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Fans Think Britney Spears Threw Shade At Her Conservatorship In New Instagram Post

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17 minutes ago, SkinnyAsANeedle said:

Okay this is seriously disturbing. :sobbing:


Her team is posting on her Instagram, posing as her, acting like her conservatorship is a "Timeout," and pretending that Britney is making jokes about it.


This is disgusting in every way :beyfedup:

K, but she’s clearly in control.

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8 minutes ago, blackoutbixxh said:

I AM LIVINGGGGG :yesplease:

Something BIG is coming y’all. Britney is done playing games. I’m ready for her to lay some people out!! YAS QUEEN! :pumped:

I think same! This post is obviously about  conservatorship! I really hope that in 1 week or at at least in 1 month she is will be finally free! 


I am getting positive guys! 

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this is both disturbing and intriguing... ! :ohcrap:


hmm after a quick search of that image source (one feisty old broad) i think she is nothing but saying she wants to stay in vacations forever... hahaha maybe answering to some demanding comments from fans for releasing new music... who knows.. i hope she is having a good time 

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