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  1. Needed this comedic break. I like your new picture Look But Don’t Touch… btw notice you been MIA for awhile… where’d you go?
  2. You can do your Pride activism and still take 10 minutes out of your day to comment on a tragedy, a human rights violation of a woman you supposedly cared for once. My words might have been crass but as I’ve already said it’s not “hate” it’s a valid reason to be disappointed about. Each person is entitled to their own opinion. Period.
  3. I think you need to look up the meaning of the word misogynist. Hateful? Try more like disappointed and frustrated. There’s a difference. Stay in school.
  4. I was never begging anyone, nor did I see anyone begging her to speak up. What I did see was people saying “why aren’t you speaking up” and sharing their disappointment in her for not speaking up. Asking why someone isn’t speaking up and calling out fake feminism isn’t “begging” for someone to talk. It’s literally calling them out for being a fake b^tch. Forgive me, and others, for holding certain celebrities in the music industry to a higher standard than others, and for being disappointed when they didn’t come through in a genuine way to support our girl. Also, demanding someone say something isn’t begging either. A lot of fans were demanding she use her platform to advocate for a fellow female artist she once said she felt “maternal” towards. So again, forgive those fans who seem to have been demanding too much of this exceptionally privileged old hag. After Britney gave her testimony, Madonna was partying it up for selfies at gay bars for Pride. You had to be living under a rock to not know what was going on and she chose to stay silent and pose like a sl*t at gay bars for promo and say nothing? Like come on. Give. Me. A. Break. Thanks for finally speaking up Madge. It’s about *** **** time you used your celebrity and privilege for something good beyond your promo selfies!!
  5. Honestly, she came late to the party. And while some lazy words were strung together to show some semblance of support, it’s nothing compared to the thoughtful, articulative and meaningful post Christina did. Or Justin Timberlake for that matter. Nice to see her using her platform to help Britney but when you read a post like Christina’s and then Madonna’s one just has to think: does Madonna ACTUALLY give a sh^t? My guess is … no. Whatever.
  6. Nothing in this world is one of my fav bops ever… love u gurlllll thanks for supporting B!
  7. I honestly LOVED Bionic and I think it’s a highly underrated album. I think it was unfair for Gaga fans to label her as copying Gaga when Gaga herself was accused of copying Madonna. Everyone borrows from each other to some degree or can find inspiration in their peers or the trends of the time. I loved the songs and the direction of the era. Her look was FLAWLESS! To those who are still finding reasons to hate on her, just remember who used their platform to advocate for Britney. Stop with the pettiness. If you’ve nothing nice to say keep it to your negative self.
  8. It’s a privately owned website. It’s like a private business. Jordan makes the rules for what he deems appropriate or not on his website. Just because “freedom of speech” is a “right” doesn’t mean you can waltz into a private business and start going off on staff or other consumers/clients/members just because you have a “right” to say what you want. I mean, you do, but the owner has the *right* to kick yo a^s out the door! That’s how private businesses work. Jordan is running a decent site. If you don’t like it go make your own?
  9. Agree on the word censorship. Like Twitter is a social media site for all ages and yet one can write swear words in their tweets regardless and it’s no issue. Yet on Exhale this type of censorship exists and it almost feels like the users are being asked to conform to kindergarten-like standards. That’s my only peeve though. Can’t have everything I suppose. It’s a good site otherwise imo.
  10. You don’t know that as fact. You’re entitled to your opinion but you can’t make assertions as statement of fact when you honestly don’t know the true answer. And who f^cking cares if she did? Honestly.
