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  1. I actually agree. The shoe post is a non-issue, and really looks like more of a swipe for anyone assuming she only shops at Target. The IG is always a huge thing that turns into a bunch of derailing.
  2. This is a deep debate here and on Twitter. I.... listen. Part of me is like, but why brag now? And part of me is like, do I really care? No, is the answer to that second. It is strange that this "humble brag" was pulled out after those articles, I'll admit. But I think things get too easily derailed with her IG ****, so I'm just....
  3. Don't they have some more attacking of the other pop girls to pointlessly do? Literally, the joke of the Army now.
  4. ^^ Actually what's happened. Oh, as well as Lynne's IG suddenly being deleted out of nowhere and them suing fans, as in Jamie as well as Loucifer.
  5. I think she's a mix, a fruit and flower tea person. She loves flowers too much not to.
  6. And not all of them are even Britney, because, as proven by Meaner and others (on Twitter): two of the dates, she was either in Paris, or on a flight from London to Paris, and had no access to a Target. So how many others aren't Britney, either, is my question.
  7. I'm actually not worried about what everyone else thinks or if it's fandom accepted: My top three/trinity includes ITZ, Blackout, and Britney.
  8. I feel like it was because of the IG fiasco that she was given more control, a show of "see, you're wrong, she is in control!" I even agree with Tess that Britney's control began with the "skinny as a needle" post. But it makes me laugh that people think it's reaching when it was posted EXACTLY a week before the battle begins, and again, her team stands nothing to gain from posting it themselves. I did initially suspect maybe she was referring to the future, meaning she was sick of us or her career, but I think we're all forgetting one really important thing about her: She's a ******* fighter. And fans opinions ain't ruffling her feathers, lmao. Plus using "a decade" is pretty pointed. But yeah.
  9. Ahh-- see, I actually don't know if you believe it's Britney on her IG, or Lou, and that's a tidbit I have to know. But I'll guess... You're on the side of it being a c ship reference?
  10. With few rare exceptions on different sides, I'm not shocked to see who thinks what usually matches up with their opinion of the situation overall. Y'all so predictable.
  11. Lmfao, so y'all are convinced it's not Britney still? Even though it would benefit Lou in NO WAY to post shade to the thing SHE orchestrated to put Britney under? Like, stop for five seconds and think: what does she gain? Y'alls trust? Nah. Personally, I think if it was Lou trying to imply Britney is tired of us or whatever, she'd use something other than "decade." And that could be the only reason I'd see the "team" posting it at all. There's nothing else there to gain, period.
  12. Is this one of the lies they sprinkled in? Because Britney Spears felt confident enough to mention it at all last night, sooooo..... But I knew it would be a war. Frankly, y'all should have, too.
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