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  1. Yep! She can go somewhere else with her woke BS, because it ain't waking me up.
  2. Is there any other link for the podcast? I don't use Crapple products.
  3. Interesting. I'm not familiar with trazodone. Generally, the sedative effects of these drugs are in my opinion incompatible with anyone who has ADHD. I was going to scream at you if you had suggested things like Seroquel (quetiapine) or Zyprexa (olanzapine). Granted, I'm not formally educated in this field so I do respect your opinion. Nootropics are interesting, and I wish more research would be done in the area. Ah, yes... Allegedly of course!
  4. Yeah, what if they slipped her Adderalls (Vyvanse didn't exist back then) during her prime years? The excessive gum chewing and at times weird behavior (like randomly sticking your leg up in the air in the middle of an interview). I mean, I want to believe it's just because of her goofy personality. But it really makes you think, doesn't it?
  5. I suspected this ever since the court drama regarding custody of her kids in 2007(?). With them calling her a habitual user of drugs. Yet she passed all her court ordered drug tests. This probably means she tested negative even for drugs she had prescribed (which usually means having taken more than prescribed). For some reason, I totally missed this rumor back in 2015.
  6. Right. Mєthamphetamine is not really any worse than plain amphetamine in terms of how it affects the brain. The main difference is mєth is commonly in it's hydrochloride salt form, which forms crystals and is vaporized at low temperatures. Amphetamine does not vaporize, but rather decompose before it reaches that point. It simply cannot be smoked like mєth. This is the primary reason why it's so much worse. Desoxyn is an ADHD-medication that is pure dextromєthamfetamine. Mood stabilizers? If you mean anti-psychotics, those are worse in my opinion. If someone has ADHD, they should get stimulants. If she doesn't have it, then I agree it's bad. There are better alternatives, like Wellbutrin (bupropion) for those who cannot handle pure stimulants. Nootropics aren't proven to be effective for treatment of ADHD. I suffer from anxiety, but I still choose to be on a stimulant medication for my ADHD. It's all in the dose and weighing the negative effects with the positive.
  7. Vyvanse is literally amphetamine, in a controlled-release form (lisdexamfetamine). That could explain her anxiety and tics. Nail-biting, constantly chewing gum are common behaviors while on stimulants. Random outbursts and unfiltered behavior is also common when the drug peaks. However, Vyvanse is very difficult to abuse. You cannot simply crush the pills (they're actually capsules) and snort the contents. Vyvanse converts to dextroamphetamine in the bloodstream at a fixed rate. Taking higher doses will mostly just extend the duration, leading to a long and unpleasant comedown. While taking two capsules instead of one is certainly not great, but it's not at the level of drug addicts abusing speed.
  8. She sounded like 2001 Britney giving a TV interview. Even back then she sounded different "backstage" when talking to Fe, her dancers etc.
  9. The legendary Bozo Basic, first ever clown to have a Las Vegas residency!
  10. I just love this heart-warming homage from Britney to her saviour and BFF Lou! If Britney would dedicate a duet with her very own sister to anyone, it would just have to be Lou, right?!
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