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Cade mentioned a man that's with Britney for 25 years is also helping her. Could it be this guy she shared a pic from 2015?

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1 hour ago, Million Billion said:

Ikr! :cardi_b_yes_tongue_haha_cocky:

I initially also thought of Jhonny Wright, he actually claimed some time ago he felt bad of how bad treated britney was by her team. That he 'cared' for her as a person but I am dont entirely believe that. 

Now, back to the Maloofs, Im not really sure didnt they keep in contact with each other even after the c-ship? I kinda remember them being around a few times but I honestly never paid attention because tbh it was irrelevant to me. Given she was under the c-ship ofc it had to be approved by mr Colon but the little friendship they before the c-ship shouldnt have changed, I think. 

Well, good points. I know Jamie was a personal chef to George Maloof for a long time until he got the job upgrade of a lifetime and he was ascended to Britney Spears enslave and owner. As far as I know, there were mentions of the Maloofs hanging out with daddy Spears right when she started with her residency. I also have the impression, more than a friendship, George had a major, major crush on Britney, but probably she never cared haha! 

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3 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

there are actually some other possibilities.

Some people say on Twitter that it could be Johnny Wright, but I don't think he's been close to her ever since they parted ways.

I'd be more inclined to think of:

  • Barry Weiss, former Jive executive
  • One of her male dancers, i.e. TJ (whom she was still friends with up until 2006 or so)

However, not to be mean, but I doubt TJ would be doing something behind the scenes to help her as Cade suggested, whereas someone like Barry could have had more power, because of his position. It's also interesting that Barry wanted her to join his record label when her previous contract ended, which would've made sense, but her team signed her again with RCA instead (keeping her away from him?).

I know people don't like Barry because they blame him and everyone involved in the beginning of her career for "forcing to sing with that voice" or ***ualizing her or every negative aspect of her career, but I think they really had a close relationship until right before the conservatorship.

This is what he said in court about during Sam Lutfi's case:


He has a very low profile nowadays, no social media, and there's only a Rolling Stone article from a couple of years ago, or last year, and he's apparently created a new record label on his own.

Other than that, I can't think of anyone else that could have a relationship to Britney from way back. Bodyguards, producers, dancers, makeup artists, agents, etc, they've all come and gone over the years, but it's hard to know who she had been able to keep contact with.

My mind is blown with the possibility of being Barry, I didnt think about him AT ALL. There are insiders (3 completely different people Ive talked with good tracking record) saying "someone" is locked and loaded to offer Britney a new record deal as soon as she gets rid of Jamie. Cause it makes sense, he still is her legal guardian and the one responsible to seek commercial endevours and sign contracts (RCA) on her behalf. Ronsengart already claimed in the last court files Jamie made deals without Britney's consent. What happens the minute Jamie is no longer her conservator? All the contracts will go under revision and possibly nullified under the idea that Britney was coerced to comply or wasnt even aware of them. If they had a good working relationship, Barry must be helping Britney with the primary goal to sign her.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck its him 


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1 hour ago, LordofTheMoodRing said:

Barry is a good guess. Johnny sued her so has larry. Justin shes known for 33 years. david LaChapel maybe she met him 25 years ago. Brian Friedman.

Johnny had very kind things to say about her at the time he sued her.


“I’ve reached out to the people around her, because I want to sit down with her and help in any way that I can. But I don’t know if my messages don’t get to her, or if she just doesn’t want to deal with me.”


I wouldn't rule Johnny out based on the lawsuit.

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7 hours ago, thedoughboy said:

tj doesn't have those kind of connections I don't think, but you might be right about weiss.


7 hours ago, thedoughboy said:

Steve lunt

Tj has no connections but has experiences.
Weiss's testimony is important (if I were his lawyer, I would want his testimony) I don't think it's him but it's a good bet.
Steve Lunt another good bet and important testimonial.

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11 minutes ago, Steel Magnolia said:

Justin shes known for 33 years.

33 years?.

12 minutes ago, Steel Magnolia said:

I wouldn't rule Johnny out based on the lawsuit.

If he is the person behind this, he has to expose himself and say all the damage they did to her ... him, Sonia, for Justin's career ... I would love to hear his testimony in an honest way.

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3 minutes ago, LLuvia said:

33 years?.

If he is the person behind this, he has to expose himself and say all the damage they did to her ... him, Sonia, for Justin's career ... I would love to hear his testimony in an honest way.

Out of anyone mentioned my money's on Johhny.



A comeback is not what I wish for Britney. What I wish for her is to settle down and find real happiness. All her essential relationships have been torn apart. She's been divorced twice, she doesn't have custody of her kids, she's being pushed back into being a money machine. I want her to be happy in her heart, then go back to the business because she wants to, not because people are convincing her she has to, or that it would be good therapy for her. It's too soon for her to be a part of a manufactured machine that is pushing her to have to be a success.

It was very telling when I found out Wade and Andre were no longer with the tour. They helped create the best tours we ever had with Britney. Wade is a really good influence and understands her. When I heard he was no longer involved, I knew there was a problem, and it is probably just the beginning of more problems to come.

Britney has to rival Madonna out there, but Madonna really wants to do it. Seeing Britney do it by the numbers isn't a good sign. It means she might not want it as much as those around her do.

In the beginning, in her mind, she could stop at any time. Now she's thinking, 'I've got 170 people on payroll, my dad quit his job, my mom relies totally on me and I can't take a break. I can't go back to my friends in Kentwood. I can't step back... that's tough for an adult, never mind a kid... When a parent becomes an employee of a child, they worry about getting fired, so they stop being parents in order not to get laid off.

Her career can wait. Now it should be about spending time with her kids. That's where she'll bring herself back to herself. But she's gearing up for much more time away from them while on the road. Even if she's gone for a month, the growth of those boys during that period is significant. She won't see that and will really miss that.

Those are moments she's not going to get back.


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An important detail that Cade says about that man: he was also silenced, the silencers know who he is, he has been censored and restricted from Britney's life ... and that that person has good intentions "even if people do not see him now but will come out. "
I think that detail is important.

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