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  1. Gosh, I love that sarcastic and passive aggressive tone of your reply. I'll make it simple. I do get some of your points, although I do not agree. Some of the points you raised make sense. Yet, there are some that are complete rubbish to me. So I'll go with my better opinion. In other words, my opinion (to me) is better, makes more sense, I am more right or whatever. As for that Successful pop, why on Earth would I even think about some else's pop than mine. Why would I even included others in my project? Does it make sense? Her saying artpop is for her catalogue only (imo). So that's it. Gagamaniac and Gagacritique You really are hilarious.
  2. Do you own such collections of cassettes, CDs and vinyls from all MARINA's eras?
  3. Can't wait. Although I think that 10 songs is not enough for a proper album, I'm thrilled. Title is great which is something I cannot say about that cover. Anyway, Godness MARINA usually delivers, so I'm excited to hear new tunes.
  4. He's right. Her flow, rhymes, lyrics in general and artistry are at the level of average high school students who do drama. However, she somehow managed to produce few good songs.
  5. Not at all. You stated that being under man is not what woman should strive for. Im which part did she sang that it is the best option? She may love it, therefore she included it. Is it bad? Not at all. We live in a society that is supposed to be diverse. Does that exclusion (woman under man) make it diverse? Not at all. What is more, she did not force that on anyone. That's it. As for Applause, you may have stated something, yet you did not answered my question clearly. In which part of that "problematic" line did she exclude other artists and art-pieces from "eden of art" or whatever you want to call it? When I say "I'm an artist and I make art" does it exlude other artists? Not at all. Again, what is wrong with being wanting to be recognised? It is not selfish, therefore Applause should not be problematic at all. As for being upset, how can know whether I am or not. I'm just curious and I'm down for respectful convos all the time.
  6. Perez is d head. Gaga let something similar to happen to Osbournes. That's why I think she still has a lot to learn. Get your point, ty for respectful convo.
  7. Since when is it wrong to love your Xxxual positon?!? I get your point about DWYW, R Kelly feature was a hot mess. Applause is amazing, lyrically and musically. Why it should be a problem to wanting to be acknowledged? Also what's wrong with saying ARTPOP or "Pop culture was in art, now art's in pop culture, in me"? Im which part excatly did she exclude other art pieces from pop culture?!?
  8. It's still on Tidal. I could steam the very whole song. I suppose Tidal is for royalty only, so we won't get anything music related deleted. On the other hand, there might have been a problem, which is solved by now or he's just trolling.
  9. Good for her. I am curious how it will look like. P!nk always delivers, she amazing performer. Also, she's one of the very few performers for which I would even fly to Vegas just to see them.
  10. He has a point. However, I feel like what you've just wrote is true. He's handsome, therefore, it is understandable that the general public would prefer watching his body in action to him giving his best in acting. That being said, it does not necessary has to be like that. He's friend with Taika Waititi and Natalie Portman. Taika is director and Natalie owns MountainA. Given that, Chris could easily asked them for different roles (like they know people that know people who could cast him etc.) I believe that there are many open doors for him, he just needs to see them so he can change the whole situation.
  11. Just when I thought she could not be any more gross-y the way she makes people unlike her and her music, my God
  12. Since when is Khloé "that whole family?" "That whole family is pretty much famous bc they each paid so much money to literally change their bodies and faces so they have to expect scrutiny for their physical appearances. They don't promote a healthy lifestyle or even a natural one. Cry me a river."
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