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Felicia comments on Breatheheavy’s latest post about Cade: I LOVE YOU CADE!!!! ALWAYS!!!

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6 hours ago, Slayer said:

He said he has been threatened and silenced. 

I don't get the logic in attacking people who speak up, you do know this is the sort of thing that prevents people speaking up?

We WANT people to speak up so let's not attack them for doing what we want. People speaking up HELPS Britney, yes this could have been done earlier but it is what it is and we can't do anything about that.


X Speaks


Could't have said this better myself! :)

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5 hours ago, Britman512 said:

Cade is getting hate, tbh it’s valid I look at all her team with a magnifying glass tbh:snooptoya_jackson_snooping_looking_magnifying_glass_glasses_search:

but if he stuck around purposely to keep Britney safe and so that she would have a friend I mean that could be true, but was also paid for his friend to be abused

Is Britney really that susceptible to undue influence or does she have Stockholm syndrome 

Or maybe Britney begged him to work and stay with him, Britney seems to like him a lot, he was on stage during freak show once and he sang like Britney, per her request too

idk what to believe until Britney speaks again 


She can’t make people leave, she can’t fire him, she can’t even throw him out of her house. And given the abuse she was subjected to for insisting on a dance move I don’t think she has wanted to “fight” off anyone in case they tell her dad she is “unstable” so she’ll be punished. It is like in domestic violence, it is about survival and about being smart if you are stuck.

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7 hours ago, colormefresh said:

I do wonder if Britney includes Fe when she says her whole support system did nothing…. Surely Britney knows Fe had no power… I hope!?

they didn't even bring her for the 2018 tour, so she must know they were keeping her out. I wonder if Felicia was supposed to come back for Domination though

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14 hours ago, TomasBR said:

Cade shouldn't be getting hate from fans!

This whole "he could've go to the police" thing is better said than done and not just because of the agreement he sign that could possibly ruin his life. But mostly cause the Britney situation, even if it is bizarre, was do under the law. A judge allowed every move that was made. It wouldn't be just his voice against the TeamCon, it would've been his voice against the whole justice system.

He is not someone know in the media. He speaking out wouldn't get many attention from big media. It would just ruin his life and get him away from Britney, leaving her more alone than she already is! And for us, fans, he would probably be today just another Sam Lufti...

Let's face it: the only person who could've change things by speaking out is Britney herself. Even the doc only helped a little, everyone focused on her being abuse by the media and not in her current situation. Was Britney statements that changed everything. 

Let’s not forget, even she didn’t know she could file for termination. They kept everyone in control. Like she said she was afraid of being sued by her management so she caved in and did the tour despite not being well or wanting to do it. 

its the same with him, the fact that Larry just shoved the contract in front of her literally as she got off stage just shows  they will out of their way with manipulating people to do what they want. His job is an agent and just like the rest of us trying to make a living which he said so himself so why attack him for his honesty? For him to be threatened means he too lived under stress. 

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20 hours ago, Hungry Hun said:

Maybe Britney didnt want her friendship with Cade to end up like Gallery. Gallery said that because of what Britney asked him to do regarding the letter, he would be pushed out of her life and they wouldnt be able to see each other ever again. According to him, they talked through it and still decided to risk their friendship. Team CON not only took the original the letter from him but shoved a 10 years NDA on the guy. Maybe Britney and Cade didnt want something similar to happen to them. Its honestly such a ****ed up situation :sad_britney_ftr_for_the_record:

Who is Gallery?

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15 hours ago, toysoldier88 said:

So if Cade Is part of the good guys than also Jason was?:decisions_britney_thinking_confused_focusing_unsure_xfactor_bw_black_white:

I think Jason is a pretty good guy. Not Jesus but not Kevin Federline or Justin Timberlake. But I really wished she had married that music producer who adored her. When her dad and sister went racist-ape****.

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On 7/25/2021 at 1:33 PM, dfffff said:

Felicia is an angel. The world doesn't deserve people like her and Britney! :tifftear_miss_ny_new_york_ms_crying_wipe_tears_sad:

So when did Felicia petition to end the conservatorship? When did she contact Oprah to tell her Britney has been abused by her father and set up and should not be in a conservatorship? I have higher expectations of “angels”. 

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