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  1. Legit what the hell right? I don’t hate 2021 ok, but the difference in quality is actually crazy. I feel like even though music is far more accessible, theres very limited artists with all around quality in the way there was back then. Idk if it’s the production or what… There are advantages to today’s music, like being able to reach artists (of all kinds, including indie artists) far more easily and not having to rely on label drama… but at the same time I feel like it’s far less uninspired right now. You really have to look deep to find it. im happy w my picks .., and they’ll likely make the exhale end of year charts I fear for @Blackout2006
  2. She found out her dad was sick In all seriousness tho I think she thought she was gonna get out of the cship by 2015, or flee to the UK as documents alleged
  3. It’s internalized homophobia because it suggests that because he is Traditionally or rather, stereotypically feminine in his commentary, he is somehow gay or should be forced to come out. It shows that even though many of you are in fact gay, you still view him as somehow in denial of his truth and therefore subordinate in a way. It might not be as advert because we are all marginalized but know your bias and to the person who litetally is telling someone to go to atrl because this is a millnnial site, you sound like an absolute ignorant person. Internalized homophobia has existed long before a 30 something year old and will remain discourse long after. And just for the record, as someone who is in fact sandwiched in between millennials and gen z, I can safely say that gen z is far more progressive and will be the change that millennials and gen x wish they had.
  4. It’s just the debut! I haven’t heard it yet but we will never know what he’ll bring next. I’m not saying baby one more time is comparable in terms of success, but in general even that wasn’t Britney’s most involved or favourite album. Debut albums in general are just the starting point so maybe it will change w the sophomore record or subsequent singles! He’s very cool to me
  5. I hate myself I hate myself I hate myself
  7. Imma watch it with my boy @SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN we really won baby
  8. I hate that he’s kinda hot here tbh… but it also was a thing back then too but ya I didn’t even know this existed didn’t he host his own after party at a penthouse suite that night? The 2007 VMAs were probably the weirdest one since it was shot at so many locations
  9. I love this album cover. It genuinely has aged so well. What makes it perfect and timeless is the simplicity of it. It’s truly Britney coming into her own. It’s blue, it’s pure, it has so many layers and all you can see is this one person. The title is perfect, shes let go of all inhibitions. She’s in her zone and embraced herself for who she is, regardless of what people said or which artists were trying to outdo her. When you look at the cover, from whichever angle, her eyes follow you. She’s vulnerable, she’s ***ually liberated, shes barely wearing any makeup. It’s just her and she’s absolutely confident about it. It’s perfect because she’s able to convey all of this compelling emotion without having to say a word or try super hard with a big flash of a cover. In the zone is my album for real
  10. His album isn’t even out yet so maybe he will have more to deliver with that and in all fairness the way that racists in the country community and hip hop community have rejected him, I don’t blame him for his anger. I think it’s more comedy than anything his VMA performance from what I saw of it was actually very fun to watch. I’d rather watch an interesting performer in comparison to some bore like Shawn Mendez who literally is just hot and that’s all. 💯
  11. He’s hilarious and has a similar comedic style to half the ppl on exhale. I also want to have s🍳x with him he has more charisma in his thumb in comparison to the acts out rn I’m sure ppl here might just be anti black lmao!! There’s literally no actual reason to be annoyed by him and some do the same to Beyoncé too x
  12. I love chocolate and I do enjoy taking baths when I can! What is your favourite chocolate bar? Personally I love Hershey’s and Aero. Bueno, Aero, and Caramilk are honorary mentions. Omg me——— Not that you deserve to be out of energy or to go in your bed and cry (me sitting in bed for hours and going on my phone for an average of 13 hours a day apparently- then again I don’t have a laptop). I really recommend taking vitamin C or having orange juice to be more awake or alert. I personally get my energy from orange juice when it’s bought in my house (I am a juice junkie though, and tend to drink it all) apparently there are “calming candles” that you can buy. Lavender is apparently also good for anxiety so I wonder if it would help make people happier in candle form! LOL here if u wanna chat! 🤍✨ thank you so much
  13. BYE DGHHHKJDGHG And that’s just a few! And this is no shade to Britney who obviously has had the bigger career in her time. I just want it to be noted that there’s no reason for us to believe Beyoncé doesn’t have a huge career. It is genuinely huge.
  14. Rik

    VMA Ratings TANK

    So I’m just gonna voice type test because I am exhausted again. The VMAs used to be called the Super Bowl for the youth at least around 2001 and it was really popular. If it wasn’t for artists or groups like Britney, Nirvana, Michael, Janet, Madonna and so forth there really wouldn’t be a VMAs. If it wasn’t for people like Fiona Apple and even Kanye West for that matter, the VMAs wouldn’t have been as relevant. I think what is really necessary to garner viewership is to have a full star studded talent fuelled set of performers and that isn’t to put down this year‘s performers either I just think that it needed an extra OOMF, you know? If you arent going to have music videos at least have incredible performances and moments I think Normani+ Chloe, and Lil Nas X did the VMAS justice in a 2021 setting where performances are not as appreciated by the general public (which once made up MTV’s audience). I like them and I think they are the future of pop perhaps?? I liked the highlight performances that I saw pieces of, but if they are going to be successful they need a 2016 level VMAS again. They need Britney, they need Beyoncé, they need Janet, they need Madge (even though I don’t like her anymore) they need Elton John, they need a variety of genres and performances from artists of all ages! That’s what makes it a MUSIC TELEVISION show for example, the same year britney performed slave 4 u, Jay Z performed, Janet also performed…. Michael got on stage w nysync to perform Pop, Alicia Keys performed Fallin, Linkin Park performed, U2 even performed and ended up winning the Michael Jackson video vanguard award. We need diversity in terms of the music being presented, and that goes for nominations too. We need to open it up to all artists of all ages and all genres, to attract more audiences. It doesn’t have to be a 3 and a half hour show like it once was (they cut it in half by 2003 and it has since continued to lessen in length). I really wish I could work for MTV News
  15. Do you like to talk about it with people around you that you trust? Family, friends if you are so lucky to be able to express your feelings openly Do you like eating cookie dough ice cream? Do you like to journal or write poetry, songs, or creatively? if you have access to a shower or bathtub, do you like to take baths to destress? sleeping in a little longer or taking naps to recharge? Do you enjoy reading; Going for walks? what are things that make you feel better!
  16. In not gonna lie I didn’t look at the list LOL IM A FLOP but ur right…. It should not be above bohemian rhapsody. It honestly shouldn’t even be above toxic. It could be right after it tho… like it makes sense to me w how iconic both were and are im just annoyed by ppl discrediting her only on here as if she’s some unknown indie artist tho hdjdjsjshdjeudhd
  17. sweetie I literally am making a thread right now in the other tab…it’s an album concept for successia’s comeback and exhale will deal
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