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  1. thank you for sharing! I am looking forward to watch it, hopefully i will find a link somewhere :)
  2. Either this was planned to sell records (like back in the day Backstreet Boys vs NSYNC) or The Sun having big imagination. But if true, i could understand, Rita Ora had her big break around 2012, Dua is having her big moment now, it is difficult to stay at the top.
  3. Thank you for sharing!She did great! Her energy was on point! Honestly she could sing it live, totally! But i think as time passes isn't she more insecure and doesn't dare? Really, i was watching her instagram stories not long ago and she had a comment on it "do not mind my double-chin" i was like
  4. Herediraty terrified me, i had to stop it! Besides that, Midnight sun (Bella Thorne movie) i fell asleep, very bad movie. I went to the cinema with 2 friends and we were alone in the room haha. I also really dislike Into the Wild, it is a movie that everybody looooves but i didnt like it. I disliked the main character, so annoying.
  5. I like it! I was tired of so many collabs... I hope the video is fire!
  6. I am sorry, i am not familiar with the term "durag" but all my life i thought this is a pirate bandana.
  7. Thanks for sharing! I am honestly so disappointed in all of them, both sides. I just wish that when Britney is free i get to forget who this people are and their embarrassing behaviour!
  8. Please assist me what was Gram Grils version? I just recall they said LFB were pro ingham, they had ties with him and didnt want the conservatorship to end and that LFB leaked their personal phone numbers. What else happened? After that i just recall the campaign to remove them from the movement. For me it was obvious it was because ot the piece of me contract. or they cannot accept that people have different opinions? freedom of speech? I don't understand really, i just keep seeing people using Britney's situation to improve their own, both on fan side and team con.
  9. Lawyers for Britney are a group of people who share court documents. They got in a fight with the Gram Girls because they leaked the Piece of Me contract on instagram and the Gram Girls were saving this document for their own project. That is when the fight began and many accounts self-appointed "leaders of the movement" created a campaign to "remove" LFB from the movement. They said they are pro conservatorship and are infiltrated. They also revealed their identities. LFB fought back and said the Gram Girls fabricated the voice message of the lawyer...and leaked some messages that contained the number of the Gram Girls...since then the war is non stop. So embarrassing adults fight like that. Personally, i do not care if they are pro Ingham or hire actors, i just care about the court documents. It is embarrassing to see some of the things i read on twitter that some fans write.
  10. I tried to follow the info on Twtitter but it is to messy i cannot, can anybody summarize? I really hope this is the last drama of the fanbase this year, i cannot anymore with this "war".
  11. Hola, i hope you are doing better. When i was preparing for Selectividad i also felt a lot of pressure regarding my future. You are in 1ro Bachillerato then? You still have time to change the situation and improve your grades, it is not a lost cause! What i would do in your case would be to book a teacher or a tutor to help you with the subjects that you have the most challenges. Besides that, look on youtube, there are many online tutors who upload classes and Selectividad content for free. Sometimes, the online content on youtube is better explained that our highschool class. Besides that, are you sleeping well? This is very important, if we don't sleep well, we are not efficient. Set a routine. Since you are unmotivated, maybe you have a couple of friends who are very diligent? If so i would suggest to do a studygroup even if online, Pomodoro method worked for me. Also, if i were you, i would let my family know that i am not feeling well, maybe a session with a therapist would help. Feel free to reach out to me for any advice
  12. Hi, i am late to this post, but i would like to get an update from you. Is the situation better? For what you describe, your mum is abusing you and even if she is your mum, that is not ok. The family we live in, that is the first lotery in our life, it is not your fault. Since she is almost 70 years old and you cannot provide for her, i would talk to social security services, so she gets moved to a facility. She needs special care. They may take her and take her monthly pension. You need to distance from her. Are you living in the UK?
  13. I am not familiar with the twitter drama, thank you for clarifying. As it looks to me, they struggle a lot since their idendities were exposed. I don't know, i think we should leave them alone and avoid dramas, it is not good for our goal.
  14. Not everybody wants to show their face, you need to respect that. Ok it is not nice to lie, but it is clear to me that the same lawyers take care of the account from the beginning and they do not want to expose their face. They have their own reasons. They are not a public person, we cannot demand anything. Just leave them alone, as far as i know, when a fan was sued by Lou Taylor they helped him a lot, for me that says enough. I don't need to know who they are, i just care about the court documents.
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