire underneath her, which is kinda what happens on Slave on the circus tour, so it’s definitely creepy
  5. If we only know half of the story, and it’s already horrifying, I can’t even imagine what we don’t know...
  6. Well if I was stripped of my rights and abused for 13 years, I would have mental illness too, that is a trap. Britney is probably traumatized beyond belief, and has a lot of PTSD and anxiety issues BECAUSE of this Conservatorship. And even if she was paranoid schizophrenic or whatever, a Conservatorship is not meant to be used for mental illness
  7. Wait a minute... your profile is interesting, are you B?
  8. You can have intravenous, once a week or once a month, it doesn’t make you stop taking it everyday it’s just a ‘boost’. I can totally believe this
  9. From the Bottom of My Broken Colon OMG 😂😂😂
  10. MK ULTRA is not a conspiracy, it’s on the declassified documents on the US Government website. This IS mind control in some capacity
  11. Omg YES! The ‘Daddy Loves You’ seems like a code, it’s creepy as hell
  12. Anybody who has done research, knows that MK Ultra mind control is not a Conspiracy, it was a real Mind Control program that was made by the CIA. A person that has been medicated, put in facilities, trafficked, made to work and controlled against her will, isn’t this the staple of MK ULTRA mind control? I still find it very suspicious that her doctor died in the middle of the investigation, from Britney’s testimony, personally, it was worse that what I thought it was (and I already thought it was horrible before, this whole situation) but something makes me believe, there’s even more to this story that we are not being told. I’m genuinely scared for her life, at this point
  13. They gave her lithium because she said no to a DANCE MOVE, from what I understand that’s not a symptom of Bipolar Disorder. I know a lot of people with serious bipolar that take lithium, those people have hallucinations and think they are God when they’re manic, Britney just has PTSD from all the trauma she has been put through.
  14. I just messaged Lou Taylor on Instagram telling her to keep fasting and praying because Karma is gonna get her she blocked me
  15. I also took mood stabilizers, but let me tell you, if you’re falling of the chair and not being yourself (like Britney was and is probably) it’s not just anti depressives or mood stabilizers, it takes stronger stuff, trazodone is the only anti depressive that does that, she’s probably given anti psychotics and benzodiazepines (they work for anxiety very well but it makes you high like crazy)
  16. As a past user of trazodone, hell to the no, that medication made me fall literally, it really numbs you down and doesn’t let you think, and I took it for insomnia, hated the feeling that gave me. Cbd is better 🍀
  17. The only songs that are ‘bad’ are chilling with you and maybe it should be easy even though sometimes I bop it, I actually like body ache it’s my guilty pleasure
  18. I mean it's not a bad album and it has a certain vibe to it, that I like, I think it was just a matter of bad production and her not singing it lol I still like a lot of the songs, I think it's fun to listen to, it's definitely a 'trip' into some cringe, some fun, and it's funny
  19. Well the best way to make us believe in something is mixing false statements with true statements. I don’t believe for a second that she wrote that post I’m sorry, she said in court she welcomes the informed support of the fans, the documentaries are exactly that. But the billy b thing yeah, she doesn’t speak to that weirdo. or, she’s still being gaslighted which is probably the case
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