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  1. Oh Gosh... Another drama... Someone said "Britney is not that rude" or something like that... Well she used to be a real angel... And what happened to her? I'm not saying this is good but when people hurt someone really bad (not talking only about Xtina, she also said nasty thing about Britney in the past but it was nothing comparing to what other said or did to Britney), this person can be so hurt that she turns really bad... Britney said herself she's crazy angry! She needs time to heal. I guess she's really emotional right now. Don't also forget that Britney was cut from the world, internet, etc... From years! She probably didn't even now about these Cameo stuff. And most important we don't have confirmation that it's Xtina's father and EVEN if it's the case. I don't see any attack to Xtina. The comments are really disgusting: "Well we free her" ew! I don't get why Sam didn't say her "no" sometimes. The video is... IDK...
  2. It's not a tribute and nothing to do with our Britney at all actually... I was also like "WTF? Happy birthday Jamie?" It's like Cameo, these kind of videos you pay for so you can get a personalized message from a celebrity. In this case it's your name. You have to choose a name in a list. But I think it is really well done! I really like it! Wayyyyyyyy better than Cameo.
  3. Wow, she's gorgeous! Sam and Britney's daughter will look like this! She will be a natural off course... And will be the new princess of pop!
  4. Being renamed The Hero RosenGOD in history book... Duh! Because it's exactly what is gonna happen!!! Love him so much!!! Because it's make you believe that justice can be right!!! They are still people in this world who are fighting for justice.
  5. MTE, it's her 6 or 7 costume changes! The last sentence is gross as well! "DESPITE, the suspension, Mr Spears will CONTINUE TO LOOK OUT..." Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Nobody wants that, are you guys deaf?! JUST GET THE F CK OUT OF BRITNEY JEAN SPEARS LIFE FOREVEEEEEER! No need to look out of anything! OUT! OUT! OUT! OUT!!! Goooooooosh!!!
  6. I don't like this kind of game... I'm sorry but, if you have something to say, say it right away! Don't tease stuff like it was some kind of Netflix show. Because it's not! We have a woman who is suffering since 13 damn long years, who is waiting days after days to be free! If you have something big on L.T. and it can help Britney, say it nooooooooow!!! Otherwise, don't talk! I used to like her, but lately is more like a business thing, I may be wrong but this is how I feel about TSW now. It's like a tv show! Maybe I'm to emotional after I watched the Netflix doc, I don't know! Ugh please the Gods be with Britney tomorrow!
  7. Watching it right now but I had to stop it because I'm f *ucking in shock right now! The story about the way Britney tried to hired a new lawyer, was insaaaaaane! I would'nt never believe it if it wasn't out from the journalist's mouth herself. I can stop thinking the way Britney felt at this specific moment. Her heart beating so loud for doing this "illegal" thing, hiding and going in the bathroom... And when her father found out, I guess they punished her so bad... And it's broke my heart! Only for this part and the mentioning of L.T., I'm glad this document is now out!
  8. Because social anxiety is freakin' sad, not the video itself off course. And it's even more sad when you know that she wasn't like this before, she's like that now because all the horrible things happened in her life... It's broke my heart. She's still ******* strong in my eyes, alot of people wouldn't be able to handle all these s*it and I admire her so much, but obviously her spirit is kind of broken with all the trauma. She looks so affraid to read the comments from strangers... But I'm agreed Sam played it very safe and little steps like this can be very good for her. I also hope that your social anxiety will be better and even gone for the futur! Be strong, I know how it can be hard sometimes!
