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  1. A lot wasn't news to me, but was important for the GP to learn. For me personally, the biggest revelations were about Ingham: 1. Jenny delivered those court docs to Britney to help her hire her own lawyer (also news to me), then Ingham actually told the bold-faced LIE that Britney wanted those docs "squashed" and that she was happy with Ingham representing her. Why did the court trust this story without Britney speaking for herself on the matter? 2. Streisand explained that Ingham had to file petitions with the court to get paid, and Jamie/Andrew Wallet had to approve those petitions, otherwise he wouldn't get paid. Those two details are proof that Ingham always prioritized his own paycheck over Britney's best interest (not that any of us questioned that, but this strengthens that argument significantly). Of course he wouldn't want Britney to replace him! He'd be out of a job! And of course he'd cater to Team Con! They pay him! It's all so messed up.
  2. "I just want all the kids to stay alive and have a wonderful holiday." -JL @ 4:05 Was this before or after her daughter nearly died after being in a coma because JL is a negligent mother who let her drive an ATV at 8 years old?
  3. The filmmakers decided to use the roses because, ever since Britney mentioned Project Rose, she's been associated with roses. People wear roses at the rallies. Britney stan accounts on Twitter have roses in their display names. It doesn't mean Britney was referring to this doc or any other doc. In fact, I don't even believe Britney was posting to begin with, so Project Rose could be anything, or nothing. I wouldn't be surprised if Britney herself has never heard of Project Rose. Maybe she'll prove me wrong and mention it in court.
  4. I'm not sure, actually! I was using the term "deactivated" loosely. If someone can only take the name of a perma-deleted account, then I guess it's possible that she perma-deleted the account and someone else took it. Still unlikely, though. I think it's probably Jamie Lynn. Seems too coincidental that the account is following Free Britney accounts. JL grew up in her sister's shadow, so it's not a stretch to assume she's at least somewhat jealous of her. Jealous people are known to sneakily stalk profiles of people they're jealous of
  5. That struck me as odd, too. Maybe they wanted an experienced tech to do it so it would be permanently erased? Because, even after deleting something, it can still be recovered. But then why wouldn't they just destroy the device? I can't wait to hear the full story.
  6. Some people on Twitter were wondering if maybe JL changed her username from the old one to her new one, then someone else took the old one, but apparently her current username has 0 former usernames. I suppose she could've deactivated the old one and someone else could've taken it, though.
  7. It's insane how unqualified he is for the job. Not only because of the restraining order, but also because: He has no experience in financial management and has actually GONE BANKRUPT, proving he's not just inexperienced, but actually BAD at managing money. He's an alcoholic who went to rehab in 2004, but was filmed drinking and driving in 2014. Now, I understand addiction is a disease, and I would never speak disparagingly about someone struggling with addiction. I will say, however, that it's probably not good for Britney, who has said she's now sober, to be under the control of an alcoholic. I'll also leave you with a few quotes from a reporter who spoke with Jamie back in 2001 (source):
  8. I thought it was Fe, too! But then we see some other woman with a different hair color? It could be Fe, honestly. Especially because she was in the first one, and she'll be in the Netflix doc.
  9. Does anyone know if this will be available online anywhere? I don't have regular TV, just Netflix, Hulu, etc. I suppose I could pirate it, but I wanna watch it live if I can!
  10. "Sources" say Britney doesn't care for the doc. We don't know for sure whether that's true. I think Fe has always had Britney's best interest at heart, and if Britney didn't condone these docs, Fe wouldn't participate in them. Of course, that's assuming Fe and Britney are still in touch, which is a great question. I wouldn't be surprised if Fe is kept away from Britney by her team. In fact, didn't Fe speak a little about why she's no longer Britney's assistant (or whatever her official role was)? I feel like she alluded to being pushed out, but I may be wrong...
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