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  1. With love and light, fk off poot. Im getting tired of living amongst such whiny little victims 24/7. If we stay on the trajectory no one will leave the house. Everyone projecting their self failings onto everyone else all the time is honestly exhausting.
  2. Samantha Mumba was gonna make a comeback around 2008 and she did this song ‘Personalities’ with Timbaland I think? Anyway it’s an absolute banger and would have changed her career if she had just released it. Still love it now! Definitely listen to it
  3. I’m so beyond over people trying to control what other people do or indulge in. If you wanna be religious keep it to yourself and stop trying to force other people into it. It’s hella annoying. Anyway I’m heading out to give satan a blowy.
  4. Mary get a grip on yourself. The Bible is fiction and a way to influence weak minded idiots. Like yourself how about you don’t listen to it? Religious nuts always up in everyone else’s business. Worry about yourself.
  5. I love little mix, and will support them and Jesy. However, I wish Jesy had just been upfront and said she wants to go solo. I understand she went through the worst of it in the media but now she will be shouldering it all by herself. So I think the reason for leaving was disingenuous tbh. It’s probably been a long time coming, Jesy’s line in Wasabi foreshadowed it lol “when she going solo?” Now I guess lol
  6. Mary chill with the gifs, it isn’t making you look any smarter. What is it with you lot and telling people “dO yOuR rEsEarCh” yet you can’t even spell Pfizer? Pop off sis, educate us on the science of vaccines 😂 It really isn’t that hard to understand why the vaccine coupled with social distancing and mask wearing will help to end this pandemic but you seem like a willfully ignorant idiot so have at it. However, read the room. This nonsense antivax rhetoric has no place outside the gutter of Facebook comment sections.
  7. The irony of you calling anyone sad, uneducated or misinformed is hilarious. How many vaccines have you personally developed? Are you smarter than scientists that have dedicated their entire lives to studying and developing vaccines? No. If only there was a vaccine against stupidity. That's the whole reason it's had to be advertised as much as it has, to combat the nonsense spread around by the severely mentally deficient science deniers, like yourself. You lot talk about how everyone else is a sheep yet more often than not spout Facebook posts and conspiracy theories to back up your ridiculous narrative. Take your antivax, trump minded nonsense elsewhere, a Qanon forum maybe. Please, continue to deny yourself the vaccine so that someone more deserving receives it. May covid take you swiftly the second time around you poor, dumb soul
  8. I don’t doubt that meant people felt that way tbh. What would you do watching a cop suffocate someone to death right in front of you? Many people have the bystander response and expect someone else to speak up. Maybe Cher is one of those “someone else” people.
  9. Mary please, the Catholic Church is probably the most prolific p3dophile ring in history.
  10. She was 40 when she said she was 20, so I KNOW she is far too old to be this stupid now
  11. Another cash grab from the “estate”? I’m dubious of anything they release these days..
  12. Omg I remember her! She’s the one that looked like 40+ years old and tried saying she was young 😂 I remember her getting called out in a radio interview about it, mortifying! Anyway I don’t take notice of trash on the side of the road, so I why would I take notice of it just because it has a Twitter account?
  13. It’s wild that of ALL people Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz are the ones to bring this to congress. I’m just happy it’s getting more coverage and wheels are in motion.
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