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  1. Ugh, I just scrolled down to the comments on this BuzzFeed article about This Is My Brave turning down JL's donation, and Britney fans are getting dragged by the GP. Many commenters are saying we're taking money away from an important cause. Guys, it's so, so important that we donate, not only to make up for the money they missed out on, but also to reinforce their decision and show our gratitude. They did the right thing, now we need to do our part. Please, please donate if you have the means.
  2. Ugh, I'm so tired of trying to prove the veracity of this video. I have zero motivation for programming this response. At this point, you can all believe what you want.
  3. She claimed she and her family were getting death threats, which is when she started blurring her kids' faces. As other people have said, it's obviously a cry for attention. It seems like she's going out of her way to post photos of her children JUST so she can blur their faces and convince everyone that she and her family are allegedly in danger. If she truly wanted to protect them, she'd avoid posting them altogether and would remove older photos that show their faces. The fact that she's not doing that suggests that she knows there's no real threat and this is all an act.
  4. Wait, what news? What is this donation for? What did I miss?? Edit: Never mind, I'm all caught up! For anyone else who's confused, please see this thread Edit #2: Just donated $15! In the "Tribute name" field I wrote "Thank you for cutties ties with Jamie Lynn!"
  5. By all means, try to disprove it! Or, better yet, try to verify it! I've been trying to replicate the answer again on video without much luck, but maybe some others can try? I really don't know how else to prove it's real.
  6. Actually, you wouldn't all be getting the same response, even if you followed the steps I took. Try it yourself a few times and you'll see the answers vary every time. Another commenter in this thread tried it, too. Here are the steps: 1. Ask Alexa if she wants to have a conversation. Alexa will respond with a lengthy explanation of the conversation mode bot experiment and will tell you which bot you've been assigned. I have no idea how many bots there are or which bot I was chatting with. 2. Chat with the bot for a while, then ask what it thinks of Britney Spears. You'll get an answer, but the answer depends on the bot. 3. Say "Stop" to end the conversation, then repeat the process again. You'll likely get a different bot that has different responses. Believe what you want, but I was just messing around with Alexa while doing my make up and was shocked at the type of responses I was getting, so I decided to record a couple of them. I swear, some fans in this community are so quick to be nasty.
  7. I remember being SO EXCITED during the opening of DWAD. I had pretty good seats near the end of the runway, and I just remember thinking "OMG BRITNEY IS GOING TO BE ON THIS STAGE ANY SECOND!!!!"
  8. I gotta ask, what does "ddd" mean? I keep seeing it on this forum and I can't figure it out!
  9. Hey there! I'm the "scummy fan" who made this video, and I can assure you it's real. As I explained in a previous comment, you have to first activate conversation mode by asking Alexa if she wants to have a conversation. Then Alexa selects an experimental bot to talk to you. The conversation and responses vary depending on which bot you get, and the bots are constantly learning and evolving. Some Alexas may not even have conversation mode because it's in beta. Anyway, after chatting for a bit, I asked the bot what it thought about Britney, and that's the answer I got. I tried the same thing with other bots in conversation mode and got different answers every time. Hope that clears things up
  10. It depends which bot you get. After I asked Alexa if she wanted to have a conversation, she explained that I activated some experimental beta AI bot that was developed by students (or something along those lines). I did it a few more times and got a different response each time because I'd get a different bot each time. Another one told me she was a great singer, but a terrible dancer, so I replied "Are you CRAZY?!", and Alexa replied that she's not crazy and that she heard Britney has starred in 40 movies??? I took a video of that one too. Definitely an interesting experiment to try when you're bored!
  11. LOL I wish I was that talented! Unfortunately, this is a real answer from Alexa while the device is in AI conversation mode.
  12. Yes, it's real. I took the video. I asked Alexa if she wanted to have a conversation, which activated the AI-powered conversational experience, then after some chit chatting, I asked about Britney and got the answer in the video. The answers vary depending on which AI bot you get because I tried it a few times after this. If you straight up ask Alexa about Britney in regular mode, she reads you the Wikipedia page.
  13. Pls ignore the pasty behind Alexa. I wasn't expecting her answer to be interesting enough to post anywhere
  14. I love how everyone acts like Crowd Surf is sitting around twiddling their thumbs now that Jamie got booted. They're a business. They're not getting paid to sit around and do nothing.
  15. I just posted this on their Instagram: "I just heard your company has a business partnership with Jamie Lynn Spears, who played a role in keeping her sister, Britney, conserved and deprived of her human rights. Is this someone you want representing your brand?"
  16. "I just want all the kids to stay alive and have a wonderful holiday." - Jamie Lynn I wonder if this is before or after her daughter almost died because she let her ride an ATV at 8 years old?
  17. I'm typically a forgiving person, especially if the person I'm forgiving is genuinely apologetic and has changed their ways (which isn't necessarily the case in this hypothetical scenario). I don't know if Jamie Lynn is capable of seeing her faults when it comes to the conservatorship, but if she did admit to them and apologize, I'm not sure I'd believe she was being sincere. She's always glommed off of her sister's fame, so if JL were to have some huge change of heart, I'd be suspicious that she's only doing it for her own benefit. So I guess my answer is no.
  18. It's not exactly a meme, but it still packs a punch!
  19. Haha no worries! I do agree with your post that cancel culture is getting kind of out of hand, though. I personally think it's better to give someone the opportunity to apologize and learn from a mistake than cancel them altogether, which is why I mentioned that Jamie "unapologetically" took away Britney's livelihood. Although, if we're being honest, even if Jamie did express genuine sorrow, I'm not sure I'd be able to forgive him. He's probably an exception for me.
  20. I don't think James would know how to write a song, but I think he and/or Lou Taylor are absolutely capable of having someone write the songs under Britney's name.
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