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  1. I would agree with him in other circumstances. But being very honest he is also building a career out of her so....i mean...he is also getting benefits from it.... Britney was at the premier with him when she was not feeling well and left suddenly. Netflix will make profit from the subscribers, it is difficult to mesure how much profit they will make just for this project.
  2. I think it is difficult to understand in the US because they have very important racism issues. But cultures are always mixing and for thousands of years it has been like that. Think are passed on to other cultures, this has been like that since before the Roman empire. We took many things from the Egyptians, Greeks, Arabs. Like fellow users mentioned, the word "race" is barely used in Europe except some countries that i won't mention. Besides that, it is very much assumed that we are all mixed. I think the problem in Europe is more the classism. You should expect that if other cultures like what your culture offers, more things will be passed over. That is how it works.
  3. I will judge the documentary when i watch it, but it is bad to trash something that could be beneficial to Britney's case. Im sure they have not seen the final edit. Let's wait and see.
  4. YAY!!!! but mhh the title tells me that they will focuse on the spears famiy, not Team Con...but i hope i am wrong and they expose everybody!!
  5. Thank you for sharing! I have seen a lot of negative comments on Twitter regarding this. I will have an opinion when i watch it.
  6. That was so funny...she is young and has to learn that not everybody will do as she says and not everbody is her fan. Also, she is good but her songs made me want to sleep.
  7. I don't understant what is she saying in the video. I mean we people who are not from the US, most people are not aware of how big of a deal this is, they just sing along to songs and that is it.
  8. I don't know, to be honest...but maybe it was the first time Britney requested that directly to her? Since she was put as judge for the case, maybe B didn't ask for her own lawyer in 2019? I am just speculating.
  9. I wish they stop doig remakes for everything and start doing originals
  10. I support their relationship and i want them to be endgame for Britney's happiness. She chose him. At the same time, we can still be rational and listen to different opinions. It is clear that Sam enjoys the attention and he is building his career. It doesn't mean he is a bad guy. Only time will tell.
  11. For a moment i thought it was AJ from the BSB, i was shocked regarding "not sure how he entered the country" comment.
  12. While this theory could be true it is possible that their account got reported? It has happened in the past. Being very honest, i find that nobody in each side is a saint. All those accounts have done shady things. LFB being very sus nd pro Ingham and all the drama already mentioned in the previous posts...BUT TSW is also sus, taking other people's research as her own work, taking SL words/point of view as "proof" and "facts" and not accepting other people point of view, asking fans to donate money... I cannot wait for all those people to be forgotten!!
  13. As far as i recall she was indeed trying to set on fire somebody's driveway, not the dog. The dog was there with her and ended up in the middle of the chaos. I don't think it is the same. Still it was dangerous and she needed help, but doesn't justify a conservatorship until 2023.
  14. Her case is very scary. Also, for the ones that are just finding out now, SL is also involved in her case. He was involved when Amanda was commited to the hospital. I also believe she was set up. When she got out of the hospital she spoke badly about him and her parents.
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