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  1. I talked to her and nearly died. It was pretty cool, for the longest time I thought it wasn’t really; now I think it may have actually been her. She said I was cute. 😁
  2. .1% is 1.5 million, not 150 million, what you’ve calculated is 10% of the sale, which we don’t know if she is entitled to. I agree that her net worth is suspiciously low, but maybe get your math right.
  3. I voted, but she’s up against ‘Health Care Workers Fighting Covid.’ There’s no way she can beat that.
  4. Damn, I never noticed that. I knew their chins were quite different.... but that lack of an upper lip is jarring.
  5. Lol, what? Jamie Lynn definitely looks like Britney's sister. Britney is definitely prettier of the two, but the resemblance is uncanny.
  6. To be fair, this is done so that both parents are able to provide a similar lifestyle to each of their kids. If Kelly was a multimillionaire and her husband was not, Kelly would be at an advantage as a parent and the kids may want to spend more time with their mother as a result. It does seem like a suspiciously large amount, yet these sorts of orders are put forth by the court for a specific purpose.
  7. 100%. The caustic behaviour needs to stop. It’s harmful and not a good look.
  8. She was in a very bad place and there were very bad people around her and she was clearly on a lot of different prescription pills. It could have ended very badly. I don't like to think of the possibilities without intervention, though I do not support the conservatorship and shouldn't have lasted beyond 2009.
  9. I’m pretty I remember you as well; it’s been so long. Ah, I still have Abbie on facebook and still sometimes message with her... It was absolutely insane back then!!! Probably one of the weirder forums at the time. So much bloody drama. It’s funny that I used to be so invested in it, would gaf now!
  10. It's not an us vs. them. It's a very valid criticism of a previously perceived behaviour that I wanted to constructively critique. My original post was not aggressive in the slightest and was critiquing behaviour that I found problematic and was concerned would continue after this is all said and done. This is all just my opinion anyway, you don't have to agree with it or even care. You don't know me, what I say on a forum shouldn't hold any weight. Maybe you're justified in what you did or your previous behaviour and if you believe that, then that's all that matters. Yet, the fact that you're defensive speaks otherwise, but maybe I'm wrong. Also stating that 'something has always been this way and it's never going to change' is an absolute awful way of justifying something. We are humans. We are adaptable, things can change. In our lifetime people went from not supporting gay marriage or their relationships, to the majority supporting it and the laws changing to reflect that. Humans are more capable of growth on social issues than you are giving them credit. ps. I didn't realize having an education and being formally educated on the philosophy of logic constituted as 'last season'. Oops.
  11. If I remember correctly, you were in school while a lot of 'exhell' was a thing. So yeah, the community unmodded became a little caustic, but you aren't necessarily to blame. You had other priorities and were likely pulled in a lot of different directions. For better or for worse, this site was at one point the gay/pop music forum equivalent to the wild west. It was sometimes as great as it was terrible. (Though usually just more terible) Exhale was there for me in a very low point in my life and allowed me to have friends when my mental health didn't allow me to irl. So even at its worst, it still helped a lot of people. Your laissez faire management style maybe enabled the lot of the toxic behaviour at the time, you can't place the blame on yourself. People other than you posted terrible things and did a lot of ****ty stuff; they're responsible for that. Now that you were able to put your time into the forums and really curate the environment you wanted it to be, you really made something pretty great.
  12. Lol, another one was exfail. The messy part of me kind of misses this time.
  13. Believe is my all time fave. Smells so good. I own prerogative and wear it.
  14. After all this time. It's been a weight on me. As a person who has personally struggled from mental health issues, the idea of having ones' rights taken away due to that is just... unthinkable. It's an injustice and one I hope is corrected soon. #FREEBRITNEY <3
  15. Omg yay! Welcome back. I'm glad we are back in much more optimistic times. She's finally getting her freedom! yasss.
  16. I totally get what you're saying and maybe what I'm asking for is a tad unrealistic... but I just feel as though it is super disingenuous for everyone to be singing kumbaya and fighting for Britney's treatment, criticize the media and how the public has treated her... when a lot of the fans were participating in the behaviour they are now condemning. I just wanna call out this behaviour so people aren't so... y'know... caustic in the future and when things calm down... people aren't so aggro.
  17. It wasn't productive or constructive. They lambasted Britney for not putting in the actual effort. The fans cared nothing for the conservatorship and blamed Britney for everything. If you were Britney, would you have been happy with that? "Oh their ****ting on me and everything I do lead to the conservatorship being questioned." No. It didn't work like that. I left exhale a Britney fan who was still questioning why she was in a conservatorship and talking about it to all who would listen. You didn't need to be an ******* to Britney and trash her to dislike the conservatorship. This is a false equivocation and just justifying terrible behaviour. Britney was clearly unhappy and unmotivated and those who were unhappy with what she was producing placed the blame on her. I don't celebrate every single thing she has ever done, but I don't participate in unnecessary cruelty either. Don't build a straw man argument based on what I said. Logical fallacies aren't cute.
  18. Yeah, I was called a Britard a few times. Not all fans were bad, but some of them (far too many) were just so bitter. It was extremely problematic. I loved the FF era tbh. I still think FF was her most cohesive album yet. The singles were also super strong. I would give anything for another Britney album.
  19. So in the general section there was a bunch of regulars that all posted. There was cliques, rivalries, frenemies, etc. We were a very tight nit community. We had a pictures thread and people would often post pictures of themselves. In just a short time period, over 5 regular posters were outed for faking their identity, gender, etc. It was weird and kind of shocking/depressing. I had been lied to by people I had thought were my friends, so I was just over it all. This partially contributed to the reason why I left exhale.
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