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  1. Yeah that was so tacky when people got those screenshots of the hearing with Jamie, Sam Jodi ect! I just feel like too many people are thinking she’s gonna say so much and do so much I don’t think it’s that deep! I personally think she’s just going to ask for Jamie to be removed!
  2. Not to mention very little time with her sons she’s missed out on so much of her children growing up and becoming young men, it’s sad to see that she’s worked so hard in her life and hasn’t had very much time with her children!
  3. I agree! I also think she will start working again once Jamie is out which is a mistake to stay in a c ship, and work! Until Britney or her lawyer file for termination of this C Ship and fight Jamie and Vivian this will just continue on with new conservators!
  4. Nah she’s not going to ask it be terminated they could’ve filed that! This has been going on and patty cake games I think it will be about Jamie!
  5. I just don’t think this is going to be some huge ground breaking hearing! I don’t think Britney is going to expose anything or ask for the C Ship to end! If anything she might ask the courts to remove Jamie! I don’t see anything else happening!
  6. I don’t have any expectations from the hearing I think this will just go on and on! If anything Britney May end up trapped with new conservators in the future if Jamie is removed at some point! I think it’s sad the movement has slowed down this new podcast with Babs and Tess I hope debuts sooner than later! Many of the folks in the movement have been called out like Lawyers for Britney and Billy B! I think in the end B will be in the c ship for ever if not for many many years to come! it’s sad but I just don’t see it magically getting removed! I hope I’m wrong!
  7. I don’t think she wants to work until Jamie is gone! Even then why work if you don’t have control over your art and music and life and creativity? I think that would continue to show that she’s OK being in a conservatorship and working and making money for a conservatorship all the while still being controlled.I don’t believe the lies that she has 99% freedom in this conservatorship via TMZs lies!
  8. Give him more? Taye Diggs revealed during an interview with Andy Cohen's SiriusXM show Radio Andythat he thought he had the chance to do more than dance with Britney Spears when he made a cameo in her video for "Boys" off 2001's Britney. "Two days ago -- I just remembered this, and I think I was with Idina [Menzel] at the time -- I feel like I had an in because we were in between shots, and she said, 'Hey! You're a good dancer!'" Diggs shared when Cohen asked him to revisit his experience filming the music video. "And I was so kind of starstruck. I just like [does goofy giggle and voice], 'Thanks! Thanks!' But I feel like that was my in if I kind of wanted to do a little something, and I missed it. I feel like I missed my opening." Cohen asked for clarification, wondering if the star was talking about potentially dating or simply dancing with the pop princess. "No! Just have s** with her!" Diggs shared. "I had fun. She was huge! She was huge. ... I think Jason Priestley was in it as well, and I thought that was interesting. Kind of an array of celebrity." In addition to Diggs and the 90210 star, Mike Myers (as international man of mystery Austin Powers!) Pharrell Williams and others also made cameos in the music video. Watch Diggs' interview with Cohen, and revisit the "Boys" video: https://www.billboard.com/amp/articles/news/9579935/taye-diggs-britney-spears-hookup-boys-music-video
  9. What does BTS have to do with my comment? AI had low ratings the show used to get quadruple that in its hey day! Everyone knows award shows are flopping in the ratings which has nothing to do with Katy putting out these flop singles boo!
  10. Pressed? American Idol is a flip boo 5 million viewers is nothing the show used to produce actual stars and was a ratings powerhouse in its day! Katy on the other had is a flop chile so deal with it!
  11. She’s so boring and American Idol as a judges she’s lackluster! Sounds like she should focus more on the music or just be a judge for the paycheck and stop releasing flops!
  12. Lol I tried I had an exclusive with Jeff Durant on FB he talked about rebellion and crucified and many other B songs in released people didn’t know about!
  13. Love Michelle she’s so sweet and I talked to her for months on Twitter and begged to get Take Off leaked and she did thanks to my perseverance!
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