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I can’t believe some of you are falling for their plan and are starting to feel for Judas Lynn

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6 minutes ago, BritneyLVR said:

For those of you saying “Britney started this by shading her on Instagram first” needs to seriously get a grip. She had literally zero control of her career and her sister was clearly mooching off the relevance of Britney and her music. She performed her music at low budget gigs because her songs weren’t relevant nor good and she needed something to get attention from the crowd. She also has repeatedly brought this up on her own when she can put an end to it and stop talking about it but chooses to do press about the matter. Stop acting like Judas didn’t know what she was doing or what was happening behind the scenes allegedly. If WE knew what was going on, how did she not? She never even showed any support to the Free Britney movement when Britney’s lawyer addressed it and said Britney appreciated it and then she said her testimony. Stop. Excusing. This. Disgusting. Behaviour 

Use your brains please. She’s only showing she cares now because Britney’s told the world the reality of what took place over the last 13 years. 

She also has shown more love and support to LT than she has towards her own sister. 
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Say it louder girl 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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Ya'll act like we were never jealous at 12 years old... like ya'll never unfriended somebody before being able to do it on the internet for no reason whatsoever and moved on. Jamie Lynn is doing just that - trying to find sympathy from the public for her own benefit, not for the benefit of her relationship with Britney. Start to feel for her? Why? Cause she cried? Cause her story matters? It does! It does indeed, but where was her voice when 16 and Pregnant was at its high? It was because she was Britney's Pregnant 16 year old sister that garner all that attention and created a pop culture phenomenon. It WILL always revert back to Britney because she is a Spears. She could've easily gone without using Spears but she and her parents weren't dumb. Britney brought value to her name. She was silenced for far longer than Jamie Lynn while she had the freedom to speak BEFORE NOW. Don't let this foolery fool you from reason and intent. She's a fraud, face it. They all are. 

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I’m sick and tired reading those empty ‘family’ talk from people who empathize with JL. JL herself made a decision to stop being Britney’s family and sister many years ago and had a lifetime to turn it around but didn’t. And they are just gonna go online and talk about how Britney fail to be a big sis & take the high road and that ‘family is all u got’. That bridge burned 14 years ago and it’s not Britney who set it on fire. :teigen_chrissy_eek_awkward_um_cringe:

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On 1/18/2022 at 9:20 AM, ICouldntThinkOfOne said:

There comes a point where playing both sides is a weak argument, this is that point.

What Britney went through and what JL went through isn't comparable. JL has chosen to side with people that are abusive. She could have very easily chosen to side with Britney, united in what they faced, but no, she chose to release a book that targeted her sister, and that's before we even start picking at the flaws of what she has deemed as her trauma and the people she surrounded herself with.

Regardless of familial trauma, if you cannot recognise that sometimes the story isn't yours to tell, then unfortunately, you're going to deal with consequences or a reaction. 

She had no issue pretending to be oblivious before Britney started speaking out, and only chose to act this way when the money train started drying up.

It's not a matter of "they're not hearing each other out"; Britney made her statements in June and repeated it this week and JLs only response was "stop making this public, its embarrassing" while on a press tour.

"Both sides"-ing this is unfair on Britney.

Yes, even in her book, Jamie Lynn fails to recognize that her father abused her sister. Not once she is empathetic to the fact that her father controlled her every move, surveilled her in her intimacy, drugged her, punished her by putting her away. Not once she acknowledged her father’s wrongdoings to Britney.  From her book she makes her own mother look like the bad unstable one. Daddy’s alcohol issues are the only issues brought up and barely glosses over anything else he did to Britney. Or her kids. Its like she’s pissed that Britney dared to paint daddy in a bad light, even if its true. Like JL is so disconnected that this is what hurts Britney the most. That she is loyal to daddy and to Lou and that she was happy Britney got out away. Did not even bother return Britney’s calls when she was sent away. Cruel *** *****. 

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I feel like many are forgetting Britney is a victim! Unfortunately we do not get to control somebody's reaction after all this. We cannot ask her to be the bigger person all her life. Even more now that her sister is releasing a book and talking about her? Her sister is 30, it doesn't matter if she was jealous at 12. It matters what she is doing now as a responsible adult.

If she cared about her sister would have asked her for approval on the parts she talks about Britney in the book, and would have removed everything Britney didn't want to be discussed. I am amazed that she cannot see her own privilege, you can tell that she never had to worry about making a life for herself.  I do not blame Britney for being mad and write angry posts, it is the least she can do.

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I think she sounded good and has fair points. I don’t think her intentions are impure. I don’t think she should’ve released the book right away and I don’t agree with everything she has done but I don’t agree with everything anyone has done, she’s a human being as well and when Britney does make up with her, you all who have torn her apart will feel terrible.

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On 1/18/2022 at 5:32 AM, BritneyLVR said:

I see those positive comments about Judas Lynn. I see some of you slowly starting to feel for her and validate everything that she’s doing right now. 

She has disrespected Britney and now she’s disrespecting her fans and the general public because she actually thinks this is looking good for her and as if we don’t already know what happened. This is literally a press tour and a way to slowly turn the chapter about team con. 

Don’t fall for any of it because we all know what this family did to Britney and that includes you miss Judas Lynn. 

I can’t with some of ya’ll switching up so fast :cackling_cackle_lol_what_unbelievable_disbelief_glasses_meme:

I can’t wait for Britney’s tell all and the moment she exposes them all :mcwave_mariah_Carey_kiss_bye_goodbye_wave:

There are a lot of idiots in this fan base babe, but the real ones know and have always known she's trash.

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