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  1. Idk how to post photos here, which is really annoying but… Britney’s newest caption says “That’s me singing btw. I used to be a singer when I was younger.” She’s also said things like “I used to be famous.” Like girl what? We all know that song is your song, and you’re still Britney Spears. For instance, after rewatching Crossroads, that is a completely different human being. Like is anything even in there anymore? The night & day difference is actually terrifying.
  2. i for one think she could attend more dance lessons with private teacher then she would enjoy these 10 (but still precious these days) videos in her room a day a bit more she is not bad she just needs to amp and gear it up a bit As always, always love Britney
  3. The way she writes on Instagram is mostly hateful and telling everyone to kiss her *** Remember how she baited fans thinking she would appear at Elton John's final concert in London? She kept posting 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 emojis in MULTIPLE posts when she very likely knew all the media articles and fan rumors that day. That's just mean. Fans have genuine concern about how she's only friends with Cade, who is close to Larry Rudolph, the same Larry that Lou Taylor called "family" just last year...yet Britney doesn't do anything to address her fans concern that all isn't well. Fans bring her songs to #1 just weeks ago which is unprecedented...and she doesn't seem to care. There's basically 0 connection with the fans at this point in time. Is it because of legal reasons? Has she just changed and become mean?
  4. What if Justin wrote his new single "Drown" from the POV of Britney to him in a post-Cry Me A River era? An (almost) apology of sorts? Otherwise, who TF is this "heartbreak anthem" about? He's been w Jessica over a decade... "Got caught up in the tide, of all the tears you cried." "You let me drown, didn't even try to save me." "Maybe sometime in another life, we could've got it right." -- Drown, drown Drown Surface Should've known your love was nothin' but the surface I'm in the deep end, I can't fight the current Tryin' to keep my head above it And you've been beggin' me to stay, to stay And I've been tryna be your wave, your wave But it's about to break 'cause You showed me exactly who you are and I should've believed it (Believed it) You left me alone out in the dark with all of your demons (Demons) Got caught up in the tide of all the tears you've cried Yeah, you know I was blinded by my heart, sinking from the start Should've never followed you this far, now I'm in the deep end And you let me drown You didn't even try to save me Heard about heartbreak with the moonlight And now the pain just magnifies I know exactly what it feels like Yeah, you do it to me every time And if real love never dies Why am I barely breathin'? Here on my own Out in the deep end Way down below Way down below of all of your lies And you keep beggin' me to stay, to stay I'm out here tryna be your wave, your wave But it's about to break 'cause You showed me exactly who you are and I should've believed it (Should've believed it) You left me alone out in the dark with all of your demons (Demons) Got caught up in the tide of all the tears you've cried Yeah, you know I was blinded by my heart, sinking from the start Should've never followed you this far, now I'm in the deep end And you let me drown You didn't even try to save me You let me drown You didn't even try to save me But sometimes (Sometimes I) Sometimes I sit and fantasize (Fantasize) Maybe sometime in another life (Another life) We could've got it right, gor it right (Got it right) Ooh, yeah (Maybe) Maybe sometimes in another life (Another life) I'll see your face in a new light (New light) And your eyes say, "I love you" You've been beggin' me to stay, to stay And I've been tryna be your wave, your wave You let me drown You didn't even try to save me You let me drown You didn't even try to save me You let me drown You didn't even try to save me You let me drown You didn't even try to save me It's about to break It's about to break It's about to break (Break, break, break) Break, break It's about to break (Drown, drown) (Drown, drown) (the song is a banger though)
  5. I read that people are unfairly criticizing Britney for her attitude on social media. I open this thread to advise her from the love barmy about angles or concepts that she could approach for inspiration. I start: Eliminate the ring light because she looks nice and radiant in natural light... and change the recording angle. div widget
  6. She sang: Crazy, OIDIA, BOMT, Everytime (the best performance), Toxic (backup singers sang the parts she couldn't), Boys, etc live! I love this tour and the themes! Also, not her singing Everytime and the interlude mocking the sad theme Breathe On Me was a little overboard for me (iykyk)
  7. I am literally crying rn, I see you guys always insulting her but that is not the her I think about, I think about the girl that was always nice and respectful even when that nasty TV guy asked her about her opinion on inplants when she was only 17 and you could visually see her discomfort, I watched a 38 min video on her life, childhood, and control abuse and toxic home situation she has been in since she could walk, she has been beaten down her entire life. if I was in her situation I would have probably killed myself in 2007 before the horrible conservatorship even happened but she survived through that and the conservatorship, and it probably broke her, maybe she is bipolar or has severe PTSD or some personality disorder, but I do not care people should never be so mean to such a kind person that is probably broken beyond repair with no one to talk to, idgaf what she posts on insta, weather she is doing it for attention or not, but the thing is I can feel what other people feel, I look at her as a person who has contributed so much to this world and deserves love and to be left alone, she probably would get help and speak out but she knows the paparazzi and media would twist it. In conclusion even though her videos that are only 2 mins of her life and probably filmed when she is in the wrong headspace and taken down later may be cringy, we have no right to bully or judge such a strong but broken human, judgment belongs to God, it is not for us to judge, maybe If we didn’t live in such a broken world she would speak out and share but her incredibly unique life deserves sympathy, from now on if I see someone talking crap abt her on here I will report them and be sad, if you don’t like her stay off this site.
