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  1. https://vimeo.com/user150434522 All three rehearsal videos are there in high quality.
  2. You don't need to know a markup language to post things on a website. Most webistes use a CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.), which is not much different than posting on a forum or making a simple Word document.
  3. Exclusive lyrics from one of the forthcoming singles: "(Spoken) But wait a minute, didn't I already run over this cat? Oh that's right, I sent that one to the "farm" last week. But then I went and got another one. Aww, I shouldn't have... Oops I... Did it again, killed my cat Got lost In my driveway, baby Oops, puss! I think I'll post to Instagram I'm not that innocent"
  4. I think you lost yourself, if you think erasing words makes any sense whatsoever.
  5. Because it is current year, nobody can be overweight anymore? Make it make sense, please!
  6. Overweight?!! Yeah, so the Femme Fatale era was jokingly called the "Fatte Female" era. Even though it was mean, it was never about her weight but the unflattering outfits she wore during the FF album promo. During the X-Factor shows she looked great (apart from a few iffy hair and a make-up moments). Britney is very short, so an unflattering outfit (not mention bloating) would make her look "overweight". I don't buy the whole "healthy at any size" BS (i.e. glorifying obesity)... With that said, Britney has never, ever been overweight!
  7. From the article I linked to: "'I don’t really know why they put my name in there. It’s a really good song and I’m looking forward to what’s going to happen with it. But I can’t really take credit for it.' Ingrosso manages Jettman and says he often gets involved with making music with his client." He's either put out conflicting information or has been misquoted. My impression is that he was involved in a hands-off kind of way. As in providing feedback and giving suggestions. This is usually enough for being credited. This isn't really relevant to the fact that will.i.steal is a fraud. Look up the "Rebound" sampling debacle. Calling it sampling is actually putting it mildly. He practically took an existing and already released EDM song by an other artist and overlayed Chris Brown's vocals ontop, and added some hilariously bad beat drops of his own to the shamelessly stolen track. The label of the original song Anjunabeats came out and stated that no permission or licensing was ever sought for sampling what was essentially the entirety of "Rebound" by well known EDM-artists Arty & Mat Zo. Listen and compare, it's simply brazen... (Btw, major cringe at 1:08 in the will.i.copy version. This is the extent of this man's production skills) We have to stop praising this fraud. I appreciate his kind words to Britney, but his musical contribution to Britney's discography is built ontop of other peoples work (Whether it's credited and properly licensed, or not). I'm sick of seeing people praise him for S&S or WB without knowing what he truly is.
  8. Not 'Perfumigation'. The only good part of it is her vocals.
  9. Order does matter (it's not a rule however). Even here you can see will.i.steal is credited last in production (Executive Producer is irrelevant in this context). As you can see in the credits, Otto Knows is responsible for instrumentation, programming, engineering and recording. Sebastian Ingrosso actually said he (as in himself) didn't have much part in the production and he thought it must have been a mistake to credit him. Sebastian Ingrosso denies involvement in Britney Spears single 'Work *****' (nme.com)
  10. Giorgio Tuinfort did the rest of the up-tempo tracks ("Body Ache", "Til It's Gone", "Now That I Found You"). David Guetta is also credited on those, but he's likely as involved as will.i.am since he's a notorious user of ghost producers.
  11. He uses ghost-producers for his tracks. He's an awful producer and at most an okay song writer.
  12. "The song's production was handled by Ingrosso, Jettman and Adams" - from Wikipedia. will.i.steal is mentioned third in production credits which means he probably had little to do with the song. He's also been caught outright stealing other peoples instrumentals.
  13. "She shares never-before-heard stories that are at times funny, inspiring, messy, and uncomfortable. Like having her mom’s credit card declined at Limited Too when her sister was on the radio."
  14. Disgusted with her using Britney's situation for political purposes. She even threw in a death threat. The fact that she waited so long says a lot.
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