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  1. My inside source tells me it is Cole Mket with the Denver Broncos. This will be huge news for the lgbtq community!
  2. I wanna know, I love hearing what gets people feeling pumped and ready to dance the night away! For me right now, I'm really jamming to P!nks new single 'Trustfall' and Fall Out Boys 'Heartbreak Feels So Good' and am SUPER excited for their respective albums 'Trustfall' and 'So Much (For) Stardust' I'm also really excited to hear Mileys new album 'Endless Summer Vacation' but I'm not too fond of 'Flowers' 😭
  3. Imagine the weekly draggings, the raw emotional vlogs about her life, asmr soft spoken videos of her inside a hotel room, recording Sam in the shower with Blur effect for you Hornee queens. Ugh I’d subscribe in a millisecond
  4. Sean P Finally Turns 18 this September and that means $$$ From Britney is no more! him and dad will have to actually work for once. and Jaden James his $$$ stops September 2024... What is Kevin going to do? he wont be able to afford property taxes on his home! You think Britney will pay for it?? Kevin is a leech that needs to actually work and that's coming!!! maybe that's why he talking.
  5. Let’s talk about it, Exhale! Let me know your thoughts in the comments
  6. How beautiful does it look with color. I wish we had a full version.
  7. Does anyone else think Grace Ives's song "Loose" is the most iconic gay moment in pop culture history since Britney played Amber Louise on Will & Grace? And is the album its from Janky Star the best mid-tempo pop record since Glory? With bops like: "Loose","Burn Bridges","Angel of Business", "On The Ground", "Lullaby", "Shelly" and more?
  8. This still doesn’t make any sense to me. Guess the whole situation wasn’t as black and white as the fans like to think.
  9. I was listening to it a few times the other day... It's definitely a song of its own time and hasn't aged well, but it sounds very unfinished and half-baked. The song doesn't go anywhere and there is no build-up. A catchy chorus driven by repetition, yes, but there is no bridge. The distorted vocals throughout sound an excuse due to Britney not getting much studio time/a time crunch to get the single and album out.
  10. What if B10 was an avant-garde dark comedy album with song titles that dragged? Inspired by @LizeS_'s post in another thread 1. Rose 2. River Red 3. Channel 8 4. Catholic Slvt 5. Bald Headed Peckerface 6. Tell Your Father To Go (Try and At Least Mow the Lawn) 7. She Never Had To Work for Anything (featuring Alexa Nikolas) 8. Kiss It 🍑 9. Psss I Have An Assistant To Make My Dinner Reservations 10. Free Woman 11. I Waited 15 Years to Have a Drink 12. I Love Being Me (It Pisses Off All the Right People)
  11. DISCUSS one what is funny: Po' up, po' up (po' up, po' up) Uh, you Mr. Nasty, I'll clean it up
  12. i absoEFFINlutely like this one: fun to invoke spirits with The English Qabalah - Home ENGLISHQABALA.COM To promote the study of the Roman Script Kabbalah. everyone go educate yoself peeps
  13. Exhale, are we wanting a southern pop album from the legendary Britney Spears next? Let’s talk about it
  14. It totally blows my mind to think that a son could sell his mother like this. Even more so when it's her own family who argues that Britney has psychological problems and that she is unable to lead a life on her own. I mean how low do you have to be as a human being to do something like that to the woman who created you? the woman who gave you life, love and who has given you a life full of privileges. When Jayden appeared on an instagram live asking for followers in exchange for telling his mother's secrets, I defended him saying that he was a child who didn't know what he was doing, but this is not a child anymore, he is about to become a legal adult, He has appeared on Instagram smoking w**d and poses laughing with a person who only wants to destroy his mother, He is not a child and he knows exactly what he is doing and the economic benefit he gets from it.
