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  1. I just mean these people who are putting a damper on her engagement announcement should be spreading awareness about the c-ship thats all - and looking into that which is a current reality with real exorbitant figures that is happening NOW. People who think he's after her money need to go after the real sharks who are actually getting a lot of money from her who are doing her wrong. Not worry about this guy who's making her happy maybe getting some of her money on the chance it doesn't work out. There is a current injustice happening and that should be the focus right now is what I'm saying. I would think after all she's been paying out to Kevin and the c-ship, Britney isn't dumb enough to not protect her own assets etc so I just think people bringing up a prenup need to mind their own business. It never crossed my mind that she'd need random people throwing that in her face to make her think of it. And I think it's just insulting to her after she is currently being taken advantage of financially for people to be like "SiGn A pReNuP gIrL" like not helpful. It's like when someone has lung cancer being like "sMoKing iS BaD fOr YoU" like thanks for the heads up lol.....
  2. I find the prenup comments ridiculous because if people gave a **** about her money, they'd know she's already being bled dry from the conservatorship - lawyers, doctors, her own family. not to mention she already pays child support to deadbeat Kevin. if sam even gets 1% of what she's been bleeding out to the c-ship the last 13 years it would be peanuts. So all these people saying "get a prenup" can maybe just say "freebritney" and bring awareness to the current injustices if they care so much about her bank account.
  3. LOL cause heaven forbid he profit off of Britney’s fame and money….what kind of a person does that? Right Jamie lynn? Lol what a loser
  4. I just thought she seemed off a bit? Seemed like a weird little intro where she didn’t say much / I was hoping she’d perform or promote something / a free Britney shoutout perhaps? Lol
  5. I will be watching with popcorn you best believe
  6. My hangover song is def “hair” by Ashley Tisdale lol super random but that song literally would make my hangover feel less bad. I always would put it on and tiredly bop to it. It’s my cure all, along with a grilled cheese, pickles and tomato soup.
  7. So I haven’t been on exhale in awhile cause I had a baby LOL so I’m not sure if anyone else has said this or what the consensus is but this whole story reeks of fake. reported by tmz which has ties to cship of course… I believe the c ship wanted Britney’s name in the headlines for something OThER than free Britney. To get the heat off them and also to make her look like a train wreck again and get rid of the public sympathy for her. how to do that? let’s get the housekeeper on the line. Pay her a sum of money to claim assault, fire her / get rid of her, sign an NDA, boom. Done. Easy peasy lemon squeezey. it’s the first thing I thought of and it’s obvious as ****. Or if some light squabble happened, Jamie or the powers that be would be all over that, telling the housekeeper to press charges and covering her fees and continuing leaking all of Britney’s negative moods / incidents to tmz. I refuse to pay any more attention or follow THIS story. The story that should be in the headlines is the conservatorship developments. This is a joke. I just gave birth to a baby girl and it makes me So sad to think Britney Spears who has worked so hard and is a grown *** woman with all the money in the world and ability to support a child and access to great medical care etc can’t do that. It hurts me to think my idol can’t live her dreams. This conservatorship needs to end regardless if she fought w her ******* housekeeper!!!! Greedy pigs
  8. my husband has learned a lot about Britney through me lol he admitted when we first got together that he kind of thought it was lame at first that I was so obsessed - but he admitted that growing up he thought she was hot and would watch her music videos if he noticed they were on just to check her out. he has grown to appreciate her - and pop music in general - as a valid art form and appreciates production, lyrics and just the overall value of a 'pop star' and realizes that Britney is one of the best and was huge for our generation. when we went to her show in Vegas I swear he had a better time than I did lol. I think he was surprised that he knew every song - cause she has so many hits that everyone knows and it was just banger after banger. and then of course, the c-ship is legit a travesty to her life, liberty and her brand/career ...and he believes its money laundering. I keep him up to date. he knows about exhale...sometimes when big news comes out he'll actually be like "what are the forums sayin?" his favourite Britney songs are phonography, he about to lose me, and liar. I just realized (once again) that my husband is flawless lol
  9. Outrageous? As if!!! i voted I wanna go. Super dated. another song I can’t listen to anymore is scream and shout… thankfully not a Britney song tho
  10. I'm sorry but the thought of mod sun taking these photos - barf she is always posting cringey couple stories on her insta of them making out and acting like a middle school couple. and he is SOOOOOO gross like I just want to heave. imagine going from Brody Jenner to this walking case of hepatitis. I realize I sound like a hater but damn Avril....whatchu doin
  11. ugh so frustrating! I def think that was the intention - to make the public think it was over and move on to something else / ease the public pressure. I honestly truly think that team con wanted that to leak out through tmz for that reason. and I hate them even more for it.
  12. glad to repost this to my fb (lol) I got really sick of people on my social media posting "victory! he's stepping down!" and ppl messaging me cause they know I follow the case and me sounding like a gloomy ***** being like "not necc true but yes very small victory" lol
  13. yknow it's funny I kind of the thought the BOMT video was lame because it was set in school and I thought it was trying to make school seem cool. I was like, 9 years old, so I didn't understand the ***ual connotations of "**** school girl" LOL just funny to think about now how it went over my head. I would say though the Crazy music video and song. My brother gifted me her second album and it was the soundtrack to my life. I loved it. I would say Oops era I became a Stan - but I did enjoy the BOMT era and appreciated who she was. she had so many singles. the good ole days.
  14. I feel like she's been 'over-singing' the last few tracks she's released and I haven't enjoyed them as much. I do love her voice though so I don't wanna be shady. mad love was amazing and I loved 'think about you' from good to know. I'm excited for new music..... I just hope its not too much of a crooner lol
  15. No I didn’t like changes either tbh lol I couldn’t decide what album is worse. Both of them have really cheesy songs/lyrics. But I do like the song “peaches” a lot.
  16. I want her to do it when she gets all the money from it. Unless she does this for free? The thought of the c ship using the money from this to pay for the lawyers to fight to keep control of her is such a mind ****.
  17. the phrase "but 13 years ago I did gewd!!!!" is pathetic. he should've been saying the phrase "5 years ago..." max. 13 years is a ridiculous amount of time and everyone see's that. I loved her lawyers response!!!!! stepping down is only the beginning and I'm so glad that he is. hate that someone else needs to be appointed but hopefully its temporary as ****.
  18. Justice - Justin Bieber. I (try to) love him so much but god, that album sucked major
  19. he would know. wasn't he caught posting on some alt-right conspiracy websites or something?
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