  9. Don't lose your time with these people. They are criticizing what they are doing themselves ten times worse. They call people haters when the only hate is coming from them. I mean we can't even TALK calmly and share our thoughts about a guy IN A FORUM, which is supposedly a place for that... Talking, sharing, It's insane! Where are we? In South Korea? As long as we are not insulting we shouldn't be blocked from a thread for having a different thought than Sam's lovers! What do you think @Jordan Miller? They said "Sam's haters" are obsessed! Hahaha, pardon? I personnaly went into Sam's IG, like what 4? 5 times? Since he met Britney. Some lovers are spending aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall their day on it like that and know exactly every of his freaking moves! So some of you should be re learn the meaning of "being obsessed with someone!' But good for you, Sam's lovers have the perfect profils to apply and work for Black Box! Sam's lovers are full of angriness when you are talking about their God. They can't even have a calm conversation in a forum, which should be, one more time, be a place for sharing all differents thoughts... Some of you acting like BTS 14 years old fans. It's scary. They said "you act like you know him" ding ding ding surprise... YOU DON'T EITHER! Helloooooo?!! What kind of weird fantasy is that anyway? You are so in love with the men of your idol so you're even start to believe you know him better than anybody else? Anyway the facts are = He's in Britney's life since 2016! While Britney are not allowed to have any friends... All the good people in her circle where and are still ejected. Felicia CAN'T BE AROUND BRITNEY BUT SAM COULD? He lied about Britney BEING HOLD AGAINST HER WILL into a facility, only God knows what horrible things they did to her! I would never let happen to the love of my life! So don't put your lame screen with him dragging Jamie on a IG post, like it's the ultimate evidence of his innocence!" it's the most easy thing to set up, a fake cat fight!!! HE MAY NOT BE PART OF TEAM CON NOW. It's the only thing I can agree with Sam's lovers, but it's a fact he was part of them, TEAM CON ARE NOT THAT STUPID TO BRING A ROTTEN APPLE INTO THEIR CIRCLE TO DESTROY THEIR PLAN. DO YOU HAVE A BRAIN? IT'S SO EASY TO UNDERSTAND THAT. IF HE WAS ALLOWED TO BE THERE SINCE SO MANY YEARS IT MUST BE A REASON, EVEN IF YOU DON'T LIKE TO HEAR IT! BRITNEY ARMY SAVED BRITNEY WITH THE FREE BRITNEY MOVEMENT NOT SAM! HE'S ONLY LIKING POST, don't forget that! These are facts, "Sam's hater" didn't made that up, so yeah we can be affraid for Britney, is not hate, is only love and caring about someone! Please grow up and understand that.
  10. Every people here should act like this. I mean it's a board, it's for... Discuss right? As long as everybody is respectful and not insulting, even if you don't share the same opinion, we should all be able to discuss calmly and respect others points of views. We are not 14! The comments under the YT videos are very interesting to read because they are almost all from neutral people. I also don't understand why some fans here are calling other fans "haters", we all love Britney and we just want her to be happy, I have some doubts on Sam, but I certainly don't hate him. I don't know him, and Sam's fans either BTW, I just want Britney to be happy. I was happy for her engagement annoucement. I's not hate, it's only fear for someone I love. But I won't never go on his IG to say anything about it to him tho. I keep my fear, my questions for myself and sometimes I'm sharing about it here on Exhale, but that's it. No hate and I truly wish they will be happy forever and that he will give her a beautiful baby girl...
  11. This is so cute. Congratulations to them! I hope she will be free really soon, so she can fully enjoy her relationship and mostly her life the way she wants! And maybe a baby girl in one or two years? Her eyes, they spark again, even her face something has changed since few weeks... I'm so happy for her.
  12. How could he get his account back so quickly if it was hacked? But well, let's say it's the truth... Who have the time to do a stupid thing like this? They have really weird people in Samney fanbase!
  13. This man is crazy seriously what a disgusting delusional crazy psycho thing, he's not even human at this point.
  14. Damn! The mix, the visual, the clothes, the dancing, the hot guy and the caption... Everything is on point! This is how we do a f* cking tribute! Hope Britney will see it. I'm obsessed with the mix of My Prerogative and Slave. Bravo and thank you for this moment!
  15. So true! It doesn't make any sense. I'm so over this dog story being publish every f *cking where! While back to the days when Jamie attacked Britney's son, nobody talked about it!!! It's crazy!!! M. Rosengart gave us so much hope at the begining, but since few days we don't have any move from him, I'm not saying he's doing nothing, please I don't want to sound ungrateful, I 100% believe in him, I'm so thankful and I'm sure his working his *** off, but it's also frustrating to don't hear anything (except a statement about this story, wich was really great) while team monsters con are going that hard.
