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  1. I’m mixed. I thought it was mostly funny but I feel like he’s incessant with the trans jokes and it’s not him so much as it is, how it enables his fan base (who are often homophobes/transphobes) to joke and treat lgbtq+ people on the daily basis. I think he supports the lgbtq+ community and the problem isn’t him as much it’s how his followers are not on the same page. Just a reminder, outside of NYC / LA / San Fran, the country is still very homophobic. These people still are openly discriminated against. If you look at the stats of youth, you’d see how marginalized they are. Dare I say, Moreso than the black community other than in those few places. I also noticed many of the black community is fiercely defending him without question. Since they know ***ual orientation / gender identity isn’t a choice, I would’ve hoped they’d at least understand the perspective of lgbtq people. would the black community be forgiving if a white or gay comic made fun of Black Lives Matter as black people are marginalized? I know I would think it would be off putting. I think we need to create a more understanding society. It’s all or nothing. We are fully inclusive, respect each other’s right to safety, life and existence and we can all joke about each other. OR we essentially segregate ourselves from each other and live in this cancel culture. A society built on “tribes”
  2. No it would have to be a small residency and it wouldn’t be lucrative enough for her to do.
  3. I like when the outfit/look is memorable enough to become a Halloween costume. Imo, that’s when you know it’s iconic. (Britney with oops, slave / Miley with wrecking ball / Gaga poker face etc) I think that’s what ultimately makes an artist iconic
  4. Representation is often combatted by right wing conservatives who want to censor us out of existence. So I am just so happy to see any positive representation these days. we are all human and I hope the next generation grows up knowing that.
  5. Britney and Xtina should do what they want. I think if Britney’s was done as good as Xtinas (obviously professional, makeup etc) it wouldn’t have been taken as bad Idk. I think Britney looked great and should do as she pleases.
  6. No one cares about the *****cat dolls or Nicole so she should be more grateful they even would be doing a reunion. If they put out a single tomorrow it would flop and wash away faster than m*lf Money. I’m tired of hearing about how she thinks she’s so valuable but failed to take off.
  7. Agree w everyone Madonna, MJ, Britney. there’s no prince at the moment. I don’t think any have stuck like the ones above. While Beyoncé is an insanely talented performer (one of the best), she doesn’t have the accolades beyond being extremely famous to get that title. Rihanna, Britney, Madonna, Taylor Swift, have all outsold her. Xtina (?) maybe too?
  8. Good. So tired of hatred toward lgbtq people being socially accepted while any other form of hate/discrimination is vilified. This whole situation gave me hope for humanity and for the 40% of lgbtq kids who contemplate suicide yearly.
  9. I think crazy would have performed really well too as the lead single. If not from BOMT then definitely oops
  10. I think she sings but the mic is off. She probably knows the mic is off but still considers it singing
  11. I think we need to reel it in and try to just support Britney without hurting JL. Just my opinion. We don’t know the full story and I doubt Britney wants people hurting her sister regardless of the situation.
  12. I think they have different effects on culture and I think they both had huge peaks. ultimately I believe Britney’s was bigger and lasted longer, primarily because I think she was just more famous regardless of success. i think Gaga was more about the music and her career and influence on culture was more respected. She really helped with lgbtq things, her music was more award winning, she’s had a more diverse career etc. britney was less taken seriously at her prime, but she was everywhere, in one way or another for a decade. There was no escaping her. i think they will both be remembered but I think Britney’s life, music and name will be more noted than Gaga’s at the end of the day. Britney is like Marilyn Monroe. Gaga is like Bette Davis imo. One was more respected in their field, one was more famous.
  13. If she wants to but honestly the albums since Femme Fatale seemed so unorganized. I’d either want her to put out something she loves or do something as organized. I just want it to feel authentic!!
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