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  1. What family support? The lies and the exploitation of her life and mental health? This is disgusting.
  2. She literally says the bath curves, which you can see is true as it does thee exact same thing on the other side. It’s not edited. Chill. It’s the design of the tub.
  3. The amount of skin they are trying to save and glue back on as they melt.
  4. Dear Britney Your soul has resonated in all of us who’ve supported you. You are one of a kind. The bravery you’ve given us and shown us throughout your career, continues to lift us up. We stand here with you for your freedom. For your SPEARIT. FOR YOUR HAPPINESS. FOR YOUR FREEDOM. Because Britney, you are the light in our day. The joy which pulls us up from our troubles and we will never forget the impact you had on our lives. We can’t wait to see what you have in store - ON YOUR TIME AND MONEY. With your beauty and grace. Your human is appreciated more than you’ll ever know and more than we could ever comprehend. Britney, WE LOVE YOU. May the universe continue to lift you up my love. With much love and admiration for you, Josue aka Sway
  5. I honestly agree because it wasn’t that bad to be honest. Some new information came to light as well as rumors that swarmed around for YEARS were confirmed.
  6. He’s living his best life. He’s not only pushing boundaries in the industry, he’s crossing his own boundaries. The fact that people want to try to divert from that with their own inner homophobia, is disgusting. He’s an artist and takes this seriously, even if it is for fun. He knows what’s at stake and he’s taking everything that has been taboo or put against him and giving it back in his own way. People will have their opinions, but this is a huge deal for little African American boys and girls across the planet, to have someone of his stature represent what their future could be. Let him be.
  7. I flipping agree. This video. I needed this. She came for my wigs. Snatched them all. Excited for the remainder of the era because from the looks of it, she coming to SLAY.
  8. Based on this, I feel as if Britney caught whiff of something and that’s another reason why she wanted Larry out of her life. The music she was writing pointed to this as she wanted to break away. Conspiracy theories of the Illuminati point to how Britney was the light that was shut out. So I mean…let’s dig into him for sure cause there’s gotta be more. Hide r***? Yeah, sketchy.
  9. This photo is a baby photo at best. He’s reaching. His parents got 200 bucks and he’s done recreations and interviews on this - which I’d assume brings in money. So now, he’s salty. Considering artist today will break a neck for free to gain recognition - umbrella director - he’s exploited this cover for what it was and now wants to change the narrative for money. IMO, they’ll settle just to shut him up. He does deserve royalties of sorts but my goodness, the reach.
  10. No one finds out. They know. Britney is my Queen. She’s my light. Mariah’s the Enchantress. And so on.
  11. I’d like an R&B/ROCK/SOUL album, with Britney’s eye, I feel as if it’d bring the best work out of her thus far.
  12. This could be true. But, as we’ve seen, Matt is cutting the strings to this circus, so we’ll find out.
  13. Honestly. I felt like this was “kiss my Louisiana ***” Britney. She’s pissed. Angry. How would you react? Everyone else appears to be more sympathetic - celebrities speaking up more and standing with her. There’s more solidarity here. But again, we would need that interview where we get to know who she is now and how she will continue to grow because she sure ain’t the same Britney from 14 years ago. Those of us who grew up with her should accept that and anyone following now, should understand. If it isn’t her, than she alone can claim so officially. I’m sure Jimmy Fallon would love to do a run of posts that may or may not have been her. Give it time and we’ll have the answers. But for now, let Britney be angry. She’s been silenced. No one has a right to think she should speak differently. Being opinionated is separate from judgment, and it’s bad taste to claim she shouldn’t cuss or what have you just to appeal to ones own likeness.
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