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  1. She’s tuned into that infinite universal magic flow and it’s beautiful to see. I love how fearlessly she expresses herself. It’s inspirational. Can’t wait to see what souvenirs she brings back to the stage with her.
  2. I honestly think she's quite happy/content, just living her life, and enjoying not having to be a "popstar". Is there **** going on with her legal freedoms, business dealings, and relationships with certain people in her life/family? It sure seems like it. Has she dealt with a ton of bull**** from the media over the years? Definitely. And that stuff probably had an impact on her health. I can't imagine I'd have been able to come through all that unscathed, so it wouldn't surprise me if she's still recovering from some major trauma. But I get the sense that she's not dwelling on it, and is focused on finding peace/joy/happiness despite it all. I don't think she's like a caged animal, and I think she posts whatever she wants on social media. I like seeing her be herself. People are so critical and judgemental, saying she's "crazy" and all that (I won't even get into how unethical it is to armchair diagnose people).. but I think she just doesn't give a **** what people think, and is just honestly expressing herself. I like it. She's such a huge inspiration as a human, and an ABSOLUTE LEGEND when it comes to her craft.
  3. It seems to me like she's just totally chill not giving two f*cks what anyone thinks of her. I love that energy. I love seeing her do whatever the **** she wants. It's inspirational af. She's got NOTHING to prove to anyone. “When you truly don’t care what the **** anyone thinks of you, you have reached a dangerously awesome level of freedom.”
  4. Y’all, let a girl live. She’s expressing herself how she chooses. Don’t like it? Don’t watch.
  5. She will 100% deliver something different and brand new, and it will be on another level (can you feel my flow?). Reinventive. Transcendent. Whatever it is. Whenever it is. Always.
  6. Can we talk about the Wuki remix of Mood Ring (By Demand) please. The serve. Also, I like matches. It's very entry-level pop, but it still bangs. I mean, it's an album reject that was released YEARS after it was passed up. I'm just grateful to get new music, and I intend to enjoy the hell out of all the 2020 Glory extras.
  7. My Apple Music Replay has Britney Jean as my number 1 album, and Mood Ring (Pride Remix) as number 1 song.
  8. Brace yourself. It's otherworldly, heavenly. A masterpiece of ethereal beauty. Godney speaks.
  9. Ugh, she's a ******* living legend. Her music is so ******* beautiful. This song sends me into the stars.
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