  11. Honestly why does it matter if she used drugs illicit or otherwise 13 years ago? The claim is not outlandish or outside the realm of possibility. What I take issue with is that you seem offended at the prospect she had an issue with substances at all… this is what we call *stigma*. Personally I think there’s nothing wrong in the idea that Britney may have had a struggle with addiction or substance abuse and she conquered it. She said herself in her June 23rd testimony she attended A.A. And she made friends there with other women who she wasn’t allowed to see. Which is very sad because if you’re educated in addiction therapy you’ll know that the opposite of addiction is connection. There’s nothing wrong with people having gone through the struggle with addiction. There’s no shame in that. If she’s clean and mentally healthy and happy what does it matter whether or not it’s insinuated or indicated she had substance issues 13 years ago like really? Of all the things you could be peeved about, how dare investigative journalists report there was some degree of substance abuse. Stop with your stigmatizing of real life struggles and move along with something more constructive with your time. 👍🏻
  12. I feel like both Jamie and Lynne are trying to quickly save face. Jamie hammering Jodi and asking that an investigation happen immediately to address Britney’s testimony claims, and now Lynne asking Britney be allowed her own counsel. Just a sudden shift to suddenly appear on Britney’s side and super concerned suddenly you know? As long as it results in this conservatorship ending, I’m all for it. But as Britney said, regardless of them possibly changing their time now “those who’ve done this to me should not get away so easily” (not sure if that was exact).
  13. Never dragged her performances. Always loved them no matter how lacklustre the energy might have been. Just seeing her makes my whole day! I do think it’s a great post though as many in the fan base did criticize her at the time.
  14. Couldn’t they use it and if the state of California tried to stop them they could fight it in court? I feel like Britney’s testimony is a historic moment of demonstrating a constitutional right to free speech and such speech in this circumstance warrants public knowledge and transparency as it is a case that the public has a legitimate interest in for safety and security of a human being. And besides, the testimony has been transcribed. It’s on the public record. Why does it even matter if they use the actual recording or not when the words will be the exact same? Im hoping they use the recording. It’s so powerful.
  15. People of colour are being targeted and killed in the streets on a daily basis in the USA? Can you substantiate that claim? I’d like to see the evidence that posits that assertion. I find it VERY hard to believe police are out to kill people on the daily like the secret service in N^zi Germany. Sounds more like sensationalism and a false narrative.
  16. 1) Not all police are corrupt, that’s a lazy statement 2) the officials in Russia and Middle Eastern countries are VERY corrupt WANT RECEIPTS SIS? 3) No one is JUSTIFYING wrongdoings by Western nations BUT PERSPECTIVE is needed. Improvement needed? Yes. Is America and my country Canada horrible evil oppressive places? NO. F^CK OFF with that tired sad divisive narrative. Please.
  17. Yep the same narrative is being spun in Canada. Our national holiday was cancelled because of it. The political left here decided despite our having universal health care for all our citizens, no death penalty, having gay marriage long before the US; & despite having equal rights for women & LGBT and minorities and being a place where thousands of refugees flee here to escape persecution, that we are descendants of colonialism and therefore an evil genocidal white supremacist horrible country. Like I get it and I acknowledge there were atrocities committed historically but that doesn’t make the modern day nation a n^zi internment camp. Like I just think spinning this narrative is getting out of control. No country is perfect but we aren’t beheading people for being gay like they do in Iran. Like come on. If you hate the West then go live somewhere else.
  18. Who cares if they can see what’s being posted. What’s being posted here is being posted literally everywhere from Twitter to magazine exposés to independent forums and other social media channels. Let them watch the public take them to task and hold them accountable for their appalling treatment of a human being. It’s just silly to be paranoid. This isn’t just a fan movement anymore. You have organizations like the ACLU posting about it now. It’s a global movement that is supported by all people on the political spectrum and non-fans who are behind the movement because they see this as a human rights abuse issue. Not a Britney issue. What are they going to do? Like seriously? And honestly, they got to have much more on their hands than to take time to read and participate in fan forums on the internet… they have a lot bigger fish to fry at this point imo!
  19. Everyone on team CON are going out to media outlets claiming they’re receiving death threats. I call bullsh^t. They’re trying to make supporters look hysterical.
  20. Just noticed this too. Suddenly they’re back again. And on a tweeting rampage of self pity and alleging #FreeBritney supporters are attacking them and they’re reporting everything to the authorities. Omg, like GURL, if your life is in danger GTFO Twitter and social media and f^ck off lol. They’re just instigating sh^t. Ugh. Annoying. Probably some teenage girl.
  21. You guys I think they just made their Twitter private! LOL! Hurray! Good riddance b^tch! Their account now says “These tweets are protected”.
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