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On 10/3/2020 at 12:11 PM, Britney-fan12332143 said:

yea she probably did get in trouble

Ugh no WONDER. Brett and Britney were so cool. This is why she was probably removed 

I know fans don’t like her for the shopping scene of FTR but they were friends and Britney probably needed that at the time (and perhaps even now)

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On 6/4/2021 at 11:36 AM, britneyqueenn said:

Another creepy mystery of Britney...yes she sounds like britney but like 2000-2003 britney..britney voice was changed in 2011 cause of the meds..you know how robotic her voice was during femme fatale era.so yeah it's creepy . A clone? Or it was the real britney?

To me it sounds very 2008 but they did mention 2011’s femme fatale 

Maybe she was genuinely happy here, if it is in fact her 

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2 hours ago, 2K16NEY said:

Let’s say this ridiculous theory was valid. Don’t you think they would make a clone that was as legendary and amazing as Britney was in her peak?

Not a clone that was depressed and silenced and hated performing :waitwhat_britney_lights_out_scared_um_confused_what:

These clone theories are hilarious. I do find it funny that Mona Lisa changed from “she’s home” to “she’s been cloned”. But obviously that wasn’t meant to be taken literal. :receipts2_britney_um_browsing_browse:

As I wrote before, I don´t think that Brit was cloned. If this would be the case, she must have been cloned when she was a baby/before birth.

If she were a clone, you wrote they would have the perfect clone to replace her with a  girl with a lot of talent. Sounds plausible.

BUT:You can only clone the appearance.Not the charakter,talents,their memorys, the whole innermost.A clone is his own person,with own feelings,character.

That's why cloning is so controversial.

And I also don't think that a woman would train hard all her life to be able to sing and dance well and to always be on call.She could never lead an independent life.

And that everything without getting anything in return.just so that another woman is in the spotlight and reaps the laurels.

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18 hours ago, Cinderella85 said:

I don´t think that they have replaced Brit with clones in the last few years. These were "real" humans. But I can´t understand her team. WHY they changed the line into"she wants you to know, she´s been cloned."Back then, they said, it´s about the painting in the Lourve. There are rumors, it´s an adulteration. But WHO remembers that they said it?!Now a lot of people take it as proof, that Brit is a clone. And her Break the Ice video on top( when it came out, they were not talking about clones, they said the women in the video who look like Britney are the women, Kevin cheated her with them. The  man in the video is Kevin.)Actually, a good team should avoid such a mess. They put more oil into the fire.

I think, that we had so many doppelgangers the last years were because Brit was too overworked and sick. They pressed her out like a citron. And maybe they did it to cover up for the public that they put Brit into rehab again. And Brit fights her team more than ever. Femme Fatale and Britney Jean should be totally different albums. So, these albums must be there somewhere. (can you imagine that they hide 4- 5 albums from us?)No wonder, that Myah Marie had to jump in. How could Brit have time to record two albums? With a follow-up Residency?


About cloning in general:Yes, I think it is being researched. Although it is not publicly known and is considered immoral.But I don´t think they are so far that they can be running around.If you are interested I recommend you the movies:

The Island

A Cure for Wellness

And the TV Show Orphan Black (the women didn't even know they were clones. They thought they were normal people and lived normally.)



Yeah I do also think some of the “Britneys” who have appeared in Sam’s latest stories aren’t always Britney for example. Shadiest team and circle ever that she has.


And thanks for the recommendations! I’m intrigued, will be watching!

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The fans who believe in human cloning :awks_britney_side_eye_awkward_2011_ff_femme_Fatale: ... 

Jesus Christ, no wonder Britney’s family think her fan base are bat sh^t crazy! 

Like... you must believe in aliens from outer space are living amongst us and UFOs fly over the sky like CMON people 😂 

Don’t know what you’re smoking but you’re making this fan base look bad. Get an education. Or stick to your day job. Or stay in school. PLEASE! 😂

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I remember this Banana Alice being talked about back then. There's something off the way this sounds. It's almost as if some audio of Britney cut into this or something. Even as a real person, as others said last year it doesn't sound like 2011 Britney. Plus if you listen closely enough, it's not even 100% like primeney. But the impression is a lot like how Britney sounded back in the day (not 2011). This has been debunked it's not her. And while some of y'all have clowned Billy B, y'all have been duped by this recording.

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On 10/3/2020 at 12:51 PM, jordeezy said:

It was her.  It's annoying how someone told Slo4n that it was a clone lol. He said that in one of his videos.  

Ugh, Sloan is so unstable it's scary. I stopped following him after his first Britney video. The first one was awesome, but everything afterwards was just conspiracies and ramblings.

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1 hour ago, BrittonJeanSpears said:

Ugh, Sloan is so unstable it's scary. I stopped following him after his first Britney video. The first one was awesome, but everything afterwards was just conspiracies and ramblings.

I hadn't even watched his videos because they are so conspiratorial in the titles and thumbnails. It helps Britney none. 

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1 hour ago, Tear the floor up up said:

Is that phone call from 2015 also banana Alice ?

No i don’t know who that was it may have been legit, but Alice is not Britney the girl even gave a radio station a fake interview and when they found out they went insane. It’s honestly a miracle she’s never been sued especially with the Billy stuff, he never has an answer as to why “Britney” has never FaceTimed him and he has been told it is Alice and still chooses to ignore it. 

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