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  1. every time i see comments like this, i literally imagine these facial expressions if she were to see it ->>>> but yes, we are weird
  2. Yeah let's no forget about Prince Andrew either who should be in jail... Britney shaved her OWN hair and wanted to see her kids..thats all she's guilty of.... Also not every star who has a bad period in their life has an opportunistic selfish, evil father who swoons in to further abuse his own child for his own benefit. God I cannot wait until she's free so we don't have to speak about or mention any of these trash bags again... They need to be gone out her life ASAP so she can heal and finally have her happiness.
  3. Nnnnnnnnn I don't know much about this chick, never checked for her but what in the fxck is this
  4. OMG WTF... I Just noticed this.... Sam's also as smooth as a baby so its not him... Small things like this creep me out...
  5. not only have they ROBBED over a decade of her life, and stole her hard earned fortune - they have mistreated and abused her and became arrogant in their ways. TIME IS UP
  6. the only people moving will be those going to jail I'm from the UK and Brit would not enjoy the weather... she should get a second home though here like Riri and spend some time here, she will be able to afford it once all her fortune is returned to her, plus damages
  7. that caption is chaotic af she jumps from one thought to another without warning hahaha but speak ur truth queen... its been a long time coming. and the ballpark thing.... she's saying that shes not done talking and when she does she going to hit the ball so far out the park the stadium won't even be in America
  8. I believe this... Britney just said in court how her dad takes away her coffee as punishment. its these low level abuses and controls that keep them in control of her... disgusting. Britney is now AWAKE to what they have done to her... and their end is near. As Britney said, enough is enough.
  9. Madonna has always tried to be there for Britney and i dont think she ever got a lot back from Britney. We now know however her situation has made it difficult for her to have friends though and now that this is out in the open, a lot of celebrities who were on the fence about the situation have now shown their support. We cannot blame people for not commenting on something which for a long time was considered a conspiracy theory and Britney rubbished it herself. What matters is they are showing support NOW that we know Britney's position and there's even reports of them starting a #FreeBritney fund and campaign - this would be huge. One person who deserves a ****** medal is Miley, she has shown unwavering support from the very start, despite what Britney was telling us...
  10. its her. Some of the comments even claim the girl in the videos are "not britney"...... her instagram is her only form of expression at the moment... and she even posted after the court hearing - i think she has managed to stay fairly sane throughout this whole thing cause god knows i would not be. She clearly is anxious a lot of the time and you could hear it from the court hearing but the way she managed to conduct herself and put her points across she should be commended for that. Her instagram is the same... a little cookie but Queen Britney ALWAYS comes through and this time she is coming for her FREEDOM With all the control, meds and abuse they have thrown at her for the past 13 YEARS we cant not expect her mindset to be a little off and her Instagram is a reflection of this. I cried after the court hearing because i thought Britney was gone for a lot of years and when i heard her SPEAK i knew she was still there I fully expect her Instagram to go once she gets things sorted and has time to step back and reflect on everything, i expect a full social media blackout until she gets time to heal, and then next thing we hear she will be pregnant with the baby she wants and deserves to have.
  11. suddenly I get this family dynamic... there is not a genuine care between any one... everyone's out for themselves... I believe the only loving and compassionate party to be Britney herself, which is how the managed to get and keep her in this situation there's a reason Britney was drawn to Fea, another angel who was absolutely meant to be in her life....
  12. If Britney releases an album and tours she will be right back up on Forbes highest paid females just like the last time she properly toured for FF in 2011. But this is irrelevant anyway, she has the small task of regaining back control of her life first... who cares about anything else at this point. But let's not underestimate the power she still holds in terms of success and sales 20 years into her career.....
  13. so I see now they will use Sam as the scapegoat for all of this.... absolute desperate low life scumbags. they can form as many LLCs and private companies all they like... what they're doing is beyond sick, and if I've learned one thing as I've gotten older karma is real, and she is indeed a bxtch. on the other hand steps must be taken protect her wealth if and when she gets free, and Sam should already have these papers signed if he really loves her. That should not be something they have to even discuss at this point. Moving control from one person to another is not what is needed here, Britney needs to regain control herself and an INDEPENDANT party to manage her finances, with the relevant protections put in place. Team Spears out, Britney back in and independant parties brought in to manage her fortune. That way all conflicts of interest are removed and Britney gets her life back.
  14. for all we know he is awaiting instruction from Britney herself? I dont think this man, who must be very intelligent would purposely delay this given its one of the biggest stories in the world right now, and the world is watching. There will be things to sort out - they cannot just remove it without having plans to mitigate any risk to Britney. I would give it another week, and if we hear nothing then i will start to worry.
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