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  1. Say it how it is KING!!!! Put that piece of miserable trash on its place Mickey used to be so hot in his prime woof such an exquisite male specimen. Delicious. Ps. Isnt Mickey in some kind of cship too? I remember SurpriseWitness made a live and some lawyers in Brit cship were involved in his or something like that.
  2. THIS!!!! Thank you! Please speak louder for the people in the back, they need to hear it!!!
  3. Im all for this Vintage Britney pictures! they really take me to simpler more fun days.
  4. innana ishtar aphrodite Sophia! The divine femenine has been with her since the beginning. Like seriously she is like the xmen phoenix, pure ***ual empowering creative energy! she is the bessel she is the phoenix !
  5. Well Team Con invested alot of money to keep the "She is Crazy" narrative for so long, that I dont blame the public and even some fans. I have been following her since the beginning, so for me this whole cship thing seemed so weird and her lack of enthusiasm this whole decade just made my sentiment even stronger. But im happy most of people if not everyone is aware of the injustice this woman had to endure just because she wanted to be her, her own self and no anyones puppet. Cherish this moment children, you are witnessing pop culture in the making.
  6. We put the B in the FBI But seriously Im so proud of the army, like people really thought we were a bunch of crazy fanatics. I just encountered a friend whom I havent met since 2019 and around that time she thought I was a crazy conspiracy theorist when I mentioned the free britney movement and now after two years she was like wow you were right all along and I was like bithc of course I was right I got receipts Jail Loucider and James Spears noW! Ps. I feel the only ones can cast a shadow on our fandom are the kpop stans, once those kids start freeing all those koreans the game is over! i said is over! ps. Are this late night show still a thing after covid? I feel they are so 2000 and late.
  7. Im sure there are going to be mini series and movies inspired by her. I would love Baz Luhrmann to make a musical inspired by her life co produced by Britney herself.
  8. I think Michael Jackson lifestory will always excede everyone else but because he was the first superstar world wide phenomenon. He pretty much walk so Britney and the others could run Not even the beatles reach the demographics and impact MJ did! But definitely Britney follows him. If American Crime Story wasnt so sh1tty I would love to see seasons inspired in both MJ and Britney.
  9. She does! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIntO6yCflI
  10. I know right ? where were all this prudes most her career? Oh yeah they were a sperm
  11. Britney is so hot and such a trendsetter Almost 2 months ago She posted a pic of herself almost naked just covering her ***** and today madonna upload 3 pictures doing the same thing. In two months pop stars and celebs are going to start uploading pictures of their booties on IG mark my words.
  12. Is he some kind of psychic? Can he predict the future? No? Then he should shut the **** up cuz he know nothing.
  13. Memories unlocked! I totally forgot about the interviewer Ruth, she used to be everywhere in MTV LATAM back in the day. I dont know why but I used to hate that girl, like really despise her! lmao Watching the first clip I find it interesting how she speaks about Lucy in crossroads and how the character is always trying to please her dad, like the life of this women can be more meta? I have watched the movies in almost two decades so I forgot about the father.
  14. Forgot to use the magic word *allegedly* Lawsuit is coming! I hope sis is saving some coins
  15. He is! He is a total loser! And jealous that her women daughter accomplish everything and more he could ever dream of and at age 18 if not less. He is the kind of guy who peaked at high school.
  16. Thank you Britney Jean Spears, thank you for being so professional and iconic. Thank you for giving us such beautiful moments I will always cherish in my heart. And thank you Britneyvault for all these leaks. ps. Can someone explain me why the Gimme More rehearsal is on her official youtube channel? I thought it was leaked by Britnevault.
  17. Thats true! We have come too far and we wouldnt have without the power of all of you! We have come so far and we did all of that in the name of love. Queen is going to be free! thats a fact
  18. Banana the snake did what it had to be done. Is amazing, only Britney could make that rehearsal outfit look so hot. No wonder every girl wanted to look and dress like her back in the day. No wonder Zoomers are losing their minds all over her prime looks and outfits.
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