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  1. I'm sure I agree with you 100% but can you tell me more examples about how KFed is terrible? I just want to hear them!
  2. If he's saying he's resigning because she's not working...And he's also saying that 2.5 years ago she said she was done working... He should return any money he was paid during the last 2.5 years.
  3. I don't believe Britney will retire completely. But she will for several years, and she has to threaten retirement to help get out of the conservatorship because not making any money is a way to get rid of this huge team that she's been paying for. Once everything settles, she might feel like doing another project on her own terms, with a new team that is not taking advantage of her. She can make a lot of money anytime she wants to. She's a permanent A-List artist. But her freedom is more important.
  4. Actually I think they have released new material at the exact time as court dates such as Mood Ring and Matches. In fact many fans didn't support purchasing them because of what was going on with the c ship.
  5. "**** as I wanna be"... Make no mistake, she can easily get professional glam and do a photoshoot and look just as good as ever. She chooses to keep it real and not get caught up in her image on her Instagram page. But she would clean up nicely when appropriate (such as when she attended a wedding with Sam recently). Day to day she literally is just at home in workout clothing and no makeup, just like everyone else. It's refreshing that she shares that with us. Regarding her nose job. I don't think she needed it, however it's beautiful. Before the nose job she would do contouring in photoshoots. After the nose job she doesn't need to contour it. When it gets contoured now it looks too small. I do think she has made some mistakes with fillers in her lips and around her mouth. However I believe those can fade away and not be as bad in the future if she stops. Still gorgeous but we all age. Her body is bangin for someone much younger than her.
  6. Is it just me or does it seem like her team will leak an unreleased song right around the time of a court date as a distraction? Hoping to hear some good news about her conservatorship AND possibly hear a new Britney song soon!
  7. Rude, as if you (or I) possibly know how she really feels. You can disagree but you can't know the future. If she gets her freedom she may have a huge passion to be creative, improve her public image, and make a ton of money by finishing her recording contact or signing to a new label (more money than ever before since she will be in control). There's still a huge public interest for her, the same haters felt the way you do after her Blackout Era, and Circus was a smash. You're still a fan to be commenting on here.
  8. Love this! I think domination would have been a great show, but it was set to happen too soon. People were taking her for granted again. She needed a longer break before returning with a new project. If she works again, the demand will be huge to see her live again. I think she needs to do more of a traditional Era with a new album, full media promotion and TV performances, and then follow that up with a new tour or residency followed by a mini tour.
  9. Seems like JT is so desperate to have people like him again. He knows the public is starting to turn on him a bit after a string of bad publicity. But it's just going to make him try harder to stay relevant. It's also kind of a minor jab at Britney, I believe, because people always compared Justin Bieber and Selena to JT and Britney. He's just using you, Bieber.
  10. Fun topic! I would come home from school every day and watch TRL while I did my homework. Total request live, the fan voted countdown of the current favorite music videos. Her videos were always on TRL, and since the fans would not stop voting for popular artist's videos they would "retire" them after 3 months to allow new videos in the rotation. This meant that Britney would have a new video released right on schedule to give her fans a new one to vote for. Total media domination. She did endless professional photoshoots, I used to save them on my computer. Literally any photograph with Britney, I had it on my hard drive. The difference back then was that we used to only see Britney in professional photoshoots looking perfect, this was before the paparazzi would take candids when she wasn't working. Plus she was literally working every day, so any candids of her on the news were of her made up on the way to an interview, photoshoot, or award show. I would cut out pictures of her and tape them on my notebook cover at school, everybody would plaster their notebook full of pictures and stickers, Britney was popular and among the guys especially because you wanted to have the hottest pics. She was on EVERY magazine cover so there were constant new pictures to cut out. The original rolling stone cover issue photoshoot was where it all started. Would also put pictures in my locker, background wallpaper of my computer, and posters on my wall. I just remember her music was played everywhere. Her interviews were on the radio, TV performances were something you talked about the next day, she just totally dominated pop culture. Also her schoolgirl outfit was a popular Halloween costume, and a few of the jocks at school dressed up as her for Halloween which was hilarious and the earliest form of drag that I saw! Also a common couple costume was Brit and JT.
  11. What if Janet ripped the back of his pants off, exposing his butt cheeks and anus? KIDDING but yes I'm so glad Britney wasn't in a relationship with Justin at the time, somehow it would have been bad for her in the end.
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