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  1. Rude, as if you (or I) possibly know how she really feels. You can disagree but you can't know the future. If she gets her freedom she may have a huge passion to be creative, improve her public image, and make a ton of money by finishing her recording contact or signing to a new label (more money than ever before since she will be in control). There's still a huge public interest for her, the same haters felt the way you do after her Blackout Era, and Circus was a smash. You're still a fan to be commenting on here.
  2. Love this! I think domination would have been a great show, but it was set to happen too soon. People were taking her for granted again. She needed a longer break before returning with a new project. If she works again, the demand will be huge to see her live again. I think she needs to do more of a traditional Era with a new album, full media promotion and TV performances, and then follow that up with a new tour or residency followed by a mini tour.
  3. Seems like JT is so desperate to have people like him again. He knows the public is starting to turn on him a bit after a string of bad publicity. But it's just going to make him try harder to stay relevant. It's also kind of a minor jab at Britney, I believe, because people always compared Justin Bieber and Selena to JT and Britney. He's just using you, Bieber.
  4. Fun topic! I would come home from school every day and watch TRL while I did my homework. Total request live, the fan voted countdown of the current favorite music videos. Her videos were always on TRL, and since the fans would not stop voting for popular artist's videos they would "retire" them after 3 months to allow new videos in the rotation. This meant that Britney would have a new video released right on schedule to give her fans a new one to vote for. Total media domination. She did endless professional photoshoots, I used to save them on my computer. Literally any photograph with Britney, I had it on my hard drive. The difference back then was that we used to only see Britney in professional photoshoots looking perfect, this was before the paparazzi would take candids when she wasn't working. Plus she was literally working every day, so any candids of her on the news were of her made up on the way to an interview, photoshoot, or award show. I would cut out pictures of her and tape them on my notebook cover at school, everybody would plaster their notebook full of pictures and stickers, Britney was popular and among the guys especially because you wanted to have the hottest pics. She was on EVERY magazine cover so there were constant new pictures to cut out. The original rolling stone cover issue photoshoot was where it all started. Would also put pictures in my locker, background wallpaper of my computer, and posters on my wall. I just remember her music was played everywhere. Her interviews were on the radio, TV performances were something you talked about the next day, she just totally dominated pop culture. Also her schoolgirl outfit was a popular Halloween costume, and a few of the jocks at school dressed up as her for Halloween which was hilarious and the earliest form of drag that I saw! Also a common couple costume was Brit and JT.
  5. What if Janet ripped the back of his pants off, exposing his butt cheeks and anus? KIDDING but yes I'm so glad Britney wasn't in a relationship with Justin at the time, somehow it would have been bad for her in the end.
  6. JT is such a jerk. In 2003 he went on tour with Christina which was already bad enough. Britney performed with Christina and Madonna after that which was very gracious of her. Then the next year he feels the need to pull a stunt at the superbowl. Also JT did an SNL sketch where he played Jessica Simpson and made fun of her for being stupid, people forget about that. Was he nice to any woman, except for throwing Jessica Biel a bone by marrying her?
  7. If Janet was honest when she was interviewed by Oprah on this topic, she only intended for the outer costume to be dropped off, revealing her red bra but not her breast. What if that were true? The new information could be interpreted as Justin having the wardrobe stylist changing it to fully reveal her breast, without Janet knowing. If that is the case, Justin should be canceled completely. Disgusting. However, I feel like Janet agreed to bare her breast but will never admit to it. Although Justin did not handle the aftermath well, and was wrong for his role in this, at least he did not do it without Janet's permission. The best way to avoid this whole incident would have been for Janet to invite Britney to perform with her on the halftime show and leave Justin out completely. They could have had a song together and nobody's career would have suffered.
  8. Lou sounds like a real **** and that ***** probably tried to burn down the warehouse with the Breatheheavy.com server in it. But there's nothing she can do to stop this movement. Britney will be free, and Lou will lose everything and be in jail.
  9. What is the meaning of when you gon' pull it? To me it's like "when are you gonna kumm" because she refers to him as a locked and loaded gun. Can you explain it to me please?
  10. I am not an xtina fan but she did a great job on the song. She always oversings in my opinion but it made sense to include her. I just didn't like her look and attitude in the video, she looked like a clown to me. But I think she was a good choice for the song. To me pink was the most odd choice. I still kind of can't picture her singing this song ever again. But I love pink!
  11. Can you please send it to me too? I had it on a hard drive years ago that died. It was my favorite!
  12. Yes there are some people that might feel like you do, but even in the beginning Britney had some haters. It doesn't mean there aren't plenty of people that want her to succeed and will support her. All it takes is a good song. I think she has her own genre of music and I'm wanting more, and I know I'm not alone. Until she announces her retirement I would not rule her out. She doesn't need your support to be successful again.
  13. Yes this same article mentions that Pink and Christina did not get along on the video set. I think Pink has always preferred Britney.
  14. I love Rihanna, BUT at this point I hope the single flops. She lost all drive and passion for music so it will never be the same. I never see her doing another tour again either. She's going to stay rich but not from music.
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