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  1. BJ has really been hyping this up. I hope it's scolding and delivers! I'll be watching
  2. So she's upset that Britney wasn't there for her while the team was discussing her pregnancy but yet she never told Britney about it. How da fuq are you mad at someone who didnt know what was going on because you yourself left them out of the loop.
  3. I cant wait. This bîtch will be defeated and her cockiness will be checked. She really thought she was "That Bîtch" and 🌹 took her and the firm out! I cant stand her smug face #FREEBRITNEY 🌹💛🎉👸🏼🐯
  4. If she never did all those "daddy loves you" interviews and had just been a behind the scenes lawyer that would MAYBE release a press statement, she would never get this type of heat. But just like Jamie Lynn, she keeps talking and is so self righteous. They both dig their graves deeper and deeper. Cocky bîtch
  5. Well for me, I was responding to someone who asked where she debuted on the US charts. And I said the factual truth. I understand that you like Jesy more than LM and that's fine but I wasn't saying anything that wasnt true. She may rise up in the US market when she does her US performance that is rumored to be upcoming. The only reason people talked about Jesy and the US charts is because she was number one on American iTunes, so it would seem she would debut on the US billboard charts. #StreamBoyz
  6. @Style. why is being a stripper so bad in your morality? Nicki shows as much skin as any stripper. People depend on a sëx worker to feed their kids. Why do you always shame those who rely on sëx work to make a living? And then hoping "miss Rona does her thing"? She's a mother of two babies. You really wishing death on her?! Sorry but you're taking this stan war too far. @PokemonSpears @Slayer
  7. I can picture this to be for Selena Gomez, Madonna or Halsey beat! You're really talented @JayTawndre
  8. What's your favorite Selena Gomez first single off her albums?
  9. She didn't crack the American charts. Adele already debuted at 68 on the chart. I'm sure Adele will be top ten by end of week. Boyz fell out of the top 100 on iTunes a few days back, maybe it will rise. I read a rumor that she has an upcoming night show performance coming.
  10. Ive always hated the Boys remix. The OG is way better
  11. I Love Rock N Roll Baby One More Time Lucky Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know If U Seek Amy
  12. Confirmed. Jordan stayed with Lance and his hubby when J was in LA for Britney's hearing!
  13. Omg ive been there once haha I hate that there arent more gay bars/clubs near Vegas strip. I could only find Piranhas last time I went
  14. I thought she was the sweetest one out of them all. When I watch compilation videos of them, they always take swipes at her (joking around obviously) and she just took it and laughed. In their early days, I didn't think she had a strong enough vocal to be with the girls but her vocals are so strong and consistent now.
  15. Sad. I really thought they would've done more albums together. But it seems just like every girl group before, when one member leaves, the remaining put out one more effort and break up completely. Also sad because they just broke history by winning Best Group at the Brits and now all this drama goes down. It almost feels like this messiness of the break up of LM will overshadow such a prestigious milestone.
  16. Congrats sis! So happy for your win! You can only go up from here!
  17. I was watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre film, and his mask made of skin, made me think of Ben Platt's in the trailer for Dear Evan Hansen film. So I googled to see when it's coming out and was SHOCKED that it was released September 24, 2021 and not surprised, it FLOPPED! I know the film got a lot of push back because they cast a 27 year old Platt to play 17 year old Evan and from the trailer his face looked awful. The CGI they used to make him appear younger make him look un-human, like he was wearing a mask made of skin. Ben also claims the movie probably wouldn't exist without him! "People like to have something to say that's negative, regardless of what it is. With [this], it's something that I can't control at all, which is my age, then bring it on," he said. "I'm glad it's not about my performance or my voice or anything that actually matters." Platt went on to explain more about the film, pointing out the movie — which is produced by his father, Marc Platt — would likely not have been made had he not been involved. "The reaction is largely from people that don't understand the context of the piece," Ben said. "The fact that I created the role and workshopped it for 3 years, and did all of the out-of-town performances, and originated it on Broadway, and received the accolades that I did... and also not really understanding that were I not to do the movie, it probably wouldn't get made." He added that, while he'd like to continuously defend himself online, he would rather just let people watch the film themselves. "My defensive response is to go on Twitter and be like, "Eff you guys, you don't even know that this wouldn't exist without me,' " Ben said. "And of course, that's not true entirely and that's not my place to say." Did any of you watch the film?
  18. ooooh that does sound so much better! I wonder why they flipped it? Thanks for the info!
  19. Interesting. I didn't know about that. What was the OG ending supposed to be and how many years will the time jump be between Kills and Ends?
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