  15. Did anyone else ever catch this? It's really obvious but it seems everyone online hates the song so I just wanted to shed some light on it Her processed vocals emulating the future, this underlying frustration with the system she's currently in, her eventual actual downfall and how Brave New World ends the same, her recent revelations of her family dynamics at the time... It all seems too intentional, especially with her later releasing songs as Mona Lisa and Rebellion. Britney has always struck me as a thought-through and witty person, so I just always assumed it as the truth, but I can't really find any info about it online. What do y'all think? Brave New World | Summary, Context, & Reception | Britannica WWW.BRITANNICA.COM Brave New World, novel by Aldous Huxley, published in 1932. The book presents a nightmarish vision of a future society. Brave New World is set in 2540 ce, which the novel identifies as the year AF... The novel examines a futuristic society, called the World State, that revolves around science and efficiency. In this society, emotions and individuality are conditioned out of children at a young age, and there are no lasting relationships because “every one belongs to every one else” (a common World State dictum). John becomes angrier and angrier with this society, until eventually he runs away to a lighthouse to live in isolation. He is able to evade tourists and reporters for a while, but eventually they find him and gawk as he engages in self-flagellation. The intensity of the crowd increases when John whips not only himself but a woman as well. Crowds descend from helicopters to witness the spectacle. Another woman appears (who is implied to be Lenina), and John attempts to whip her too. John is soon overcome with passion, and, after coming under the influence of soma, he falls asleep. The next morning, appalled at his complicity in the system, he hangs himself.
  16. It’s actually quite hard to find pictures of the shoes that she wore but the internet is noticing them, especially on TikTok. Perhaps that’s why Beyoncé didn’t want phones at her show Fans were so excited to see Beyoncé perform in Dubai but it appears fans were quick to notice the change in footwork for B! It seems that some could not believe that Beyoncé was actually wearing kitten heels. Some fans are not holding back on the lacklustre shoe, despite her always wearing larger heels and boots while performing. Some say she should have never performed if she couldn’t properly or wear the proper shoes It’s also important to note that Beyoncé allegedly was recovering from foot surgery and was forced to wear the kitten heels. What is a kitten heel? “A kitten heel is a short stiletto heel, with a slight curve setting the heel in from the back edge of the shoe” The point is that if Beyoncé can wear kitten heels, anyone can now a days. It looks like kitten heels will continue to prevail despite needing to be locked away and never worn again. A kitten heel: The type of shoes Beyoncé normally wears: I wonder if Beyoncé will ever wear these cute little high heels on stage again? Have you heard about the kitten heel drama? Did you notice her shoes? Let me know in the comments
  17. I'm not a happy meme I've been on the Internet. Everything in real life has been falling apart. Everything. I have no one to call, no one to turn to. And tonight I have this urge to just smash all the piills I have and that's it. I already feel dead inside, alone, ashamed, humiliated, made fun of, bullied.... and no one to talk to. Problems pile up and I'm all alone. And then the feeling you are being choked inside out and just a waste of time and space come. Like you are burden to people and nothing else. A waste. I wish I could fall asleep and never wake up. Making people happy online is great but even that- it feels like fake and spamming. Nothing makes sense. So yeah.....I'm sorry. I love you. Take care.
  18. I am a big Britney fan, but I have always loved Shakira too, she has never really stopped being big and relevant since she started in the 90's all over Latin America. My question is, how big or relevant in non Spanish speaking countries. Does she still play on the radio, do young people listen to her? How big was she in her time?
  19. OR Exhale, the choice is yours to select the more iconic music video. Let me know in the comments! Happy Friday
  20. I just wanna say that I thought I have some friends, but everybody is so fake. I unfollowed everybody and added to ignored list some members, because I'm not interested in their opinions and activity after all these fake smiles and nice words... If there are things what you want let to know to others, let's say them here....
  21. I'm fuming! I'm angry! Can't people keep their opinion about '' the mental health'' of a woman much of us never had the chance to meet, to know really deeply, geez! Britney is an icon to me, she helped me trough so much things with her work of art, with what I had the chance to see of her trough her music, videos, and all that BUT! I know I don't know her, id'like to think I do, to some extend, because some of her experiences that have been told, from her, or trough media had resonated with me, with my heart... BUT still I know I don't know her, I like to think I do to some extend, which much of us do, you know like when I was bullied at school, must been around 8 or 9, **** was hard, my mother took me to the '' marché '' I don't know how you say that in English, to buy blackout! That was amazing! It did make me so proud to buy my own copy with my little money, and listening to it with my mother who didn't understand a thing all afternoon, UNFORGETTABLE! All my worries were gone as soon as.... IT'S BRITNEY ***** stared... Anyways life goes on, life is beautiful, hard, happy, sad, but who are YOU to judge the mental state of anyone??? Didn't you ever had a nervous breakdown? A family fight, showed a little temper because people were ****ty towards you? Never said something out of anger, in the moment? Just geez I don't know where I'm going but my heat needed to speak tonight again, bless everyone, of course I wish britney the happiness she deserve, but I don't mind her being human at all.... Anyone to jump on the train of emotions? Lol (yeah I know young people don't say that...) byye
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