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  1. I read he is sending a message. Apparently since Eurovision ended he i being harrassed by the press and paparazzi and this t-shirt was a warning to them. I know he is a fan and has been seen wearing other Britney t-shirts in the past.
  2. Poor Britney! And good for the NYT team, releasing the article before the hearing and before Team Con sends something else to TMZ! Britney deserves her retirement era!!!
  3. oh that could be really powerful! Let's see, hopefully something with more depth for blackpink...something totally oposite to ice cream...
  4. That was entertaining, but the song is just "meh", still not my cup of tea.
  5. i like the song! and the video! but not really a fan of the album cover... I guess she wanted to be the oposite to current teenage artists that are really sentimental and sad? just an assumption
  6. What's your favorite season and episode? Season 5 and 5x05 Who's your favorite character? Spike and Willow (and dark Willow). What lessons did the show taught you? That woman do not need men to rsecue them, we can save ourselves. What's your opinion on the recent drama surrounding the series ? I am sad that such iconic show had a dark story behind the scenes, i feel bad for the cast. Also the show had some great music choices and some artists like Michelle Branch sang at the end of some episodes, that was so cool.
  7. The performance is ok but i don't like the song, they have better songs than this one :/
  8. I agree with you. Even if Crowd surf wrote the posts, they would need somebody on client side to approve the posts they cannot make any decisions by themselves without approval. If Cassie is the CEO and founder, i doubt she has the time to write posts for celebrities. I also believe that if they were managing all the content, it would be more "polished" like Beyonce's instagram. Still, i dont think Britney controls her social media channels but we cannot know 100%.
  9. Thank you for sharing, but we know this already this was posted in this forum in the past. I guess it is either the same user posting or somebody is re-purposing content. I hope it spreads! There were some users digging all this information and posting it here 2010/2011. I recall it was also much discussed here when it was on the news that B's foundation was "closed".
  10. Britney's voice was lower back then, but yes it is a really good impersonator. I also believed it back then.
  11. I remember when Britney gave birth to Jayden, for a few months she was hidding the baby from the cameras/paparazzi and there were some rumours that there was no baby... I recall some paparazzi filmed Britney while she was on a dance studio and Lynne was seen carrying a maxi-cosi and then people were like "oh wait, there is really a baby"... crazy times!
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