  8. Saw this online the other day, and thought it’d be fitting to post here, as this place loses their collective **** anytime she posts anything on IG. Don’t get me wrong, I have scratched my own head a few times while on her page but then I thought, who is she hurting, exactly? One might say she’s hurting her career, which could mean something if she had any desire to have one. We just need to accept the fact that for now, this is her form of artistic expression. She’s out here just living her life. Sure, it would be alot more exciting for fans if we saw other glimpses of her life, but this is just how it is for now. You can always just unfollow. Let Britney be weird!
  9. I do think Britney is over the industry when she said her family ruined it for her, and also how the media treated her. However, I think the other half is it seems like she can't sing and dance like she used to even in the POM Vegas era. The videos she seems unstable on her feet and it's usually just spinning and the same movements. The last clips of Britney singing acapella on her Instagram of Baby One More Time and Oops she didn't sound that great. Manjobi was so tuned and gave A I Tease, what do ya'll think?
  10. Hello fellow BreatheHeavy members, I've noticed a growing trend within our community that deeply concerns me. It appears that many have taken to criticizing Britney's behavior on Instagram, labeling her as "crazy," "mental," and "detached." This discourse is not only harmful but fundamentally misunderstands the complexities of Britney's life and the journey she has been on. Firstly, it's crucial to remember that Britney Spears is a human being, just like any of us. She has faced unimaginable pressures and scrutiny under the public eye, experiences that most of us will never fully understand. The expectations for her to revert to her "old" self—the highly polished, seemingly perfect pop icon—are unrealistic and ignore the personal growth and change every individual undergoes over time. Britney's Instagram behavior, videos, or any form of expression she chooses should not be a target for your fury. These expressions harm no one. They are a reflection of her current state, her interests, her joys, and her struggles. Criticizing and shaming her for these expressions is a form of control and entitlement that mirrors the very constraints she fought so hard to escape from under her conservatorship. So, some of you, please ask yourselves, why do you feel so entitled to dictate how Britney should live her life or express herself? This mentality is eerily similar to the control exerted over her during the years of her conservatorship, where every aspect of her life was under scrutiny and control by her father and "handlers". We, as fans, should not perpetuate this cycle of control and judgment. Instead of condemnation, Britney deserves our empathy, our support, and our understanding. She has given the world so much through her music, her performances, and, most importantly, by sharing her life with us. It's time we acknowledge that she owes us nothing more. Her journey towards healing, towards finding her happiness and peace, is hers alone. It should not be dictated by public opinion or our expectations as fans. This trend of toxic behavior within our community needs to stop. It's time for a collective reflection on how we can better support Britney, recognizing her humanity and the complexities of her situation. Let's offer her the grace and space to heal on her terms. We should be her allies, not her critics. Do better please.
  11. I know that a few months ago most of Britney’s discography got an update from RIAA; however, I think that there are some certifications still pending: - Baby one more time (15x platinum) - Oops I did it again (11x platinum) - Britney (album) (5x platinum) - I’m not a girl not yet a woman (Gold) - Greatest Hits: My Prerogative (2x platinum) - The singles collection (Gold) - Femme Fatale (2x platinum) - Slumber Party (Gold) - Glory (Gold) What do you guys think? Am I wrong? I find it hard to believe that some albums haven’t change since its last certification more than 10 years ago. It’s a shame that US certifications are paid unlike UK certifications.
  12. Title. Trouble For Me: The awkward pause between the end of the bridge and the last chorus wasn't there on the demo of the song, and I think it was better/catchier that way. If I'm Dancing: In comparison to every other part of the song, the chorus seems weak imo. Or maybe it just needs to grow on me idk Both are still great songs!
