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Epic #FreeBritney mural unveiled at Costa Mesa LGBTQ bar

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#FreeBritney movement is validated and I think it’s important we all understand that we as the public are collectively responsible for putting her there. We were all too busy consuming her and not looking out for her. She is the definition of innocence robbed."


love that they did this. imma have to drive out and see it .

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The concept of freeing Britney from the confinement of this art, and her topless post the other day referring to #FreeBritney, makes me think
"The #FreeBritney movement is no longer just a movement to get Britney out of conservatorship, it is a movement for human liberation.
Britney has not only been bound by the conservatorship, she has also been a sufferer of sl**-shaming, ***ism, the profit structure of the entertainment industry, 
and the irresponsible imposition of ideals by the masses. In order to liberate such beings in a spiritual sense, it is necessary to reform human consciousness, 
and by achieving this, humanity will evolve to a higher level. So it's also a spiritual movement:liberatedaf_beyonce_yellow_lemonade_happy_free_carefree_smile_wind_hold_up:

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