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  1. I’d be worried if she actually looked like that lol but we all know it’s Facetune. The face looks like it’s been badly photoshopped on after wards
  2. Dang it would be awesome if more artists revisited their past stuff like this. Super cool! Sometimes I love live versions of songs so much more. Like little mix secret love song live blew me away
  3. You weren’t just acknowledging him being white though? You added that descriptor in with your insults. It’s SUPER embarrassing that you yourself are white and feel like you can speak for another race when it’s really not your place but I guess you’re desperate for those SJW internet points. It’s cringey af to see white people trash other white people in an attempt to look all woke, don’t be such a try hard. You can call out real racism instead of this nonsensical virtue signaling. To answer your question (that you only asked once but ok) I don’t know wtf a cornroll is babe (how embarrassing for you). Did you mean cornrows? Sure I’ve seen white people with them, a lot of latin people too. As for durags, they’re pretty much bandanas, do you really need an explanation as to how popular bandanas are amongst all races? You nor anyone else has any right to gatekeep hairstyles or clothing, it’s honestly so sad and petty. Lastly, you call me childish and immature but respond with “lmfaooo” nor can you even spell durag or cornrow. No need to respond since none of your previous responses have been of any substance and I don’t have time for it. Go get some sleep and think about things you can do to not publicly embarrass yourself so much in the future, silly pants
  4. You’ve literally relied to every one of my comments too lol? Calling you out as a bigot is petty name calling yet you used his skin color to insult him and other white people numerous times. If a white person said Nicki Minaj for example is a “black brat” or “i can’t stand insecure black girls” there’d be uproar and rightly so. It’s not relevant to the conversation if you’re using someone’s skin color in a derogatory manor. Anyway you seem far too mentally incompetent to comprehend that so like I said, be gone, or keep going, you’re only making yourself look more stupid. Also, conflating someone’s headwear with painting themselves brown is about as stupid as it can get. No ones “stealing” anything, no one culture owns anything. Cultural appropriation in and of itself is a ridiculous concept period.
  5. So happy for them but I feel like this is the nail in the coffin for the band for the time being anyway
  6. Sure Jan. He’s the one that’s insecure whilst you rage on forums about his headwear 😂 do you normally freak out and call someone a bunch of “white this, white that” names when you’re triggered? Do you think it’s ok to reference someone’s skin color when insulting them? You’ve avoided acknowledging that each time I see. I’m not desperate to paint you as anything, your racist comments do that for you. Not sure why you think I’m triggered, I think such things are absolute nonsense and the people getting so bent out of shape over it silly. Anyway, be gone, bigot.
  7. You need to get a grip on yourself. It’s no different than a bandana. You’re obviously very butthurt over it, look at your comments lol. As for defending him, wearing a bandana/durag isn’t something that needs to be defended. It’s absolutely ridiculous that it’s even news. What’s even more ridiculous (but funny) is how people like you seem so eaten up by it imagine being so triggered over someone wearing a piece of cloth…
  8. Not mad but insulted him referencing his skin color 3 times in on comment lol and babe the whole world isn't laughing at what is essentially a bandana, they are laughing at the small minority of bored, fragile snowflakes who love nothing more than to bathe in self victimization. Cry more
  9. Call him whatever you want but you’ll stay mad while he stays successful I don’t even like his music, but I dislike hypocritical bigots even more. He’s no more “manufactured “ than Britney Spears but alas, here you are on a Britney Spears fan site and forum
  10. That’s just it though. You aren’t being personally affected by Justin Bieber’s choice of headwear. In what way has Justin Bieber’s headwear personally affected you? If you’ve received negative reactions from people for wearing the same thing, that’s on those people, not him. This constant rabid need to jump on anyone for their personal and harmless life choices out of bitterness for the way OTHER people have treated you is just ridiculous. Your anger is completely misdirected toward the people who celebrate and emulate styles that are common amongst other cultures rather than the ones who will denigrate a POC for the same styles. This anger then just comes across as bitterness and envy. Also, please stop telling white people they have no space to speak on these things, they’re the ones you’re attempting to paint negatively and they have a right to defend themselves. I can’t believe that it has to be pointed out time and again how beyond stupid this whole thing is. The entire concept of cultural appropriation itself is a joke. People can wear THEIR clothes however they please, style THEIR hair however they like and unless you’re paying for it, it shouldn’t be your concern.
  11. I can’t stand hypocrisy. It’s all a 2 way street. Do you have the same energy when it comes to woc gluing blonde wigs on? Or bleaching their skin? How about letting people live and be happy when they’re hurting no one? It’s free and takes no time at all. The real gag is that this “pasty insecure white boy” has accomplished more before he was legal to drink than you will in 5 lifetimes. Don’t be bitter, be better. “Pasty white boy” ”I can’t stand insecure white boys” “spoiled white brat”. You denigrated his skin color 3 times in one comment. People like YOU are the problem, you’re just too incompetent to see it.
  12. She’s so disingenuous it’s a joke. She wanted to go to stores at 4am so she could shop in peace without a 100 crazed stalkers taking her picture and antagonizing her. **** off alexis
  13. But how does the fault lie with people like Justin? He’s not the one kicking people out of schools. The offended are always going after the wrong people. It’s kind of like the mindset of “if I can’t have it why should anyone else”. I hear the same argument all the time “braids/ dreads/durags are protective therefore no one else should be able to wear them” like what? I get why it’s angering, to be denigrated for doing something a white personal will likely get away with, or even praised for. It must be infuriating. However, the people celebrating and partaking in things that are seen as culturally specific are obviously not against you. Your fight lies with the people that perpetuate these inequalities, not the people who wear these things alongside you.
  14. The fragile little minds of today couldn’t handle it lol
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