  13. When I first heart the song I imagine a music video with a Daft Punk vibe, someone driving a car at night, bunch of bright colors here and there in the night... Something robotic or AI. More futuristic. And let the lyrics i'll be like one of the girls as a secundary thing in the video. Maybe an alternative video??? A video to explain what I mean:
  14. Hey you guys, I wanted to make a thread about this cause I listen to all types of music and I wanted to know which singers or bands do you think have the strongest music catalog in your opinion. My opinions are: Britney Madonna Selena Quintanilla Michael Jackson Whitney Houston Mariah Carey The Backstreet Boys NSYNC Destiny's Child Which singers or bands do you think has the strongest music catalog in the industry?
  15. Began liking Alien... one of those songs (is it a ballad?) that are prophetic It's a good song even though it's Myah Marie, and had a lot of potential along with Passenger and Body Ache. Discuss!
  16. Yes she's free of the conservatorship. But why is the only person who has access to her CADE HUDSON hanging out with LARRY RUDOLPH & BY PROXY LOU M TAYLOR?? (BRITNEY POST A BANANA 🍌 IF YOU SEE & AGREE TO THIS)
  17. My Era - Album Name: Final Fantasy: Consists of remixed/re-recorded songs with featured artists on them and some new songs, released by 2025 (let's assume she changed her mind and decided to return to music "...one more time"). - Accompanying Tour: My One Final Fantasy World Tour: Consists of classic hits with some new songs and will feature other artists with some live vocals and slowed-down choreo. The setlist is the same as the one I made for my Comeback Tour Setlist post. It will also have a DWAD/Blackout theme and will end in Vegas with an extended show. - Promo: Final Fantasy perfume (either the last fragrance she launches or the final fragrance in the fantasy line) GMA performance Interviews It would have a Dream Within A Dream Tour + Blackout vibe. Slowed-down choreo because the live singing exists. What about your custom era?
  18. Since Britney's missing Halloween season... Brazil's carnival (or carnaval) is happening right now with lots of people on the streets, drinking, dance and crazy and neat costumes. I wonder if Britney had a ride there (here, I live in Brazil), she could: - Meet new people/make friends; - Dress up with a costume and act like totally a different person/anonymous; - Meet handsome brazilians (who might not be 'just s--e--x' as she says on TWIM, if she wanted); - Discover a new culture and have delicious FOOD there is in Brazil; - Go to a private beach - there's some islands for that - where she could be naked and all. And man, the beaches are breathtaking...; - Make new gay friends and have fun while making new plenty of new content/videos for her IG; - A new place to chill aside from Mexico and Polynesia (although there's is NO HARM in going to those places many times as she can) Okay, that's all Have you been in Brazil and have you met its carnaval?
  19. Ok, Taylor is my second favorite artist behind Britney but I have a HUGE problem with her. So let me preface by saying vinyl variants are fine, I like the idea of having different colors, covers and formats but when each vinyl has a different tracklist or more tracks than streaming/other formats it pisses me off. I realized this when Taylor announced the "The Bolter" variant of TTPD. This was after I spent almost 100 bucks on her vinyl and CD. She should either a) announce all the variants so that we can plan purchases in advance or b) stop being money-hungry and just make 1 variant..
  20. i take lithium, clozapine and cyclodol, also two times a month a risperidone consta injections. do some of you have injections too??? and do you have side effects? my only big side effect is sometimes a very extreme sleepiness and needing to sleep a lot.
  21. Sending Britney positive vibes! She doesn't deserve any hate. I get some people may be concerned but she isn't hurting anybody. Besides, Britney clearly doesn't get a lot of social interaction so when you're left to your own devices and are lonely, you act weird. It's human nature.
  22. Opinion | Britney Spears Wants to Be Free. It’s Time We Finally Take Her at Her Word. - The New York Times WWW.NYTIMES.COM For 25 years, Britney Spears has been a convenient scapegoat for whatever her audience needed. But if we truly want her to be free, we finally have to let her go.
  23. This is my first time to watch this movie and I love Britney so much, but is it just me? I think the movie sucks? Like there's no substance, strong story plot. I started to cringe that Lucy really wants to be devirginized and always thirsty for men. I was expecting like chick flix like 13 going on 30 or some early 00s romantic teen movie. Britney was really lucky that it was premiered during her prime. this movie is such a cringe 🙈
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