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This Day in Pop: 'Britney Spears Live from Miami' airs in 2004 (March 28)

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I remember muchmusic airing this and me watching up in my room bored AF since I was like 14 and had nothing to do with my time. I think it played on a loop and I watched it literally all day or something lol. 

it was **** and amazing as hell. Wish I saw it live. The only Britney tours I’ve seen are DWAD (my first ever concert) and piece of me in 2015 - the first night she performed “pretty girls” lol... an honour of sorts 

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THE TOUR! She was undeniably ****, was feeling herself and was full of confidence. She was a grown woman who was comfortable with her ***uality. She was at her most creative self and in my opinion, this was her peak as an artist. Everything about this tour was on point, starting from the ITZ era, to the promotional stuff, the costumes, the dancing, the stage presence... everything! I always go back and watch performances from this era....

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4 hours ago, britney_rocks said:

I really wished HBO would’ve filmed this, because Showtime ruined it by putting those tacky graphics on the screen. 

Yeah, i love it, but the camera work is so bad, boys for instance a lot of the great dancing was lost with shots from the audience. Still, my favorite tour, she oozed ***uality and confidence. 

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