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  1. Making an already dom daddy pissed by trying to dominate them always gives me what I'm looking for, try it sis
  2. I don't care if he's an alien, he can still take me I'm getting the vibe he likes to be dominated too... Idk why I just know
  3. A little fun? It would have been if OP had not been replying to people and making it sound like they're crazy for suggesting its fake... Just like her reply to me... Then to also post it on twitter for more likes Are you THAT bored you sit and program your alexa to trash Britney, using literally every negative thing people have to say about her and then post it to forums and twitter? And shame on your for supporting it
  4. Why lie tho...... Fake fan - you programmed this via routines and trashed her for likes... Go join Team Con in hell
  5. i was rooting for her to bring a club banger! and we got hello 2.0..... Sam Smith used to bore me to tears too... and he came back with some bangers!!! we absolutely do need her voice on a club track! you broke up with your man, now we want to see you hit the club BXTCH
  6. same. the one bit of relevance she had i.e Britney no longer exists. She can spend the rest of her days chillin with lou in jail, or in the trailer park, or on a Zoey501 or whatever set.
  7. Right?! So Britney should have stayed stumped and allowed her abusers to continue, so that you could save face?? What planet is this idiot bxtch on? I don't ever see Britney reconciling with this witch - and good.
  8. Ok can I have some context here, before I cancel Miley in my head forever I saw memes of this too... And I just can't cope
  9. agreed with the Billie Eilish comment... her voice and intro to her new song literally make my ears bleed, that "happier than ever" song her attitude recently has been annoying af too, you're right she's definitely delusional... I'm also sick of seeing her at awards shows sitting with her creepy brother, looking unimpressed and pulling faces like their Jay Z and Beyonce or something ocean eyes remains unbothered though.... love that song
  10. for some reason i really want a piece of fruit and a large glass of water after seeing this..... hbu hillbilly hick, fancy a golden delicious?
  11. DO WE KNOW WAT PROJECT ROSE IS YET?! I cannot handle this... Bish has promoted this more than any album in the last 10 years, and we don't even know what it is..... Does Britney even know what it is?
  12. Nicki addressing cultural appropriation whilst sitting on Instagram live in a platinum blonde wig and bleached skin.... The irony. Whose the clown sweetie?? Why does Nicki always try to take charge of situations that don't involve her. In saying that, Leigh Ann has always been sly to me and what shes tried here confirms what I thought all along... She was always the least talented and least interesting to look at and she played the race card as a result. Jesy is a slay and Leigh Ann is jealous becuase she knows she can't have a successful solo career.
  13. Please... So is it the tan or the fact she made an urban music video...? Or both? She doesn't look any different to when she was in LM, and as part of LM they made urban songs too. What is the issue? Half of you don't even know what you're offended at its ridiculous.
  14. Cade offering his services as a thank you I see, it's nothing we didn't offer Mr Rosengart ourselves on this site
  15. She wants laughs at Britney's expense so check this bish immediately, and it's disrespectful to you if she knows your a fan.
  16. Same tbh... I havent given that wench much thought at all... Until the Xtina Jamie video and then my mind was blown for a sec
  17. Gurl YESSS i KNEW there was others JAMIE LYNN. WHO FUKKEN KNEW RIGHT?! What year are we talking sis?? Do u have snapchat? Why is my thread now a game hunneh? What are the rules etc
  18. YES!! and I have no idea why I'm so shook Someone please come in here and be shook with me I CAN'T BE THE ONLY ONE 😭😭
  19. I will start of the by saying my posts are usually of higher quality... And i KNOW some of you didnt realise this either so dont even start with me!! JAMIE LYNN. JAMIE (father) + LYNN (mother) SHE SHARES BOTH THEIR FIRST NAMES. I'm actually embarrassed by me but how TF have I never noticed this?? Atleast they can save some coin and buy the one Jamie greeting from Xtine Dont even lie some of you alsk didn't realise this. Right????
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