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  1. I hope that when she is free and doing interviews, there is still some sort of control of the way they ask her questions. All her life, reporters, interviewers and hosts have asked her the mist disrespectful s**ist questions. I hope they are more respectful and don’t body shame her or s** shame her or are ageist or ableist.
  2. I like when Britney goes off like this, but its also starting to make me feel really sad for her. She is so hurt. She has no one but Sam and her lawyer. I never realized that now that I think about it, Britney has not gone out in a little long time. Going out as a normal person, without supervision. She looked legit scared when scared when those paparazzis were at her gate. She knows that 2007 hounding is happening again soon. I hope she will be fine. I hope her and Sam will last, but the direction she might want to take is different from what he wants. He is starting his career and she might be ending hers.
  3. Also, if its true that Lou Taylor moved Britney’s money to Jamie Lynn’s hands, I feel like Lou is smart in that she’s manipulating Jamie Lynn, showering her with “love and support” while at the same time going for the biggest fish that was Britney. I think that once depositions start and it all gets messy, Lou will ignore Jamie Lynn completely. She will realize she chose wrong. And it will be too late, cause Britney won’t forgive.
  4. I wonder if Britney is aware of the power she yields. Without too many words, her fans have already attacked Jamie Lynn to a point that she does not have comments on. If Britney was messy, she would weaponize her fans even more. Maybe that’s why she’s so sneaky in her shading.
  5. The way her family and extended family refer to her as spoiled, as a wayward woman, makes me think they do not approve of a woman making all that money and not being subjected to a man. Since she doesn’t have a husband, then her daddy must take over. **** the Spears family for these backwards *** views. How the duck does Jamie Lynn simultaneously preach “girl pwr” “girl boss” but also is okay being a submitted woman. Does she not know the same thing that happened to Britney can happen to her? I mean, wasn’t Lou Taylor ready to ship her to a hole for trouble teen moms like these are still the 1910’s ? How does she not see that lady for the snake she is? (Went on a bit of a tangent here, but, I needed to vent)
  6. The narrative of all her family is that Britney is spoiler and unruly and that’s why she needs these rules. Who the eff cares that she’s spoiled? She earned that money. They don’t own her. But her misogynistic family thinks otherwise.
  7. Britney should surprise drop an album or book that day. Its what she deserves
  8. JL worships Lou Taylor, but she’s gonna be in for a rude awakening once Britney is free and litigation starts. I predict Lou Taylor will start demonizing Jamie and Britney’s family and will stop picking Jamie Lynn’s calls and then JL will slowly realize everyone was right about Lou and then it will be too late. She won’t have Lou’s favor not Britney’s. And then of course she will play the victim.
  9. We just need to accept that this project Rose is literally Britney capturing Britney. For years other professionals have captured her in images. These are her own way of how she sees herself. She really likes these pics. Don’t be dense and ask every single time she posts “what is project rose” ? “Not this again!” just accept her and move on.
  10. I love how she keeps telling us old things. Like she loves SATC. I wonder if she has seen newer tv shows. You know, like Squid Game, any CW show, or even the SATC movies.
  11. Don’t let Nicki distract you from the fact that she harasses SA victims. She loves to distract.
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