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Found 5 results

  1. Bonjour!! ****** <3 <3 ****** I'm Greta, a longtime lurker of this forum – and also a huge britney fan <3 A few years ago I posted here, for my BA final project where I made a book about Britney. I was wondering if anyone here owns a copy of The Onyx Hotel Tour Book, that was for sale as merchandise on the tour? And also if you have any stories or thoughts related to it? Like did you buy it when you saw her on the tour or from Ebay? How did you feel about it? I'm doing a little (actually it's pretty big) fan-made version of it – risoprinted in four colors. Below is a photo of one of the pages in the book. The reason I ask this, is because I'm studying for my Masters degree at the Estonian Academy of Art in Graphic Design – I'm currently working on a project titled "The Most Beautiful Books" where I investigate the influence of pop culture designs on people, and specifically how the material Britney released has had an effect on what I find beautiful. Sorry if this is a really weird question! I appreciate any and all answers hihi <3 <3 <3 xoxo greta ******
  2. Me Against The Music Live - YouTube Music MUSIC.YOUTUBE.COM Britney Spears Performing Live @ Glendale Arena In Arizona. Haven't seen this one before. First time seeing britney doing the ending choreography too! She's such a goofball! Lol Awesome performance, everyone check it out!
  3. On March 02, 2004 The Onyx Hotel Tour kicked off in San Diego, in order to support Britney Spears' fourth album In the Zone. Britney visited America and Europe with it and and showed a more mature and adult side of her in comparison to her previous tours. With 54 concerts in total, 616,887 in attendance, a box office of U$35.3M, The Onyx Hotel Tour would be her last stadium concert before marrying Kevin and becoming a mom the following year, and eventually put under a conservatorship against her will in 2008. Originally planned as "The In the Zone Tour" (later changed due to a lawsuit filed for trademark infringement) it was announced in December 2003. The tour extended through June 06, when it was abruptly cancelled after she injured her knee on the set of the Outrageous music video, after suffering another injury onstage in March while performing (I Got That) Boom Boom in Illinois. It was intended to end in August, and in total 40 shows were cancelled. The setlist was comprised mostly of tracks from the album In the Zone, with only some of her classic hits making the cut, two of which, ...Baby One More Time and Oops!... I Did It Again, were reworked in a Cabaret style. The majority of the show is focused on dancing and sensual performances, but two moments stand out during the concert, the ballads Everytime, performed with Britney playing the piano, and Shadow. Divided in seven segments that narrate the story within the Onyx Hotel, these were the songs performed on the tour: Toxic Overprotected Boys Showdown ...Baby One More Time Oops!... I Did It Again (You Drive Me) Crazy Everytime The Hook Up I'm a Slave 4 U Shadow Touch of My Hand Breathe on Me Outrageous (I Got That) Boom Boom Me Against the Music In an interview for the Associated Press, she explained the meaning behind the onyx stone and the hotels in her life, as well as what the public could expect from the show: MTV was a big supporter of the tour, doing several special shows to promote it. Thanks to Britney Online @CJMCH we just got this backstage at Fresno from TRL in high quality There was also the longer MTV special Road to Miami Besides the show from Miami in March, the one at Rock in Rio Lisboa was also broadcasted in June, and it was reported by MTV that a reality show was being produced to document the backstage of the European leg, which would be later reworked into what ended up being Britney & Kevin: Chaotic.
  4. On March 28, 2004 the special Britney Spears Live from Miami aired on Showtime. It was the Miami show she performed at the American Airlines Arena from her Onyx Hotel Tour, which had kicked off at the beginning of the month. It was directed by Hamish Hamilton. Britney shot some promotional ads for the show, in a 1920's/1930's hairstyle and wearing a Roberto Cavalli dress that was later auctioned on ebay for the Britney Spears Foundation. Related: div widgetiv widget
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