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  1. Rehearsals are done to make the final performance look better etc. MTV did the EXACT opposite
  2. They really want us to get that colouring book Anyway I'm so happy for Brit
  3. Wasn't the video supposed to be more ***ual but Britney (in hindsight, maybe it was Jamie...) said she didn't want some scenes in there (because of her kids) and that's why they changed it? Anyway, I love the video and the song is also fire. Given Colon's restrictions she's been under, homegirl did a great job serving looks & choreo Also: I love Slumber Party too. It is one of my favourite videos
  4. Idk, do we even get a B10? Y'all so sure she'll make a comeback, I'm praying she comes back at all. She clearly has different plans
  5. It could have been a great album if... Britney had sung more than just 20% of it it had had better production (EDM on BJ sounded really bland & dated) Lots of songs aren't bad but because of the two reasons above I understand why the whole album gets a lot of hate
  6. I appreciate any interview / book / q&a or whatever about the cship since we haven't got anything about it the last 13 years (except a few bits recently)
  7. Will/Can Rosengart respond to this nonsense and file a written statement before the next hearing at the end of September? Does anyone know? I am highly interested in his response. Jamie, prison is waiting for you
  8. Yes, but it doesn't link to the drug story though? Alli commented on Rosengart's post below, not on the story. Or am I missing something? This is a screenshot I took.
  9. Of course she's allowed to go on vacation but with so much media attention on the Spears family, she should stay away from cameras and the like. It's not smart to put yourself out like this while your daughter is fighting for her life
  10. All my trust lies in Rosengart to know what the next steps are. Maybe he knew it wouldn't work that easily but you've got to start somewhere. It also stirs up the #freebritney movement. The bigger this gets, the less likely the judge or anyone else with that much responsibility will continue to do dirty business. This is just my 2 cents tho.
  11. I can really see them forcing her to say that. Like she said in her testimony, they promise her more rights etc. by making her do and say so many things. I think she was never fully aware that they're only doing this to make her look like she still needs the cship. And burning down a part of her house could be one of these things. Really disgusting... Have we got any evidence tho of the burned down gym? Pictures or anything else?
  12. Enzo


    She should take a break from social media several weeks, she's just making a fool of herself. But we all know she's too stuck-up to give up the little attention she has got left
  13. I bet some users on this forum are hired by Team Con to spread negativity and be stupid. I guess they were hired because they excel at the latter
  14. I love how we all go crazy just because we're getting a few seconds of vocalney no other artist could literally ever
  15. Not a lawyer here either, but I also believe it will have very little importance in court, legally speaking. However, social media is a powerful tool to communicate a narrative to the media and maybe Team Con is seeing potential here to use it for their own good. I don't know though how much the public opinion can influence such a case. Right now, most of the people are rooting for Britney, and I doubt this will change. I honestly can't think of any (significant) benefits for Team Con to make up posts like these... this is why I think Britney wrote it.
  16. This. I believe it's her. If not, Team Con needs to be locked away forever with those awful remixes on repeat...
  17. Is it bad that the way she jerks her booty several times reminds me of POM choreo?
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