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  1. I have a theory that if Rihanna didn’t step away, Ariana never would’ve gotten as big as she did. Ariana filled the void that Rihanna left. she should be thanking her lucky stars that Rihanna took a break and gave her some room to cop her “bad *****” style and lyrics.
  2. scream and shout, oh la la and till the world ends. I supported oh la la when it came out and thought it was a cute song for summer but its pretty cheesy and not something I wanna listen to now. scream and shout was HUGE when it came out but now its dated and I don't like will I am......speaking of him tho, big fat bass is still amazing. I love Britney's vocals on it and the production is still fun to me. till the world ends was also initially my fave track on femme fatale and a great second single...but its also a bit dated to me now. and doesn't represent Britney's best in my opinion.
  3. 1. REPUTATION 2. TAYLOR SWIFT (not the rest of y'all paying dust to her first album. ) 3. SPEAK NOW (her first albums were just a perfect moment in time for me. and I respect so much that she wrote it all herself ) 4. 1989 5. RED 6. FOLKLORE 7. FEARLESS 8. LOVER 9. EVERMORE (the album I've listened to the least. it's good but not as good as folklore and they came out too soon together) These are pretty much the albums in the rank of how many times I've listened to them. So her first albums are ranking higher, but I do love them all. Fearless should maybe rank higher since it meant so much to me when it came out but I feel a bit sick of it now maybe cause the re-release.
  4. Blowin me up with her love was like my favourite song when it came out. So iconic
  5. I’m not into these remakes and sequels. They’re never as good. Dumb and dumber too vibes. Please don’t bother ruining the legacy. bah humbug!
  6. I think it’s telling that her captions never ever mention the c-ship. She mentions the documentaries but doesn’t mention the key focus... She may not be allowed legally / be being advised not to air any legal stuff? But even a simple “I appreciate the support for court matters” or something like that surely wouldn’t be harmful? Hard to say. Maybe she herself has an NDA on the cship when it was originally signed... If that’s not the case, I do believe it was written by her team as damage control simply for the fact that I believe if she was this opinionated / felt strongly to address some of it - that she would bring up the cship as well. Even generally. what a mess tho lol I saw this right away and have been refreshing exhale ever since
  7. Yes, usually because I agree with them. I’m trying to think of an example of an album that was panned that I loved or vice versa.... hmmm I love the song “private show” and I think it was criticized in a review. It’s also criticized on exhale. But I love it. But glory the album was overall praised in reviews for her vocals etc. it’s hard to say since there are pretty much good reviews and bad reviews to every album. Justice got some good reviews, but also some bad ones. I agreed with the bad ones lol. I guess I care about reviews of albums as an overall summary, and less about reviews of individual songs.
  8. I like it a lot. I also am not shocked though....the lingerie is tasteful and gorgeous. and she was bound to switch it up - especially for a new album cycle.
  9. The guy who was on that song with her recently - “flames” He’s trying to be like a machine gun Kelly I guess? Look him up. He’s totally gross.
  10. I will never write a song alluding to my relationship with Justin again. next: Meg the stallion
  11. I don’t understand the connection and why he sent them. Was it her bday? Do they know each other?
  12. I came on to give my two cents about the article - was gonna say control should def be higher!!! And I saw ur list and I think I’m the exact same. Flawless choices. Including that space for 20 YO lollllll unbreakable was very underrated - better than I thought it was going to be. and I was looking forward to black diamond! I hope that comes out this year but I somehow doubt it.
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