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  1. I believed it up until that last sentence. Britney would not want to star in a film about her own life.
  2. Lana Del Rey I'm sick of Britney being given a generic lackluster /underwhelming pop song to have a feature with another artist on it. Give me Lana's signature cinematic/trap hop style song with Britney crooning on. Something left field and new for Britney, branch out into new and exciting musical aspects! Leave the dancey pop music for her next studio album where she can explore a new sound to perfect on.
  3. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but, wouldn't they be risking a lawsuit if they spoke out about Britney to help her? Like wouldn't her team see that as slander or something and try to sue one of them? Just curious.
  4. I mean she will always have the ability to sing. That's her. She just needs to train it and work on technique like many professional singers do. But she doesn't seem too concerned to or something. But that's her business, maybe she does work on it. But I've always knew she could sing. And still sing after all these years. She just isn't confident most the time
  5. I want Britney to retire, but I'd also love her to make music still. I bet she'd enjoy going into the recording studio to release albums, but that being it. She knows her fans would support it. She knows she doesn't need to do the whole Era stuff.
  6. It must have got deleted. But I am DYING at your Mars Attacks video! Such an underrated movie.
  7. I don't ever listen to Private Show, but I respect her releasing it, because it was a unique left turn. Even if it got lackluster feedback. I appreciate that she tried something off the wall there. Ooh La La, I don't count as an official Britney song, if that makes sense. It was produced and meant for a kids movie. And that's all. It wasn't supposed to be anything groundbreaking and all in all, if it worked in the movie (which it did for end credits) that's all that matters. It doesn't deserve to be critiqued. Catchy, pointless, bop, movie song. Nothing more, nothing less. Pretty Girls had nice choreography. And that's all I can say positive about that song. What a cheaply produced song that tried to ride the coattails of Fancy and failed miserably so. I could get past the cheesy lyrics if the beat or production was good. But wow was that song crap. Praise Britney for showing any kind of enthusiasm for it. Iggy reserved a better song to be with Britney on. Shame on the guy who thought that was something to release from the studio. Big Fat Bass wasn't really great either, but for Femme Fatale it was okay. Why Britney called that song a "monster" I will never know. But I now hate the song because Will.I.Am didn't take the hint and proceeded to dish out the remaining songs he did with Britney to be the same generic style that BFB was. (Seriously, I lined up BFB and S&S in an audio program and they have the same pace/beat/rhythm.) Does he have any ingenuity??? Like stale old white bread. Perfume featured some nice vocals from Britney and that is all that matters when it concerns the Britney Jean album. However it was not single material. The song felt like a bonus track. Britney deserves better ballads because she doesn't often do them and we usually get 1-2 per album and they need to be good and standout.
  8. I don't understand why Will.I.Am decided to produce that song and NOT even use Britney's vocals for most of it? Like really? What in his head thought that was a good idea?
  9. What's wrong with vacationing at the moment. They're pushing for wearing masks and standing 6 feet apart. They're probably doing that. And you know Britney is gonna keep to herself with Sam at the room and beach...
  10. 10 bucks that you'll be jamming to it and posting about the song when it's released.
  11. He's so ****** sheepish. He will say whatever he can to stay relevant and in the spotlight. Goes to show he has no depth to him, no unique quality to stand out. Why the **** is he even famous? I'll never forget the things he's said about Britney.
  12. Most artists prefer when someone covers their songs IN THEIR OWN STYLE actually. When Taron Egerton covered Eltons songs for Rocketman, he told Elton, "don't try to imitate me exactly, find your own style and groove". Britney's songs are sang and composed in many different takes put together to create the songs we know and love. Most are her actual voice. She has talent. But her voice is thin and small at times, and so background vocals help carry her choruses and such. Songs from Femme Fatale would be really hard for Britney to sing live because they manufactured her vocals to polished perfection in the studio. But songs like, Gimme More, Break the Ice, Circus, Do You Wanna Come Over she could do live quite nicely. She just has to train better for live singing, stop smoking and take more lessons to better strengthen her vocals and techniques. She's good regardless, but since it's not her signature thing, rather perform and dance instead she would have her work cut out for her. I love singing to her songs, I can do it so well. (I sound terrible, can't sing, but I know how to still match her verses and choruses!) Hehehe
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