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  1. I remember growing up and people would always think that I would want to have s** with Britney.... I was obsessed with her, but not physically attracted to her at all. Also as a gay man, I truly wouldn't know what to do. LOL
  2. G If I can remember, there was gum in the centre???? God I love the Spice Girls. Every day while at work I google search the same things for updates: Britney Spears, Spice Girls, S Club 7, Princess Diaries 3 I beg of Victoria Beckham to return, but I recently just watched another interview where she said no to the reunion and her passionate is beauty and fashion: Some favourite tracks: Never give up on the good times, Holler, Who do you think you are
  3. I would love if she worked with Above and Beyond for a trance song or even Odesza
  4. I found that Me Against the Music is like Dua Lipa's version of Future Nostalgia- that's just my opinion though, an experimental record In my honest opinion, the Onyx Hotel Studio Version, with the remix slaps, it's the best one that I've heard
  5. I think the issue with Britney was that she was forced to work during all those eras. For me, I felt like there were times where she looked like she was channeling her emotions through her career, for example 2016. But I don't think she's giving up her career, she just is walking away for a little bit in her own terms and coming back when she wants to. She actually has a say. But to me, I agree with you during the documentary that there were instances where you can see in her eyes that the fire went away, even though Andre said otherwise. I feel for her :(
  6. Hi everyone, Just saw Miley tweet this. I went to the website as well https://mileyworld.com/
  7. If Britney forgave her sister, that's on her and her own decision to do that. Britney has such a big heart, so maybe she will one day. But, that doesn't change my opinion of JL. Nor would I think this forum would ever let it rest that JL sucks
  8. LMFAO I mean if this is Britney acknowledging the video... does that mean everything we know about their relationship is true?
  9. This is a really good question. To be honest, I don't know many of the new stars... it's hard to keep up/I'm just old now and care less. So all of them? LOL. I can't pinpoint legendary status anymore with any of these new artists.
  10. We need to read what she says in here to be honest, there could be actual information that would explain Britney's story a little more. We may only get JL's perspective and take, but we can continue looking into the narrative of what actually happened. Obviously take her word as a grain of salt but still
  11. So i have a question.... so when they ultimately figure out that Jamie stole all her money, how does he pay it all back? LOL
  12. I got Pfizer! My friend is having wild allergic reactions to Moderna now though. That was the only thing that changed. She suddenly has a reaction to eating beef. Okay, but side question, how do we feel about the anti-vaxxers? I know this is going to lead into debate and everyone has a choice on what they want to do to their bodies, but given where we're heading with vaccine passports and etc, how does that make everyone feel?
  13. I think this album was a banger, it was hit after hit. Trouble for me makes me wet at the gym
  14. I get that we should question a lot of the things that have happened in her conservatorship now knowing the realities that she faced. I mean, I do agree that the song did not age well based on her experiences. But I don't think we dig into every aspect
  15. I DIED WHEN I HEARD THE STUDIO VERSION OF THIS also Snooki's performance was lit from back in the day, beats out all of the contestants this year...
  16. BRITNEY IS SO CUTE HERE. I am so curious to know what happened that year - did Jamie actually have his colon burst during this time and someone else was taking care of her?!
  17. Can someone tell me the importance of Chloe Melas? I don't get it :(
  18. Imagine if she did this choreo during the breakdown at every performance
  19. Her hair is absolutely stunning - perfect bleach blonde
  20. Whenever Britney is ready of course. But to be honest, when she is ready, I am so excited to see her input in everything. She deserves a show that she builds herself in her own terms.
  21. Maybe Britney found it before and then told him when she told him her story when they first met
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