  16. That's mean: my thoughts exactly. Your not old lol.
  17. MTE! I can totally pictured her father or Larry or any other disgusting monsters from team con doing this while she's in her bedroom! EW! This make me sick!
  18. All the concept is beautiful, I really mean it, but... Why did he chose a picture of Neydey... No, for being serious, thank's to him!
  19. So now the guy suddenly found back his tongue for speak? Where have you been since the Free Britney movement and way before? Oh, yeah, with team con, I'm stupid! All the men on Britney's way were trash, that's so sad!
  20. Not only, also the media and... Most sadly, also the fans! I was in another forum before I came here, I was banned because some people made fun about Britney's body and look and I defended her, I swear it's true. She's clearly has a bad obsession because all the critics she received about her body, hair, dance moves, etc... And because the industry and society teach her to be in that way. But it's ok to have some weight, it's ok to not brush your hair, she needs to be less hard on herself. People really destroyed her confidence in so many ways and sides. I just want to give her a big hug and tell her how beautiful she is. I'm so sad! Also I'm so sad that she's saying she was happier this summer than now... I thought she will be happier now with all the good news about her case... It's broke my heart. I seriously don't need any music from her, I want it off course, I miss her, but I see how broken she is and my biggest wish now is that she can be finally happy!
  21. So nice of them! I hate Britney Jean but I always felt so bad for Will.I.Am. He's clearly a nice guy, devoted in everything he's doing and it wasn't his fault if we had this awful album. Britney wasn't in a good place. He wanted to have real, deep conversations with her and write about all the things happened in her life, talk about what sounds she wanted, etc... But how this kind of creativ process could happen with the conservatorship? When these monsters around Britney tried to silenced her every seconds of her life. Also, she didn't have alot of time with the Vegas show. So he tried to do the best with the little they gave him. Even the best producer on earth would'nt be able to do better. Only team con is to blame for this mess, not Will.I.Am. Even after the fans came hard on him, he still supports Britney and has nothing than nice things to say about her. He seems very sincere and seems to really care about her situation.
  22. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! I can't believe it! I need to see the official court docs to realize it's really real! I was so sad for the past few days, everything was so exciting few weeks ago and then nothing, Britney said she wanted to post less, I was affraid, like alot of people, that it was something à la "need a little me time"... And then... THIS MIRACLE! Britney must be so happy now!!! Thank you Mr. Rosengart, you are a real hero!!! He did this in only few weeks! That's crazy! This man is an angel among all this evil monsters who work for "justice".
  23. This is so sad, like the girl didn't suffer enough... Now she has to deal with some other kind of monsters. Her life has been amazing in some parts but really tough most of the time. I really hope she will find peace. She must be so exhausted with all the things she had been through. I hope the last blind item wasn't real. That's weird that she's been missing since few days, when the blind item said they find out that she talked with someone from the "outside". I hope they didn't punish her again or something. But I guess not since M. Rosengart is in her side now, I have alot of faith in him! You are so freakin' brave Mrs. Britney Spears...
  24. Oh com'on! Like he can made that up! Britney will speak one day anyway, imagine if she says the opposite... The guy will have to hide for the rest of his life! This fanbase is so funny... When some fans have doubts about Sam (for UNDERSTANDABLE reasons) people are like... "STFU, you are a Sam's hater! Britney chose Sam and she's happy with him! And Felicia said he's a good guy!" But Britney also chose Cade and she's happy when he's around too. AND FELICIA SAID I LOVE YOU CADE, ALWAYS WILL, few days ago! But it's only working with Sam? Why because Sam is pretty and he makes you wet but not Cade? I just can't... The way he did this and the way he spoke is a little bit weird tho, but I can understand, not everybody can deal correctly with the death treats! He may be tired and affraid, didn't know how to stop it, so he went to these people desperatly! Leave him alone! Nobody deserves this. Maybe we will learn some bads things in the futur, I don't know, but for now nothing so keep it cool. Stop attacking people around Britney, they will all left her and she will be helpless again!
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