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  1. This man is gonna find himself on Catfish soon enough when he goes to meet his friend "Britney" :/ "The Britney Voice"
  2. I completely agree with this! Her first 3 albums are my absolute favorites. I guess I really love that classic teen/bubblegum pop sound with no shame to this day. However, It would be the very last style she would ever do again lol. I think she really likes her breathy/talk-singing songs.
  3. Unpopular opinion but I honestly fully believe him. I have always thought the "drugging her and hiding her dog ect" claims were things pushed by team con. Can't voice that though because fans will attack for standing up for Sam.
  4. I asked the commenter if she was referring to her handlers and why they can't speak to her. She replied: "no, I mean staff. Cleaners, chef, Gardner, driver, the boy's nannies..etc...staff are supposed to ignore her if she tried to talk to them, it's horrible. But many can't handle ignoring her so they give her attention and are fired because of it."
  5. I actually have a friend that speaks to him EVERYDAY on the phone and never thought to ask him about this. I will next time.
  6. This is a comment on Shallon Lesters latest video (The girl was calling Shannon out for being wrong and stated she worked for Britneys Dad). "I have signed a Non-Disclosure so I can't talk about my job (what I did and for how long, etc..) in detail unless I am asked in court (which I would love to). What I can say is that Britney is mentally fit as anyone could see on X-Factor and during her very long Vegas residency. Britney is not allowed to talk to staff but she does. Her phone can't make calls and she doesn't have internet not even at her house. All of her Instagram posts are a collection of old videos curated from her obsolete phone. The info on this video is incorrect, James did lose several times including 50% of the conservatorship control to Britney's lawyers, her sister Jamie Lynn and that woman Lou Taylor stepped down due to accusations of money laundry and money appropriation (accusations which they are going to try to prove to be false next month on the court)." If it is true, Why would she not be allowed to talk to staff? I assume they mean her handlers? On another note, Anyone know about this guard pictured below? Do you think he was one of the good guys or another Jamie lackey? I remember seeing him in so many pictures and videos of Brit. I ask out of genuine curiosity and because I think he is so hot.
  7. Do we know if she tried to get backstage or do the M&G to see her? Interesting if they straight up turned her away. Nicole went backstage to see her during her vma performance I believe haha. And even got to be the freakshow person.
  8. "security detail confiscated a prepaid cell phone from Britney" Is she treated like some sort of inmate by her own security? Like they pat her down and frisk her to make sure she doesn't have anything? This is all so weird.
  9. This is one of the last places I expected to see people defending cops. If it wasn't so sad, I would be laughing my *** off at the fact some people here think it is justified to drive a ******* car into people just because they are throwing small objects at it. ******* insane. He could have just backed up. I don't care if people don't like or agree with the riots. This is pent up anger and release of DECADES of treatment from police that exploded with this recent murder. As a black person myself, I only wish I could be there with them. </3
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